Our membership is experiencing an increase in miracle level events, ourselves included. Merlin Power Stones, Puramyds, and the Alchemy are a big part of why it is happening.

These include reality glitches and many "impossible," miraculous, occurrences. Please post your stories here.

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I was in my room thinking of Mary. when fireorks started going off. just fireworks outside my window. they just keep going and going. Im living in an apartment complex and its mot like people are downstairs setting these things off. and they are all right by my window. one after the other for like 20 minutes. A dreamy miracle.

im in my room when I hear lightning strike outside. there wasnt rain clounds outside or anything. then I feel the presence of a wicked witch outside my door (like in wizard of OZ) I dont remeber if she knocked or not but she hung out for a few moments and I heard cat noises.

I totally thought this an interesting take on the Hawaii missile debacle. /I am not saying it's true just very interesting observation. 


I shipped a Puramyd to a new member and friend.  And she received it a few days later she opened the box and it was not in there. This was reported to me and I was dumbfounded because I have a distinct and strong memory of putting the black velvet bag in the box along side some alchemy.

I called her when I found out after exploring the possibility it got mixed up into another box bound for another customer. It was not with the other customers. I talked with the intended recipient who explained that when it arrived she opened the box and removed the bottle and the puramyd directions but there was not a Puramyd to be found anywhere in the box.  She had opened it from the bottom with a knife, searched the box, flattened the box and then threw the box away. When I called a few days later she and I were talking about this and she said "well, Spirit likes to play with me."  I was so embarrassed and confused and confounded. She went to inspect the box and took it out of the trash. She said... Wait a minute! What? "

The black velvet bag was IN the box. It was IN the box. It was not in the box before. It just magically zapped into this reality again. We laughed A LOT and were pretty excited and dumbfounded. She was blown away already experiencing the wildness of the event and the Puramyd's magickal ways. 

Whoa....that's some crazy stuff!  Hurray, I love IT!  

I sleep with my Puramyd. Sometimes I hold him in my hand or put him under my pillow.

A couple days ago  I might have put it on one of my ribs and it felt down on the floor when I got out of my bed. I felt it dropped in front of my feet loudly. I searched everywhere in front of the bed, under the bed a few feet away from the bed I couldn't find it.

Then I received an impression.  It was a feeling of playfulness . That life is a big joy. I pretended to play hide and seek with him. 30 minutes later I found him in another room  that was far away from my bed where I initially felt it dropped.

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