Movies/TV that rocked your world and enriched your life?

I am starting a discussion right here centered around the medium of movies!

Please share here in this thread the films that really rocked you to your core or shifted your perception. I am not talking about the guilty pleasure movies that are fun to watch and kinda empty!  I am talking about the deep, the philosophical, the gorgeous, caused you to think, moved you to tears, I hesitate to use this buzzword but okay the spiritual food that nourished you?

Maybe it was a mind bender? Maybe it helped you understand some deep stuff about TRUTH? 

Maybe it flipped your polarity or caused you to discover something new- a life path etc?

It could be any genre- it just has to have impact!

Movies and books are wonderful mediums for understanding and higher understanding.

Also, I am really just looking for great stories to watch! 

My latest list:

Mr. Nobody WOW! WOW! WOW!                    

 The Tall Man (really good twists and turns, suspenseful- leaves you questioning dualistic meaning)

The Lego Movie. No joke amazing.   SO many many levels of understanding in this one                   

Triangle ( mind bender) - the one with Melissa George

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain - (shows the beauty of people pulling together)

I've Heard the Mermaids Singing - (about living truth and the pointlessness of judgment)

Kumare- transcendent - yanks the masks off of the many many gurus out there

War Dance- Really good documentary. Beautifully done. 

Oblivion (watched it a bunch) Service to others anyone? And a beautiful depiction of engineered reality.

These destroyed me in the best possible way:

Never Let Me Go- (attachment, humanity, mortality

The Bridges of Madison County ( I really thought it was some chick flick and it is but it left me crying for an hour with its power!

The Best Offer - mysterious, intriguing, powerful, surprising

Another Earth - The emotional impact was exceptional and left me breathless in every way. 

Ready set go! Be sure to include spoiler warnings if you are gonna go there. Also please talk about why/how this film did what it did but consider someone might want to watch it first! Thank you. 

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Worth seeing Blade Runner. In particular I like the way the theme of memory vs "real" was explored.

Yes, "Bladerunner 2049" was an astonishingly powerful experience. Superb film.

I don't want to give the movie away.At the same time I am compelled to share that identity ob many levels with the main character especially the feeling of having being led to believe something that never was. I had the cognition of " I know it's not real but not to that magnitude.
I walked away with that sense of "what's the point of it all." And the next day I felt that just because it's not real and it's pointless it is nonetheless meaningful. I wondered if that's what it was to be enlightened --living in a space of what German thought leaders qualified as the non simultaneity of the simultaneous. It's an interesting space decorated with emotions that are in opposition of each other but yet co exist. Even talking about emotions seems fake.and just because it's fake does not rule out such authenticity and purity.
Being aware and fully experiencing the deception..

Currently loving OUTLANDER. The time travel concept gets me every time. And there is also a wonderful love story.

My spouse even made the comment this morning that maybe I am an Outlander (i.e. time traveler) from the future and still I haven't told him why I am here. lol  

I replied that I often forget why I am here myself, and perhaps I am 'off' my mission.  :) 

American Vandal

Takes a few episodes to hit it's stride. But, totally worth the watch. It's on Netflix. A sort of spoof on True Crime serial- documentary.

Gotta admit, I really liked American Vandal too.  One show that can take so much of what's wrong with American culture and spoof it all in a series-long "richard" joke - pure genius.  Comedy like this gives me hope that people are starting to move past the get-tough attitude that's poisoned our society for so long.

Tip of the hat to this shows creators as well as to the Navy Pilots drawing "richards" in the sky over Washington State.  Methinks they're both trying to tell us something!

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