When Jason presented the information on the Alchemical Metals/Merlin Stones, he presented us with the possibility of making one for us, ….”one in which we can install an intent, or whatever else, during the peak of its ‘zeroness’ at 2000 degrees in the oven.  That is the moment at which they can be invested with great potential for power.”

I was immediately interested in being given that opportunity as I believed that Jason indeed has the capacity to know exactly when that prime moment of ‘zeroness’ arrives.  What an exciting, irresistible possibility.  So, while I gazed at Alalia, Benii, and Jenso, I reached inward with the question of what would be a really potent intent to ask for in one of these ‘Merlin Stones?’ I heard and felt ‘Beatrice’ and knew what I was being invited to receive - no words were necessary to explain it – I got it.  I didn’t waste any time in contacting Jason, saying, “I am compelled to ask for the creation of a stone with the name ‘Beatrice’ embedded in ‘it’.  The stone will know what that resonance/frequency/field is to be in all that name holds. The timing of arrival in the kiln is Hers.  You will know when she does.”

Jason and Merlin did make me a jewel-stone.

As of February 5th, I now have the gift of Beatrice’ in my life and I wanted to share some of my experience of the last few days, although that is really hard to put into words.

For the first 3 hours, I just sat and held her and ‘watched/sensed’ everything that was going on. Did nothing but sit there – Being. And, I wanted to hug everything-the towels, the dishes, the books, the walls!  Absolutely ridiculous! The desire has something to do with ‘recognition.’

And Being is pretty intense!  Deep chills. I have felt this level of whole-body energy in sessions with gifted healers like Sandi Daileda – high vibe – but that intensity fades after a day or so. I now feel I am permanently plugged into a whole different light socket.  And it doesn’t require that Beatrice is at hand. Although she is.  This is my new normal.  This is how our body was intended to always feel from our earliest beginnings, and I’m told this is only the tip of the iceberg.  In musing on how I used to feel - programmed into low-battery mode - seems like a remembered dream now.

There are a lot of old memories and memory-threads being triggered and a feeling of now getting the something behind’ those threads.  Many realizations.

It’s not about what’s different in my life now (possibly because I have been using many alchemies for some time – and different happened quite a while ago).  It’s about what’s more.

 As of today, the energy is less high intense than the first day. It has evened out into a consistent steady strong flow all day long. I can almost hear myself buzzing/humming, and if you were to touch me, you would feel that buzz. Someone did and said so.  I still get sappy ooey-gooey at times – my teddy bears (yes, teddy bears) and stuffed dog, and grand-kids get the ooey-gooey. Still want to hug the house.

Oh there is one difference - I smell funny!  

So, there it is my friends.  I just have to say to you all – I am deeply grateful that I took Jason and the Universe up on this fantastic invitation to come and play.  ‘They’ had something exceptional in mind when they made that offer. Yes!!!

Hugs to all.


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I would like to share a question a  new member had about MPS and the higher self connection. I want to invite those with stones to please give their take or experience on this. 

The question is "relating to what Jason said about Metaself on the website, about the higher selves journey, regarding the alchemy process. About what one will most likely experience when receiving guidance from your selves might manifest to you, would you be likely to have a conversation say, with a familiar “saint”, if you were raised Catholic, whereas if you were religiously guided by Eastern thought influence then your higher self might manifest guidance to you through say, Buddha, or whatever you are most likely open-minded to?" 

"Of course, artificial things like religion is not the thing to be caught up in, and everyone’s experience is different,   and I can't say what exactly yet I might experience with the MPS, since I’m sort of new to this, but I was just curious on some of the thoughts you and Jason at the Superbeings might have on such subject matter and would be interested to hear what you have to share from your own experience about the journey’s process. Bright blessings to you all at the Superbeings!"

My answer is this. Many of us started out perhaps following a religious tradition but upon our path and then found while we were expanding our connection to that divine love outgrew the boundaries of dogmatic thinking. For myself, Jesus and Buddha realized a profound truth of ONE. Not oneness implying two things but the truth that is ONE is the only thing that exists and everything else is illusion. That being said I feel that the way I am guided or spoken to is usually not in terms of a human or archtyepal figure like a saint or a goddess. It's more like I am brought the information I need automatically. I am being guided the whole time but it's not in words but usually in a feeling. When something does not feel right- it's harder to make it work and it's just plain off. There is a flow that ebbs and rises now in my life and I work more to sense that and follow that. So that is my everyday experience. 
I had a recent QHHT session that was more personal and direct which I should probably do a totally seperate post about and I of course was wearing my MPS during it and had my puramyds in both hands. This was a hypnosis session where after a long induction and relaxation process you contact the higher self to answer questions. And I am going to tell you I have never felt so much energy in my life. I was bathed in a column of energy and it poured through my body and it was like being in a waterfall and it was this process of interfacing with this BEING and I needed to find a common ground of communication in words.  I would open my mouth to talk and wait a moment and this surge of energy and information would come through and a download of data and the hypnotherapist felt a surge in her throat chakra when this would happen. And I would take a moment and try to put into words the feelings and integrate that feeling into language.
It spoke through me but only because we were insisting that we needed words ( I was being asked to voice it onto a tape to listen to later after I would forget the session) to understand it for later listening. But it did not feel natural. I was actually feeling like I wanted to be quiet and go within to listen deeper. The communication was there and it was telepathic.  I remember the truer aspect was it was a feeling and a KNOWING. And so there is this down load of awareness, that you are in touch with this intelligence and it was loving, it was strong and powerful and kind of without personality in a  way it was ultimate, eternal, it was giving me lots of space and freedom to figure things out, it was kinda ready to work on me and seemed to be happy that I was "out of the way" so it could give me healing that I asked for. That's almost the biggest problem is our ego and fears are the things that stand in the way of deeper communication. 
In alchemy and magick there is a whole long process that you go through to speak to your holy guardian angel just look it up  and there is tons of preparation for it and I think that's a worthy journey. It 's odd because it does not think it does not judge it's just this parent expression of energy and it loves you and it's pumped to experience life through you. And it's just about being still and clear and tapping into that part of yourself. 
I am noticing over time that my knowing and awareness and ability to tap into that kind of knowledge is just happening almost without my conscious seeking it. 6 years of alchemy, 4.5 years of ABS and lots of practice with things like pendulums, I Ching etc. 

"what one will most likely experience when receiving guidance from your selves might manifest to you"

Communication is not limited by anything but seems to manifest foremost as a feeling registering somewhere in the senses, that is on whatever levels of awareness you have access to and are comfortable with. Metaself has perfect knowledge of you as you are and where it wants you to be so it will take the path of least resistance or the teaching path to shape you into the motion that it desires for you, always with your best interests in mind. It seems as though we go through a process of training where metaself attempts to get us to have any recognition of it and then it moves us through more open and less conventional methods of communication until it seems as though literally everything we notice is an encoded message leading us to a greater feeling of oneness.

You can also set the terms for communication like a basic dowsing scheme. I believe qigong itself is a method by which metaself trains us to understand and communicate with it.

Very beautiful Leona!  What have your experiences been with the MPS?  I am going to be getting one, probably in early to mid May (2108).  Do you have particular ways that you use the MPS or do you just wear it and 'let it do its thing'?

Leona said:

HI All, I am sharing this so that you can see what the stone can create itself as when it desires to be shown. I have several pieces that I wear hidden and usually they only pop out when someone is meant to see them. This stone said I must be seen so it brought me a jeweler that created this gift of presentation. This is my second stone and it has such an energy I had to almost threaten the jeweler to let me have it back :) Much gratitude for Mary and Jason to bring such connection to the cosmos into physical being. PS the jeweler now wants 1 lol

Hi Christina! Actually both. I wear it constantly. It is a part of me, it was talking to me even when Jason was making it. It isn't an easy thing to put into words when you have the idea of you as body and being to say the MPS is an extension of you or it is you just in a higher form. That is the best way I know to put it. I will tell you the most profound thing it helped me do was when Irma was to come right over my house with 100 mph winds. I just asked that it assist me in creating the best outcome for me and all involved. What occurred was just unbelievable to meteorologist and I just grinned. Storm turned in an unusual way, downgraded fast and voila 60 mph wind max no tornadoes and only moderate rain. I haven't spoken before of what I asked MPS to do. This stone is made for you, and embodies all the magic you don't even know you are. Leona

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