These are the books we'll be using in our workshop:

“The Four Agreements Companion Book” by Don Miguel Ruiz 

“Living as God:  Nothing Is Simpler” by  Zoe Joncheere

“Super Accelerated Living: How to Manifest an Epic Life” by Bentinho Massaro 

All are available in paperback on

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How to get pure... reject what society expects from you/burn away your insecurities... always be kind... when you are flippant and capricious with your good intentions, causing a paradoxical discord, immediately forgive yourself and allay your will to push things towards your idea of goodness. Patience, stalwart in your kindness. Try to reduce that flippancy and capriciousness, remind yourself that everything is exactly as it should be, and only by maintaining a personal role-modelesque contentment will you quell another's internal maelstrom.

Communication, listening carefully, intently, asking questions that heal, empower and enliven... with a dose of responsibility tempering it all.

I am glad to be here, peace and love to you all.

I love these posts! It's so gratifying to be in league, in family, with such smart and honestly self-reflective people.

In fairness to the subject of Devorah's original post, that guy isn't suggesting his followers fight anything. He's just saying the "soul" has contracts, and they can be revoked. The true depth of what is being said there I could write an entire book about, as there really is no such thing as "soul," not in the way this world has skewed the math to engender a belief on that particular piece of hard code.

The inner person, the Volunteer/Wanderer from another world/system/continuum entirely, would prefer that we don't foist upon it an arbitrary contract because some guy says we have them and should revoke them. That person's contract is to help out here until the job is done. That person can opt out of the contract anytime it wants. It could opt out of the contract and leave your body right this second and you wouldn't even know it had. That being is just another layer/self operating on a different mental frequency, and there are layers/selves that come into, infuse, incorporate, surround, us all day every day while we're busy paying bills. The trick is to de-emphasize as much as possible the busy bill-paying us to become more aware of, and attuned to, the self who is here to help out. That gives way to Metaself, which is the "soul" of both entities, meaning you and the main person you're hosting, the Volunteer/Wanderer.

What he calls contracts, I call relationships, and the strongest bond you can have with something is by judging it. The moment you believe what that guy is saying, is the moment the contract is established. So, your belief creates the contract, and then you waste some energy in revoking it, all in one "motion." Without his Website, there would be fewer people in the world establishing newly generated contracts. That isn't to say, however, that there aren't contracts which must be dissolved. The usual suspects he covers on that site don't fit with the truth of the matter. The truth of the matter is that you have contracts you don't know about, and might never know about. Everything we do here is to dissolve those, and to do it with minimal effort using our tools and systems.

Devorah and I shared a private note. In it she said she was driven to post that. This is of course true, because it drove me to post what I did, both events being necessary because of what they do BELOW the surface. Since then, she's had an ENORMOUS expansion. Sometimes it takes "surface" dialog to cause those. It used to happen all the time back in The Blue Emerald days (a previous iteration of what we have now at TSB).

Hi Calvin
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel that our purity is not based upon an act of rejecting rules or programs society has in place. Society's programs believe it or not have and do serve a purpose. I would say neither rejecting nor accepting is being in a state of purity.
And as I write this I couldn't even begin to tell you how to access that state of being. It just seems to me that rejection invokes violence and non acceptance.
It's about realizing it's all a drama enjoying it without getting swallowed by the drama. The kind of experience you get when you go to the movies and then go home and carry on with the rest of your activities.
And I am glad you are here as well.
thanks Theo
I've found my self looking for the anti thesis in many things lately as I've had trouble truly understanding acceptance. For example today I got my haircut. As I sat there I wondered why I was getting my haircut. Why shouldn't I just let it grow out, because would that be accepting? But then on the other hand aren't I just accepting that I need to look presentable for my job and self esteem?
Thank you Andy G for your post because it creates an opportunity for me to share this story. When I was a child, I came to know about me because my immediate surrounding taught me that one aspect of my identity was "girl with intractable hair, wild thick beautiful" Washing my hair was an event.
When I came to live with my biological mother right at that age when one is making the transition to teenage--hood, she said that I had the right proportional features but just couldn't figure out why I was so ugly. Her husband joined in and said..well it's because of her hair.
One day because I made a series of bad cosmetic decisions my hair got damaged. It needed to be chopped off. The pain of parting way with damaged hair was substantial. It was at that moment I realized how much my perception of myself was tied to an identification given to me by others. How acceptance by others was predicated on something as ephemeral as hair. Oh gosh and let me not go into hair and black women self beliefs and a whole industry created to perpetuate bondage.
The essence to what I am saying is be in the mode of detachment and acceptance. There will be no rebellion no rejection.
In the end I embraced my bald head and discovered one layer of me. It was not an act of rebellion it was an act of adventure.
Today when I think about growing my hair..I see as a metaphor for the kind of statement to freedom Angela Davies inspired without being anti establishment.

That's beautiful, Theo! Thank you for sharing

I didn't convey this story well. My mother's husband said I was pretty because of my hair. So I better ever loose it or... ( not worth mentioning) Parasite thinking..
Adventure trumping rebellion. I like it. Thanks again. Yet perhaps there must be a rebellion against internal inhibition before that can begin? A domestication and mastery of the editor within.

I'm fighting hard to hold on to the concept of rebellion and rejection. Yet rebellion and rejection are indeed focused upon favoritism and divisiveness aren't they? It's complicated, I'll leave it at that. I think you articulated your story well.

Hey Everyone!

Cheryl graciously shared this typed up homework. For those of you that wanted to participate in the self mastery class but don't have the companion book to follow along go ahead and read and keep noes for yourself and think this over to determine some of the content of your consciousness. This is based on the understanding of the structure of how things are and should be that you received as a child and continue to believe either out of habit or choice. Go dig in and answer the questions below. You may be surprised by what beliefs are driving your experience even now. Some of these you will have grown past and don't apply and that might also surprise yourself by how free you have become as well!

Four Agreements Companion, Chapter 1



When I was a child, I was told that I was…



I was told that my limitation were…




I was told that girls should always…



I was told that boys should always…


Did you fit the ideal image of what it meant to be a girl or a boy?



I believe that a woman should always…


I believe that a man should always…



Personal and physical qualities I was told I should have…

I was told that I should be…


List of all the qualities I believe I have:

I am…



Qualities I believe other people think I have:

I believe others think I am…


List qualities I lack but wish I had:

I wish I could be like this…



Describe my image of perfection. What would I look like? Personality I would have?

What would I have to change to live up to this image of myself?



Am I willing or able to do that?  Is it humanly possible to achieve that image? Why/why not


Does that perceived image inspire me to do my best, or does it discourage me?



My image of perfection in my husband is…


My image of perfection for my children is…


My image of perfection for my parents is…



My image of perfection for my best friend is…


My image of my coworkers is…


My image of perfection for my boss is…


What social masks do I wear around others?


I wear masks because…


What would happen if I took the mask off?


What would it be like to express who I really am?


On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being most authentic, where am I?


List at least four new agreements you can make with yourself that will honor who I really am.


Make a commitment to move a step closer toward authentic self by practicing the four new agreements.






  1.  Personal Agreements: Your Body and Yourself
    1. Personal Appearance
    2. Health and Diet
    3. Masculinity and Femininity
    4. Social Agreements: Family and Friends
      1. Love and Sex
      2. Marriage and Family
      3. Friendship and Social Interactions
      4. Spiritual Agreements: Life an God
        1. Religion and Spirituality
        2. Death and Loss
        3. Nature, Animals, and All Forms of Life
        4. Financial Agreements: Work and Career
          1. Your Unique Skills and Talents
          2. Money and Financial Matters
          3. Success and Failure


The Judge


How do I judge myself?

                I’m a bad person because…

                I should be ashamed of myself because…

                I am guilty of…

                I am so stupid whenever I…


How do I judge others?

                That person is bad because…

                That person should be ashamed of themselves because…

                That person is guilty of…

                I think it’s really stupid when someone…


List four mistakes I have made in my life.

                How did I punish myself?

                How did I abuse myself?

                How many times have I paid for each mistake?

                Did I abuse my physical body?


List four mistakes other people have made that I cannot forgive.

                How do I punish others?

                How do I abuse others?

                How many times have I made each person pay for his or her mistake?

                Do I abuse other people physically?


List four things I have accomplished that made me proud of myself.

                How did I reward myself?


List four things others have accomplished that made me proud of them.

                How did I reward them?



Describe my “Judge”, what is it like and how does it use the Book of Law to rule my life. Is my Judge ever fair and forgiving, or is it always harsh and unforgiving?


Give this Judge a name so that I can easily identify the voice that talks in my head.


Four answers to give the Judge:

                Big deal.

                Who cares?

                So what?

                Why not?

                                If these don’t satisfy the Judge, then say – It doesn’t matter.




The Victim

                What makes me feel ashamed of myself?

                What makes me feel guilty?

                What makes me feel helpless or victimized?

                When do I feel unworthy of love?

                When do I feel regret or sadness?

                When do I feel betrayed?


Complete the following:

                I am to blame for being…

                I don’t deserve to have…

                I can’t do what I really want to do because…

                I am powerless when it comes to…

                Poor me, I am not good enough to…

                Poor me, I am not intelligent enough to…

                Poor me, I am never going to be…

                Poor me, I am never going to have…

I am unworthy of self-love because…

                I am unworthy of self-respect because…

                I am unworthy of being too happy because…

                I am unworthy of financial abundance because…

                                Look at the completed sentences above and ask from my heart – not my Parasite – whether each statement is true or false. (Any belief that generates fear or feelings of unworthiness is false, a lie.


Describe in detail what your Victim is like. When does it believe the Judge? Why does it believe the Judge? Consider giving your victim a personal name so you can identify its voice in your head.


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being completely free of the Parasite, where do you live your life?


In imagining life without the Parasite, Judge, and Victim, and living the principles of the four agreements is there resistance?

                I cannot live my life without the Judge because…

                I cannot live my life without the Victim because…

                I cannot rule my life the way I really want to because…

                I cannot live my life by the Four Agreements because…


                What kind of excuses does your Parasite give you?


                Respond to each of the above with a truth instead of lies. Write down why it is completely possible to do it, at least one per answer to refute the excuse. Keep answering until you come to 10 on the scale. When you do, you have recovered your faith from the belief system. You reclaim your personal freedom.


Go through the Book of Laws and do the same for each one, maybe one per week. Break the old agreement and replace it with a new one, and then practice it until it is a habit.


The link is good. It's a youtube video of Byron Katie working through the WORK as she calls it for someone who has the belief "I am afraid of Trump."  Check it out. Good stuff.

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