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Beautiful session Mary!  This reinforces (for me) working out and dancing with a hula hoop!

My last session was actually on the 31st of January when we went as a group. I got to familiar location. It's an inner planetary garden ( underground Xupra city) and I almost instantly got uncontrollably sleepy at 7:30 pm. This is not very common behavior for me, not being able to keep my eyes open when my typical bedtime if at least after 11pm and I just PASSED OUT for the next 2 hours and even with tea I could not stay awake so I just let it happen trusting that my session might really be an adjustment. This has happened several times in the past where I go into session and I just pass out. I woke up a few hours later at 9:30 pm and tried to GO again but I again got incredibly sleepy and just gave up and went to bed a little while later. My plan was to try again on the following week and see what might happen with a daytime visit. 

Coordinates: Xupra-2-8-18
Name: Mary Betts
Date: 02/08/2018
Begin Time: 1:15 pm
End Time: 2:30 pm
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: temperate, comfortable
ATMOSPHERE: serene, calming, light
TOPOGRAPHY: flat spaces, gentle rises and falls, ridges, gentle slopes,
SOUNDS: gushing, rippling, splashy, gurgling
OUTSIDE SPACE: spacious, hollow, ridged, woven, ancient, comfortable, natural, built
INSIDE SPACE: natural, impressive, open, airy, bordered, tall
TASTE-SMELL: cedar, earthy, mineral, green, fresh, herbal
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: When I leave the crystal temple I am "rezzed" into a space of a forest.  It's a landmark I recognize. I am right now just walking around and check it out. There is a sense of something wet to my left so I think this is a river that runs through this particular forest. It feels like an incredible summer day and a comfortable temperature to the outside air but there is sunlight or sunbeam spots where the light is filtering down through the trees. The trees resemble absolutely massive I mean massive redwoods.
P2 VISUAL: white, gold, browns, greens metallic greens, emerald green, bright green, pinks and purples and blues mix of high and medium contrasts
ME1 mists pink
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: knotty, wood, fiber, resin, metal, thick strong
ME1- smooth, warm, gelatinous, sentient
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: gargantuan, powerful, bulky, wide, tall, hollow, dominating, ME1 hollow, big, clear,
P2 MATERIALS: plant, water, fiber, wood, ME1- skin
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: vertical, spherical, mushroom-shaped, round
ME1 blobby, vaguely round,
P2 MOTION: floating undulating, give and take, slight turning, concentric, spiral, puffs up and down
ME1- floating, slowly moving
P2 CONCEPTS: symbiotic harmony
P2 PURPOSE: habitat and healing space
ME1- contact and love
P2 PHONETICS: nature sounds, breeze, water, bird calls,
ME1- silent more visual than aural
P2 MOVEMENT 1: fly me up to the top of the trees and look down
P4 THINGS: blankets, dragon, bed, floor, crystal tea, jellyfish, clouds, mists, carved wood, windows, sunlight, bridges, goo
P4 NON-THINGS: friendship, comfort, healing rest, rejuvenate,
P4 TELEPATHIC: welcoming, extending, gracious, parental, healing, calming, nurturing.
P4 WILD CARD: climb inside me
P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Incredibly inviting spaces. At some point, I have climbed the tree using one of the spiral stairs that traverse the tree but that is not exactly right. It's really more like a game of spontaneous teleportation. There is a platform with a dwelling in the hollowed out tree trunk. It's got a huge window and the sunlight is pouring in and there is a bed right there above the window. The bed is round and supportive like a cloud. There is a being that I know that is present too. It's my dragon. Even though he is also ginormous I recall from past sessions that he can adjust his size and curls up next to me like a dog. There is this mist that is floating around outside. It's pink and it just floats in and I breathe it in. It's almost hot pink color. May need to investigate these cloud mists more. 

THEMES: cleansing, encoding, contact, adventure, spiritual
TYPES: water, animal, people, land, natural and artificial
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: There is a presence outside the window. It's a huge jellyfish-like creature. It's what is making the pink cloud mists. There is a relationship going on with the trees and the Jellyfish creatures.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: This a question for the universal mind. Can you tell me more please about what I am seeing with the mists?

The mists, jellyfish and the trees are in a symbiotic relationship. the trees emit what they give off it's also a cloud-like mist and the Jellyfish give off a kind of mist that coupled with the sunlight and starlight moonlight nourishes and feeds the trees. It also makes the air really closer to water than air but it still acts like air.
I FEEL: I feel really serene and very calm. It is deeply rejuvenating because it's like being submerged in oxygen or something very nutrient rich. I feel loved and cared for, sleepy and quiet.

PSS: I began my session rather unexpectedly and unusually as an experiment and it actually came about on a whim at a cafe with Jason. Contextual back story: We were talking about my daily visualization meditations that are part of my daily practice. He asked me if I ever make those meditation - Xupra visits and I said I have not.

He asked me to try it right there at the table in this crowded restaurant and vocally guided me through a potential free form visitation to see if it would work. I closed my eyes and he said- go to the cave. I did. Then I entered the crystal temple and I saw an altar which was the adjustment place. He said my eyes were fluttering as though in REM. It was interesting how much CLEARER my session was bc he was dictating it and guiding it. 

I moved from the temple into a new place. I "rezzed" short for resolved or teleported into a location I am familiar. I was in the large forest ( Molly will know this place) with the tall huge trees. It's not unlike our California redwoods only as big as those ARE these are even more massive and taller. There was a difference in that instead of being other vegetation it's mostly trees and green grass. There was a stream nearby gurging away over stones and bird calls for noise. The temperature and atmosphere was warm and temperate comfortable. There was shade and yet dappled sunbeams scattered about on the forest floor. I ascend up the network of hanging bridges that run and connect many of these tree siblings. "I am inside the tree," I say. There is a bed or at least a resting spot that feels comfortable and I lay down and just rest there. There is this mist I keep seeing.
"Breathe it in for me?" Jason says.

Jason: " The feeling of that is immense. It's making me feel so good. I think we better pay up and go out into the sun or lay down for more of this. "

We left and found a sunny place for soaking in the sun and I just went right back to the forest with a reintroduction to the cave and crystal palace.

Then LATER, I went back a second time that evening just went right back to where I left. I am laying in the dwelling inside the platformed area on the massive tree of the hollowed out immense tree and there is a circular pallet bed of some kind and it's very supportive and I am just breathing the mist and watching the outside sunlight on the leaves. My dragon came down to be with me. I am REALLY out there almost sleeping by now in this wild comfort. I am breathing the mist and learning more about that when its origin becomes more clear. There is this motion this puffy being that is bobbing around slowly outside the window. It's a ginormous jellyfish-like creature and it's emitting the pink mist.

It beckons me to come outside. It's so huge and it's just like a jellyfish but it's also kind of hollow inside. It's a clear pink color and there are veins and organs inside that are ridges and nerves and so on. It asks me to come inside it and I just walk through it and wind up in this interior space that is this insane gooey material that seems to be everywhere in Xupra. It's warm and delicious and velvety. It's like being in an embryonic bath. I look up through the clear membrane of the Jellyfish and it's just so many of these guys just hanging around in the space of the forest at different levels. They love me and they love the trees. This place is like a spa.

One of the things about this place is that as the day turns to nighttime you can see the bioluminescence of the Jellyfish and there is little ones like little tiny blobs of spheres of just these floating lights like lanterns but they just baby Jellies. It's really healing and really calming and you just curl up and rest and get nurtured here. I am so grateful. There is a sensation that is very profound of love and care here and I think that is what you are supposed to do here. Just visit and be in communion with the Jellyfish and the big trees. I love it here.

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