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So many things should have killed me. But THEY won't let me die. Until, that is, it's funniest and it is time. Oh is that statement all dire? Seriously, some of you just need to lighten up. Still I feel your confusion. And it is wondrous. Will you see? Will you allow the alchemy to show you what you so achingly wish to see? If only with Truer eyesd the likes you theorize to have. In a perfect world so clear there would be nothing to see nor understand for in place of thought would be only knowing? And through all things see only yourself? Division like doubt would be a quaint notion like the horse buggy and cart. Antiquated means of expression. No longer suitable for such modern times where we expect so much more from ourselves than can be dictated but such staid limitations. Or the minds that bear them.

The Alchemy is working oh so well within my meta selves. The inspiration to explore the "Twin Flame". I have an understanding of this which I would like to have clarified if this is possible for someone to explain their understanding of this connection and how this will interact with my development. So here is what my understanding is: Our soul splits into; I am male (this time) so my twin flame than is female. This twin may be active on earth or my be on another plain. The two make a whole,  when awareness between the two is connected, they are able to complete the per-agreedapon tasks.   Do we need to find this Twin Flame?  It seems my MPS is activating dormant needs, pathways, ...  definitely "I'm changing",  My white hair is changing back to its natural colors; beard is darkening, hair is turning more brown, feeling more youthful, my workout are longer.  THANK YOU for this.

Thanks for your sharing which will help in my remembering.

I have noticed that when I get a new alchemy, it would seem to show me what it was for within the first few times of using it. Once it showed me its purpose things would go back to "normal" I use that term loosely here, and it seems like the alchemy waits for the person using it to start taking it with intention and purpose. It took me a bit to realize that it wasn't just some weird liquids in pretty blue bottles. It's crazy magic potion and it has no limit on what can be accomplished when taken with purpose.

So in explanation. I had just in August 2016 read the MG Hawkings books and wsa actively doing the sun meditations twice a day. I went to look something up about the author online and found this website. I have a working theory that by doing the sun meditation it raised my vibrational frequency enough that what was in my consciousness started to line up with everything on this site. I got the Helios Gold and Platinum and kept doing the meditations, only with the alchemy it really added quite the powerful kick. I could and still do literally feel the energy or chi or whatever you like to call it, raising up and really putting me at the next level of higher consciousness. So I got really excited and I wanted to jump right to the Merlin Alchemies but was advised and rightly so to start with the beginner line. So I just want to clarify that I am not trying to be in a super hurry with the alchemy I am just really excited to find something that actually works and does what it says its going to do. I was very skeptical when I first saw the site but beyond the logical mind, there was a pull that I could feel and I just had to see for myself what this was all about. Also I have noticed that once the alchemies have been consumed you don't need to take them every day as the effect lasts quite a bit longer. I still have lots of products to try. I am really excited for the new stuff that Mary and Jason just came out with. I just think that the fact that Jason is a real alchemist and he has such a lovely partner Mary to help with all this, is really one of the coolest things in this third density reality. I also like it when I get a new bottle of product because I never know what its going to do exactly even though I read and reread the descriptions, but each new one I try is its own grand adventure. And I am so much healthier now then I was when I started taking them back in August I feel like my true self is starting to come out more and more as things get cleared up and resolved. :)

Awesome Sandy!

No worries, I didn't think you were being judgemental. Your post made me laugh as I realized I must be crazy.. lol Even Mary said I didn't need to go so fast with it. :) I just went crazy anyways I truly believe that the alchemies are intelligent and they do what they are supposed to do. For whatever reason I just started experiencing things I had only dreamed of. So I went a little nuts with it. I also believe that with every person needing different things cleared away, the alchemy does what it needs to do and I think that the alchemy knows how much we can handle and at what level of intensity. I guess for me its on full tilt. I enjoyed your post though and if I could start over I might have been a little more careful. Hehe Its all good. I accept the rose.. :)

Fabulous, Sandy.  I love it when someone is as "crazy excited " about the alchemies as I am!  They do work!

Suddenly....my hair has chosen to switch sides.  It's naturally falling to the opposite side when I dry it.

Since becoming a member of The Superbeings in 2015, I have used a majority of the wonderful alchemies Jason has created and I also have a magical Merlin Stone companion which I wear constantly and sleep with under my pillow.  I am also a graduate of the ABS program.  Reason I started my post this way is, I'm not sure if the “out of the ordinary” experiences I will be sharing fall under Results of the Alchemy or ABS or if it should be under a separate category all its own. 

The first experience I wanted to share is:  One evening last week two of my 4-legged kids decided to get into a 30 second tussle over who was going to have possession of and play with a particular toy.  As happens with dogs, they settle matters with growls and sometimes it escalates to a nip or even a bite.  In this instance, when it was all over, the instigator wound up getting her paw bitten.  She was bleeding profusely, leaving large droplets wherever she walked.  When I caught up with her I pressed a clean paper towel against the bottom of the bleeding paw to try and stem the flow and it quickly became soaked with bright red blood.  I tried to determine if the wound was bad enough that it warranted a trip to the 24 hour emergency hospital (which I really didn't want to do because it was 10PM) for treatment and repair, but after washing the paw with a disinfectant the flow of blood continued and I wasn't able to see the bite wound because my dog wouldn't stop squirming long enough for me to get a good look at her paw through the furry hair on her foot.  In frustration I held her paw sandwiched between the palms of both my hands for several minutes and I remember intently desiring that the bleeding would stop.  When I took my hands away, I washed the paw again to remove the red blood from her fur and … yup you guessed it, the paw was no longer bleeding.  Not knowing if this would continue when she started walking on it, I kept her barricaded in my bathroom with a dog gate so I could keep an eye on it (the tiled floor was a much easier surface to clean versus my wooden floor).  The wound continued to remain closed and no additional bleeding occurred.  The next morning, when things were a bit calmer I was able to part the hair on the top of her paw and separate the pads on the bottom of her foot to try to see where the bite occurred but I wasn’t able to find any scab, laceration or puncture wound on her foot.

The second experience occurred yesterday.  I awoke on Saturday morning with a scratchy throat, runny nose, inflamed sinuses and the start of a cough.  I rarely if ever get sick and didn’t intend to change that now, so I took my usual herbal and nutritional supplements with the intention of turning my system back to a balanced and alkaline state.  However, by the afternoon I was starting to feel “worse” and I got very tired.  So I lay down to take a nap knowing that in the past, when I allowed my body to rest and sleep, it healed itself quickly.  Even though I felt tired I wasn’t able to drift off to sleep.  Then the notion came to mind that I should visit Xupra and go to the place I experienced on my first visit:  “I perceive an outdoor natural space and see in front of me a large body of crystal clear, sparkling water which is fed by three tall yet somewhat narrow waterfalls that surround the water in a semi-circle. The waterfalls seem to consist of water and also of light. Each one appears to be a different translucent color -- pale blue, lavender and pink. The land surrounding the body of water is lush with green vegetation that is mixed with beautiful, fragrant and multi-colored flowers the like of which I've not seen before. Everything seems to breathe, shimmer and be alive….”

So I set the intention to go there and it was just as I had first experienced it.  The clear body of water beckoned and I dove in.  As I did so I felt as if the cells of my body were being permeated by the water and my body felt all tingly.  I also breathed in and swallowed the water and felt it filling and flushing my internal organs, balancing, healing and energizing them.  The experience lasted around 10 – 15 minutes.  After it finished and I “returned home”, I rested on my bed for another half hour and then got up.  As the afternoon and evening progressed I started to feel better.  On Sunday morning, after a good night’s sleep, all symptoms were gone and I felt I had returned to a completely healthy physical state.

Beautiful Nancy!

Lets see if i can get my questions out understandably :)   alright, so alchemy and there dosage and use frequency. i understand that each bottle, be it liquid or powder, has a dosage (?-?) and a frequency use (once a day, maybe even twice if you feel the need). i also remember reading, i think in the general questions discussion, Mary saying that FREQUENCY use(not dosage) is really up to the person. different people can handle different vibes. i get that. so say the max dosage for this alchemy is 6 drops. i take 6 drops now and six more drops in 10 seconds. that is very quick frequency use, so fast that you could have had one dosage of 12 correct??.... So would the directions be a good place to start and feel out what we can handle and possibly go beyond what the directions suggest, or should we stay in the confines of the directions and let the alchemy do its work even though we may not be able to feel it? im the type to push the envelope but id hate to waste the alchemy if say i used 20 drops(just a high number) and could have used 6 and got the same effects. Id also hate to not take enough (my being could handle 20, again just a high number, but im only taking 6) I believe i have gotten my thoughts across i a clear way, so if someone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it. I started my alkem about 8 days ago(sometimes 13 drops in a dose), going to transition into the gold and platinum come monday and would just like to understand a bit more so i will know the best way to proceed. In advance....... thanks abunch to you all:)

Andre, just let the Alchemy bond with you, take whatever number comes to mind. Before long the relationship of how much and when you need will just be one of the many knowings you will have now. Welcome to the family!

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