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I really like  that above exercise, Chance, thank you... I am going to experiment with that right away...I am struggling with with the acceptance of love in a delightful relationship that I am obviously creating about myself... self love sabotaging...  its so obvious to "observer" me but I  just can't break the loop ... looking forward to asking my MPS to help get me to the highest truth of the matter... so boring being stuck.  Will report in with any results! 

Interestingly, this is the one thing you don't need to ask it to do. This is what it natively does. Asking it to do that is in fact clutter, albeit "clutter lite." Your part of the bargain is the second sentence.

once you have that state, and i do this, i ask Puramyd to act as a compass towards the greatest truth. or just Truth, to be simple.

remain empty and proceed.

Try it. it's fascinating. very streamling and clean.

Remain Empty and Proceed.... this I can do..... LOL

I thought you guys might find what three different legit superseers did with their Puramyds. All three set them aside and did nothing at all, just let them do whatever The Mind (or maybe the pentakis dodecahedron) saw needed doing. The most gifted and by far most expanded among them has touched his only once.

I don't know how they do it. I use my all the time, mainly for meditation, and truth be told I don't think any of them even meditate.

To add to that...

Our superseer friend Kathy says she leaves her on a plate among some gorgeous crystal specimans. When people enter her home they go STRAIGHT for the Puramyd and ignore the crystals.They're like WHAT IS THAT?! The other superseer said he was told to place it atop his business cards and his business has increased. I use mine for meditation. It's been quite a ride having it in my life. Lots of internal changes, physical deep healing stuff, emptiness. It has not been overnight so - really give it some time to unfurl in your world. Looking back it feels like so much has happened like years of work has been done to me since February.

Hi beautiful Theo!  Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.  Your words felt right and comforting and timely.  I did have the thought that if and when she came back, she would be more somehow.  Except for in the shower, she has been my constant companion for what - 2 years now?  A while back, R Lee had suggested that I leave Beatrice and 'Silver Troy' (ST is not a Merlin Stone per se, but came from the Merlin Collective) home for a week.  So I had the opportunity then to experience and know they were always present regardless of the physical presence. I feel Beatrice the same as my own heartbeat.  Its just that I was attached to the physical weight and feel and unique beauty she is.  A lot of pleasure in that.

Much love to you.

Mary Betts said:

"I got the same data as Theo before I even read her post. Do you have a certain "thing" you do with her?  For example I will sometimes "pet" my MPS in a certain way. That's how we connect. So if I lost mine I could simply make the pattern in my hand. Since she has her home in your bellybutton I think that could be the "home' base as it were for her to make the mental connection. It does feel like a surrender exercise and also a "let's stretch you into some new training." 

Hi adorable and magical Mary,

Reading your words right after Theo's together woke me to a remembrance of recent responses to the SB material and now Jason's new book.  .....'surrender and stretch to new training' IS what it is all about.  There is more to the event I initially posted that I left out because I thought it irrelevant.  But it is not - I will write it out and post it here later cause it is 'The Rest of the Story.' 

Big huggggsss to you.

roy rios juvera jr. said:

"the practical aspects, and i mean, how they can interact and effect the physical-dream-thought level stuff of this human experience are numerous.

but, i would submit, their true power is in the archetypal/psyche.

For instance, their ability to help organize and purify the confusion and misalignment of the local surface level self and the deeper levels of the mind. An example of misalignment would be self destructive/ self defeating behaviours. that is, the feeling that something is always standing in the way. a general malaise that no matter what we may do, we will only be thwarted.

and since, there is no one else to fault, as you are responsible for all that you experience and perceive, the source of the self defeating force in your life, is of course, you."

Hey Chance my brother!

Misalignment - right on!  And judgement and fear.  There was a wobble just before she dropped.  I have the rest of the story to tell you. I will write more later.

Thank you for your wisdom.

How many intents could one program a puramyd with?

Hi Andre

Programing limits its potentials just ask for its assistance in your life (the fact you have one it is already assisting you) however that may present itself..effect is flow in your life. Many Blessings 

i have a 20g puramyd. my Lady is more energy sensitive than me, or so i believe, but she is still a bit programmed as i like to call it... she had a NOTICEABLE  headache last night. i pulled the puramyd out of my pocket while we were standing in the kitchen and handed it to her saying something like "go make a relationship with it, talk to it, and ask it to help you." i sad no more.. i then walked to our room and laid on the bed. the kitchen light went out but she didnt come back to the room with me. around about five minutes later, i want to say it was less, i here a giggle coming from the shadows of the hallway. she walks in the room smiling and says "i understand what you mean. i want a big one." she then told me she lay down and put it on her forehead and that it took most of the headache away but it was still lingering. She also said that she felt the something from her feet to her hips while she was lying down...... All i can say is that these beings do make a noticeable difference:) and i thank you Merlin and JD:) cant wait to get that big one she wants!!

Hi Beautiful People,

I Love the Puramyd. since I started to take the effort to stay up at night and be live for Jason's meditations with the Puramyd I have noticed an increase in how easy it is to work with the puramyd. I have been using it to treat pain and discomfort in my body. Placing it's base on the area first breathing the four in breath and the 11 out breath until I feel to turn the point of the Puramyd on the area and invite in gold light or whatever is for my greatest and highest good.I simple ask it to do its thing!! The more I use it the stronger the energy is becoming. On one occasion I got the collective of all the puramyds working in unison and this is pretty special to feel that with each puramyd that takes shape the power increases for all...

.Im grieving a friend who took his life right now and puramyd is being used to treat the shock in my body..I Love all you beautiful people..I notice on the calls I'm the only thread across the great atlantic waves..I love to listen to the banter..I have been telling my friends about the site as when they see the puramyd they get thrown back by its force..!! 

Much Love and Belated Solstice Blessings to ALL.

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