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Really wonderful what sum people do and transcend circumstances. For a couple years been wondering about where to find really rocking  resonating dimensions of Shri Yantra symbol and freakin fantastic, finally found it while looking at crop circle pics today, happy to share! This is from a crop circle done in Oregon desert in 1990 already!:

Wow how did you find this Mary!!?  Extraordinary!  Thank you soooooooooooo much!  Love Jene

Mary Betts said:

Man who is totally blind paints beautiful paintings. 

I love art and I love this!  <3 Jene

Mary Betts said:

Video about identical twins and their shared consciousness art. Very cool!

What is it? It's just people being adorably cool and awesome.

if you scroll down there are some videos to view

found this article and i feel it worthy of posting. enjoy =) google's ai can dream and they have images.

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Simulation feed, camera 2: beep beep boop book beep!

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Roll the clip!

wonderful! thanks for sharing this Mary.

Mary Betts said:

Wow that looks amazing!!!

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