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PSS: In the session initiation, I was sitting with hands in lap, holding my larger Puramyd. It felt like it had a heartbeat of its own as I held it in my right hand. It started heating up as I held it and the throbbing feeling continued. I switched it to my left hand and that continued for a time. After leaving the cave portal, I asked to be taken to the Crystal Temple. Here I didn't really visualize anything but I felt a lot of new physical sensations, like it felt like my closed eyes were scanning the scene back and forth of their own accord. I saw lots of pale yellows and green flashes behind my eyelids. At one point, it felt like my mouth was clenching and my body was tensed up. After about 5 minutes of this, the sensations died down and it seemed that I was cleared to move forward.

Initially, it seemed like this scene was an icy outside environment. I got these blasts of dark dark blue glowing objects. And a sense of giant, disembodied eyes watching through slits. It felt like an open expanse and quite flat at this point. Outside space was airy, cool, and empty. I asked about inside space, although I don't think I was in a structure at this point and it seemed immense and open. It seemed like there was a lot of symmetry, almost kaleidoscopic across the vertical. Some white triangular structure, kind of like a church steeple. I also saw something that seemed like a big green fruit with blue veins/lines throughout. For tastes, it seemed like it was nutty, granola, slightly sweet and toasty smelling.

As I moved through the session, it seemed like I was encountering lots of distinct objects and it felt less like a giant cohesive scene. In Phase 2, there were lots of blues, greens, greys. There was a glowing orb. For textures, something smooth, and also something or someone furry.

Mass and dimensions were solid/heavy, but mobile. Later there a feeling that even these solid heavy objects were actually ephemeral, as if a pinprick would burst them. Materials seemed like stone and also air.

Structures were triangles, an orb (glowing), circles, arrows, trapezoids, and pyramid shapes. There was some feeling of upward motion, also a feeling of an object dividing into itself (fractally is the best way I can describe it). There was also some flying and flapping motion.

For concepts, I got gratitude and glory. And for purpose, I couldn't stop feeling that the purpose really was an introduction, getting to know you. It was generally a quiet scene, or perhaps I couldn't hear very well yet. For phonetics, all I got was zooooooomm, babump babump, and some throaty sounds like from a person.

At first, it felt like I was "presented" to a pale yellow being that was sucking information from my "grid" (these were the words presented to me) through a funnel-like mouth. I also saw a scene of trees by a gurgling creek, but this seemed more like VR than "real" (almost like I was being shown elements to make me feel more comfortable). Next I got an outline of my laptop and hands on the keyboard. It seemed like the objects, Kara's hands included, were in wireframe renderings. There was a furry creature hovering in the distance in the air watching. Finally, there was a bright glowing orb at one point, with its light cutting through any fog/darkness.

For movement exercises, I asked my guide / escort to take me to the most relevant vantage points. It's a little hard for me to keep track of the order in which things were happening. It's like things kept popping up, without much relation to what was seen prior. Almost like a movie with random scenes one after another.

I do think that when I asked my guide to take me to new vantage points, I first got the opportunity to see my guide. I could only see his head (he presented as having male energy). And he seemed to have a large triangular shaped head with flat, straight objects jutting out on either side of the head. I couldn't make out any other features. I said hello. He didn't respond, or at least not verbally.

During the movement exercises, at first I was taken back to the Kara-desk in wireframe, looking at the laptop and the Puramyd to my left in sharp relief. It was at this point that I got that sense of object ephemerality.

In the second movement exercise, I felt like I was guided to a water element, almost like a fountain where the spray and mist was landing on my face and arms. It felt rejuvenating. And I got the sense that I needed to be re-energized because there is much work to be done. Then I saw some flashes of circles inside triangles with a wave form coming out of the side.

After this went blank, I asked to guided to another point (ME3), and it felt like I was being told to move on to the next Phase. I have to note that I took a pause to do the clear mind tool meditation again because I wasn't sure if I was making all of this up.

For the Off-load, I felt guided to use pyramid as the term although I wasn't seeing many pyramids but maybe it was the impression of the Puramyd that kept cropping up in view. I included for attributes: triangular, Egyptian, burial, dominating. And for non-things: esoteric knowledge, mystery, awe, wonderment.

When I got to Phase 4, more random objects appeared here and there. At one point it seemed like I was observing an angular hook-like object. There were also some old, falling apart figurines floating around. And a giant, green edible plant (like a vegetable). Finally, I thought I saw metal blades like in an engine. For non-things, I got layers, edges/borders, healing, and rotating. I actually used HEALING (inner and outer, levels not known, apprehension about conditions, not knowing the true state of things, intuition) for my wild card. I couldn't really put the visual objects together so I just recorded and tried to stay open.

At this point, I felt like there were lots of wavy drawings / inscriptions, and an insect with very large wings landing on my shoulder. For themes, I picked welcome and integration. It seemed like an artificial scene with people, animals, and plants.

In Phase 5, at first I chose to focus on the large winged insect. I forgot to ask permission to observe though. It seemed to be flying around in circles. It had long, spindly antennae with big, yellowish wings. I kept falling asleep in approximately ten minute increments in this phase. And finally came too entirely after about 25 minutes.

As I ended phase5, I was feeling rested, but also my arms (just the inside areas) are itchy with small hives like I'm having an allergic reaction to something.

So, I'm left feeling again like I have no idea if this is coherent or not. Certainly to my earth eyes, it feels pretty random and all over the place. It seemed like I was being taken all over the place physically as well. Certainly it felt outside of or perhaps beyond what could be captured in a single frame. Things felt vibrantly alive, with lots of objects moving in and out of perception. It almost felt as if they were presenting themselves for inspection. Also, it seemed like there were various persons observing my observations with some curiosity?

After having completed many ABS training exercises, I have to say I'm hoping this wasn't some giant hallucination on my part. I suppose I'll find out soon enough when I do the reveal! And if so, I guess it's back to the drawing board..

PSS: This time was much faster through the cave and the Crystal Temple. My very first impression was of an explosion (fiery) blossoming like a flower. It was beautiful and awe inspiring and not at all frightening. Next I saw what looked like a giant dove, looking backward over its shoulder.

This time I asked to be taken to the lake for chakra cleansing. First I was bathed in yellow and I was shown the triangle forms I drew in one of my sketches. It seemed similar to Masonic imagery (the compass?), of which I have only a very passing familiarity.

Next, I was bathed in orange. This time I had the impression of a phoenix rising from the ashes, all beautiful, full, vibrant plumage. Also of a tiger, all powerful and potential energy contained, ready to spring into action.

Finally, I was bathed in deep blue. And this time, I had the sense of energy waves imminating out. The words telegraphing and beacon came through. And I was told, "you are this now."

This was all preparatory for being taken to a location. I was made aware of my guide, who today was a giant preying mantis. I said hello and thanked him for being my escort. For the rest of the session, I couldn't see my guide, but I feel that he was always there with me.

The scene felt cool and dry. There was a strong sense of red soil and earth. It felt like we were outside and it was empty. The sounds were of music, flutes primarily, not intrusive. The tastes were buttery, sweet, and lemony.

Then I got the impression that this was a gathering place, an outdoor circle with stone seats around the perimeter (jutting up at regular intervals). It seemed like there was a portal on the ground just southwest of the circle. It seemed like a place where beings gather to discuss disputes and resolve conflicting interests in a peaceful manner. All here are equal and it seems that people can speak at once and still be understood. Important to note that I didn't actually witness a circle. I was just shown that this is what happens here. There was also this hovering orange presence (kind of like ectoplasm?) over the entire circle. It would descend on the circle until about waist height for the seated participants, and this seemed to signal that a consensus had been reached. The decisions of the circle would then be trumpeted out to those not present. The orange presence transforms into a giant butterfly and flies away carried on the winds.

Next, I was taken away from the circle to a large and solid red wall, the same color as the earth. It seemed to be carved with a stylized butterfly image beneath a triangle top (like a steeple). The wall was rough hewn to the touch. It was large and deep and made of stone. It seemed somehow related to transmittal of information.

When I asked to be taken to the wall, I sensed that the entrance was through the insect carving. Putting two fingers each in the "wings" and thumbs in the body and push. As you step into the wall, you actually merge with it. I saw crying stone tears. And I got a sense of oneness with the wall, seeing the history of the ages. Feeling what it is to be an observer, a witness, unmoving with time and energy swirling around. Being the "rock" for those that come and go. This is the experience of the wall. But the wall also has a sense of ambivalence about the activities around her. There is no changing to be done. The energies around flow of their own accord. There is nothing that needs to be done.

I asked to be taken to the center of the circle next and I felt immediately on all fours crouching in the middle with my nose nearly pressed into the earth. It seemed that there was a large isosceles triangle in the middle of the circle with shoots from the top (almost like a teepee). The ground was a rich earthy red and it seemed to be made of dirt/soil, but the imprint of the soil also seemed set and unmoving. It's like the earth was at once particles of dirt and stone. I can't quite describe how this is possible in 3D terms, but it was definitely this kind of dual state. Finally, it felt like there was tremendous energy imminating from this space. Transmittal is again the key.

When I got to Phase 4, there were more insect impressions. It seemed like it had eyes in its wings. A sense of being an emissary of peace and accord. The TC was not to be dragged down by duty, that there is a duty to something larger. For my wild card, I selected butterfly, with wings, colorful, flying, dancing with the air/wind, antennae, light, final stage of metamorphosis, jovial, delicate, short-lived, beautiful, ephemeral, joyful in its being. This observation of the butterfly being short-lived set off some panic in my 3D body as I wondered if this were a message for me. Tried to set this aside for the time being. It felt like a natural scene, with land and animals/insects. The these were celebration and contact.

In Phase5, I fell asleep again for some period of time. While I was awake though, I saw insect bodies, stylized and almost like arrow tips glowing white and descending through my frame of vision.

I had come today hoping to ask some questions of higher mind, questions that have been weighing on me for some time. I'm just going to copy and paste the Q&A here. (Note: I felt a little self-conscious about making my personal questions available to the point that I thought about not posting my session. But I felt like almost like a contractual obligation to share what was shared, openly, honestly, and completely. It occurs to me that some level of vulnerability is what allows growth and letting others see our exposed thoughts, fears, and concerns, can be a beautiful way of being vulnerable.)

Q: I feel so focused on money and survival. How can I make it less so?
A: This is as it is to be. It's perfect. Embrace it. Let your interest in money flow through you, unimpeded. Don't make yourself wrong about it.

Q: Is it OK to manifest on this plane?
A: YES. It's what you came to do. Through creating and manifesting, you touch the greatest number of people. Open yourself to what has always been around you. It is through the universal flow that all needs are met and beyond. If you only knew what was possible, you would not believe, could not comprehend. There is only the blossoming from within that is necessary. Open yourself completely and the light from within will shine forth into the world making all things possible. There is no work on this plane that must be done. Only the work that you are doing and will continue to do. Trust in this. There is no work on this plane that needs doing. Only the work within. Continue to do this work and all other needs will be met. Your paths will be opened in manifold ways. Trust that you will be given the space, energy, and time for this unfolding. Trust. Love and receive.

Q: And how will I pay the bills now?
A: Have you ever been not able to pay the bills? Let go of your concern and go out and create. Create with all your heart and soul. Let your creations be your guide. Create, make, be heard. In each and every moment, create. Let your thoughts be joyful and overflowing creations. Riotous explosions of color, sound, love, and joy. Open yourself to the creations that would flow through you. When you open yourself, the floodgates will blast over any concerns about money, bills, lack, or withholding. Only you hold these wonders back.

Q: How do I stop holding myself back?
A: Go walking. Every day. Go walking. Walk until you cannot understand how you ever did not walk. Walk and walk some more. That is all that needs be done.

Q: Anything else for today?
A: Nothing. Go be now.

And on that note, time to put on the sandals and get out for a walk.

I feel goosebumps on my arms and grateful for what I was shown today. Am I ready to live this life so open and completely? I felt so strongly of being a beacon. That walking, circulating, being among people is my duty. And if I attend to that I will not have worries about anything else.

I am pretty speechless. This is amazing. WOW. Rocked.

Beautiful, beautiful Kara....thank you for sharing!

What wonderful and magical visits you had!  Your write-ups really brought them to life.   And congratulations and welcome to the ABS Graduates Circle!!

I have found that when I am willing to be open and vulnerable I come to understand and know more of who I truly am.  There is really only YOU/your conscious awareness (appearing in many different disguises, forms and experiences), which loves and supports you -- "here in the physical" -- always.  So continue to trust and be open, finding joy in everyone and everything that comes your way and you'll be amazed at what you discover about the real you.

Thank you for sharing this.. I really love what you say here.  It's easy to forget in the density of this 3D existence that we *are* loved and supported.  And that is what makes access to expanded awareness such a gift.

Nancy Lovell said:

There is really only YOU/your conscious awareness (appearing in many different disguises, forms and experiences), which loves and supports you -- "here in the physical" -- always. 

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