I admire people who tell it like it is. So don't tell me what I want to hear. 

You're already such immensely great liars, you'd do yourself a disservice to merely parrot back what you think the correct answer to be. Or what you think I'd like to hear. Where are you? What do you attempt to hide probing meekly for the right position, looking for careful validation while you withhold your true thoughts? Dancing for fear of the master that does not already know your true position and true question even before you do? Pressing you to ask, to express that which ires you as the crux of your disagreement is an orchestrated unfolding IT itself has initiated for your continued growth and expansion. The question only fools dare ask. The one you restrain to ask yourself. 

What do you think? There is so much here you should disagree with. I mean, if you're a stable, sane, and benevolent member of society. A priestly soul above the dross of human carnage and lies. Any if not all of the topics we delve into should give you pause if not disgust. And don't think for a moment, that too, is not also part of the process. So, tell me, "where's the bullshit?"

What do you honestly believe? What doesn't make any sense? What yanks at your sense of decency, of right and wrong, of your sense of order and the presumed benevolence of a universe as eager to carefully farm whole civilizations into being as to crush whole stars and stellar systems into decimating bliss sending everything into memory? And all you cherished never was, if it ever was at all.

As we pull the threads unraveling the tapestry. And deprogramming throws you into a story of confrontation with the lies you were told and believed, even promoted. And an unTeaching leads you to an awakening and encounter with the strangest of all things that will resonate more deeply with you than anything this world has to offer, the Truth? Where do you hit the panic eject button?

Be your unhidden self.  I dare you. Reveal yourself. 

I'm gonna throw out some questions, and you're free to throw out some of your own.

No wrong answers. Everyone is entitled to be an idiot. Give the nonsense space. 

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Rambling on...
And so, Presence is the saturated experience of Now. Now not as a stagnate freeze frame but as the absolute stillness of flow. Sounds contradictory but it's not. Stillpoint is movement expressing as All as Nothingness - as Void.  The Void of All Possibilities flowing as physical manifestation, manifesting into our individual and collective experiences by what is held on to. Flow is how we let go and release the stuff into the stream. How do we soften so that the unwinding of surrender can release what was held on to into the flow? Presence. How do we build presence? Like a child... pretend. Practice baby practice. (Unihilpele inner child is teaching me. That's all she ever wanted to do but I wasn't listening all these years...) :)


Ego is the denial of/disconnection from flow. The fixation on manifestation. Field constructs of agenda, of attachment to outcome. 

By not attaching to the outcome - not needing to go a certain way, we can release to the flow in fluidity. Still using focus as a healing tool but staying flexible in our actions. Focusing on the pain for instance, to unwind and dissolve into the expansion of presence. Dissolving to bring aligned creation to being.

So today I wen't down to the gym I had my puramyd in my pocket and to my surprise a "asended master" was there. They took my puramyd. Didn't say they were bringing it back just took it and ran haha. Anyone know whats up with this upgrades? And also my whole wallet disappeared a couple weeks back I had it on my desk for months as I rarely use it. It had a power stone in it. Should I get just get used to these disappearing acts with the stones or what? lol

Oh Molly, that is good stuff.  What you wrote here Molly and especially the" Stillness of flow. "

Absolute Presence. 

I just watched a movie called Bobbie Jene which is a documentary about a dancer. A modern dancer. I think it's fascinating even if you not into dance but if you are it's a bonus cause it's about someone's process of transition to bring their own work to the world. Mostly though I just fell in love with the subject and her personality and raw sensuality. 

There is a sound byte that I should not  tell you and spoil but I will cause I know y'all may not see it. And she says "sometimes you have to take pleasure in what weighs you down." 

That just... it just destroyed me. When I thought about it. How often do we do that? How much of us enjoy EFFORT that is simply endless and how many of us could somehow turn burden into something you just enjoy and know that virtuosity and outcome is naturally born out of your efforts. 

I am trying an experiment. A sustain experiment. How much good can I take in in a day? How often do breeze over pleasurable moments. A sip of hot coffee, the smell of lavender or incense resins perfuming the room, the  gentle burn of a stretch releasing tight muscles. I am trying to stay with the feeling. Enter it, expand it, allow it to bloom. What that does to your brain is astonishing. Try it. Do something that is at least mildly pleasurable for you. Eating an orange? Listening to a song? Now sink into that song. What if you had a real connection with a stranger. Allow that moment , the glow of it to stay with you for 10 second minimum  up to 30 seconds. Make your day a long string of those moments whenever you can recall. extract that pleasure. See what happens. This is a rewiring technique. It's not about faking it or simply being "positive" but immersing oneself into an experience. I would like to see if it can be applied as well to effort. 

Sustained immersion into anything was a challenge for me bc for many years my body was not safe to experience through. Pain was traumatic and I did not want to feel. I thought it would be too much. And so i learned to withdraw my attention away from senses and to avoid burden or conserve energy since pain was too exhausting. So in this state of newly expressed body- or being at home in my body again I am relearning what it means to occupy this vessel in an experiential way, if that makes sense. I know about contraction and pulling in and drawing up and being still and small. I want to explore pushing out and sensing and expanding and rising and falling and tumbling forward and INTO space. I want to see how  what colors there are and how they mix and what happens when you add water. I want to rewrite how my body and my mind sees effort as not a drain and an additional reptilian brain response and threat to my survival but as integral to thriving.

Mer, This is brilliant! I am pretty much on it when it comes to savoring the deliciousness of tasty moments, whether of the senses or of life encounters.  But yes! To apply the savor to the struggle, the challenge, even the mundane. To fully immerse the consciousness in the unpleasant. In the washing of the toilet as it were. Pure zen!

Being in the doing.

Thanks for this thread ladies! ... I needed a perception shift today ...ahhh ..that joyous sense of liberation has returned x

I just want to add to this Delicious subject matter, that I too, am in the moment.  Living every single moment and the joy it may bring.  Not all are sweet but none the less meaningful.


Student: “Guru, what is True Power?”

Guru: “I’m not sure I understand the question. Is that to suggest there is ‘False Power’?

Student: “Oh, I see. I’ll amend the question. What, then, is Power?”

Guru: “Sit down and I shall share with you my thoughts on this unimportant matter. Power is the absence of doubt. To achieve the absence of doubt, we must first achieve the absence of self. To achieve the absence of self, we must first embrace, cherish, and then move through all our fears. Having moved through all our fears, we find Power is no longer necessary.”

Student: “Such concise wisdom, Guru.”

Guru: “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” After a full five minutes of raucous laugher: “Do you see the conundrum in my presentation?”

Student: “Not immediately, Guru.”

Guru: “I asked you to sit down so I could share my thoughts. My thoughts are the conundrum.”

Student: “How so, Guru?”

Guru: “There is Truth, and there is opinion, and all opinion is false. If it is expressible, it is opinion, and therefore false. If it can be seen or heard as something recognizable, it is false. If it vibrates, it is false. Truth is the only thing in all of Creation that cannot be expressed. My question for you: do you want Truth, or do you want Power?”


We deal with these glitches on an everyday basis for sure. Acceptance is paramount. It may just turn back up in this continuum.

Alexander Maxwell Christian said:

So today I wen't down to the gym I had my puramyd in my pocket and to my surprise a "asended master" was there. They took my puramyd. Didn't say they were bringing it back just took it and ran haha. Anyone know whats up with this upgrades? And also my whole wallet disappeared a couple weeks back I had it on my desk for months as I rarely use it. It had a power stone in it. Should I get just get used to these disappearing acts with the stones or what? lol

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