Hello All!

I'm working to understand the definitive qualities in each density or dimension.  Contemplating the definitions on this site..



dimension/density 1 consciousness= a point

dimension/density 2 consciousness= a point and a line

why would dimension/density 3 be defined as point, line, length, breadth, height and volume, 6 components of consciousness?

if 4th consists of point, line, length, breadth, volume, height and time

and 5th consists of point line length, breadth, volume, time and spirit..

what density/dimension are we in? I'm thinking height is a true component and would still be a definitive quality when adding spirit..... and maybe time is?  

How do you define each individual density from the next?  

If physical matter is spirit condensed, can we grow a greater connection to spirit as we become more dense?

does the density of the/our material effect our spiritual connection? Is there any separation between meta self and spirit self?

Maybe this info is deeper into the program, but these are the prodding questions in my mind now.  

I will appreciate any insight here.  

Thanks!  Anna

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Hi, Anna. I think the place to start with this is why you equate density levels with the parameters you give. For instance, entities such as sprites, gnomes, elves, even our own subconscious entities, exist on the 2nd density level, so they themselves would tell you they are more than a point and a line. We're on the third, helping to transition this planet to the 4th. I think the website you're referring to is perhaps technically oriented in a way that has little to do with consciousness, or the standard cycles in universal evolution.

I know that popular new-age thought defines matter as spirit condensed, but the fact is there is no such thing as spirit. There is only consciousness, mind. So, as an example, to a 2nd density entity, you're the higher being, made of "spirit." You see what I mean? So, as further example, what some would call 5th density spirits, are just people who exist on those density levels. Metaself is like saying "oversoul," and that entity has millions of people, all over the cosmos, as its "embodiments." So, the idea of soul is also flawed, because there is no such thing as individual "souls." You yourself have countless higher selves, which are just "embodiments" on many dimensions of the 3rd density, and other embodiments/selves on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th densities. There is no such thing as a single "higher self." Individuation, for all intents and purposes, only exists on this, the 3rd density.

If this explanation generates more questions, please ask them.

And welcome aboard Starship TSB!

Thanks for the input, JD and the welcome!  I'm going to have to let this all settle and I'm sure I'll have more q's.     

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