I really want to share this video with everyone because I felt some seriously beautiful energy come off of this thing, it opened my heart chakra right away and left my crown buzzing. I want to know what everyone else has to say about this, my guess is that it was a portal opening of some kind.


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CRAZEEEEEEE beautiful. Delightful really. LOVED the shapes it made but I was utterly baffled by what is was actually doing. Feels like it was beaming code to people. People were calling it military and that not seem n military.If it was a hologram or something I sure read it as a beautiful energy too. I wonder if these are just practice runs so they can see how far along humans are to accepting them without FREAKING out.

It would change everything but a ton of people would go to fear.

Kind of a problem as that mass consciousness could turn a peaceful experience into a violent one.

Something to think about people!

Some say it was remnants of a meteor shower ( do meteors HANG in the air though like that comeon?) which would bring me a sense of heart opening glory too as I think of those beings as alive as well.

Nathan, Hi. love your enthusiasm and curiosity about the unique sight in the sky. We all felt the same. However, something to consider: On inquiry with our University sources, some of whom have high security clearances, it was confirmed that the U.S. Navy conducted a test Trident missile launch from a submarine off the California coast at the time of the sighting. Then again...

That is cool. But for real though do missiles hang in the sky like that and turn into a bright pyramid shape and then fade into a cloud? If so that is pretty rad tech!

Overwhelmingly dangerous tech. Here's what we were told: The missile, a Trident II (D5) built by Lockheed Martin Corp. in Sunnyvale, Calif., was launched from the Kentucky Trident ballistic missile submarine. Equipped with a dummy warhead, it was directed toward a target on the Kwajalein Atoll, a missile test site that’s part of the Marshall Islands in the western Pacific. The Trident II (D5) missile has three-stages, solid fueled, with range that's classified, but we were told it is up to 7500 miles depending on load. The test was conducted as part of a demonstration and shakedown operation, or DASO, a process that certifies the readiness of a submarine’s crew and strategic weapons before returning to operational status after extensive maintenance, in this case the Kentucky's mid-life nuclear refueling, which involved replacing the expended nuclear fuel in the submarine’s reactor with new fuel. The Navy has a fleet of 14 Ohio class ballistic submarines, each carrying 24 Trident missiles; each missile is tipped with 14 independently targetable thermonuclear warheads. The Navy tests the Tridents in this way on an annual basis, from the West Coast off California and from the East Coast off Florida.

Thanks for your input ladies. I also read on a blog somewhere that it was military conducted. I didn't feel any fear while I viewed the video, even if it was "overwhelmingly dangerous tech". Is it really something we should concern ourselves with? Its energy felt amazing.

I saw something like this when I was a kid in the deserts of CA. It was broad daylight and yet there was a huge blue cloud that flared up.  Eerie.

Well, dang! I am fully willing to accept a rational earthly explanation. It just did not seem to behave like I would expect war tech to behave.But then again I don't know anything about our tech either.  It vaporized. It blinked a few times HUNG there and then vaporized. Wild. Did you watch the video? It seems like a "convenient" explanation like how they used to say "its just a weather balloon!  Maybe both were going on at the same time. I know UFO's have a distinct interest in our nuclear programs. Probably making sure we don't blow ourselves up as that would apparently reverberate through many levels of being. 

Great info. 

Yes we have tests like this all the time. This one  was a highly visible statement/advertisement stating, "Our missile defense system is fully operational." Nothin' to see here folks ha ha 

WOW. Flexin.

Yey missiles! Thinking they were just designed to travel a preprogrammed route from A to B, and now they're hanging around in the sky, making geometrical shapes and vanishing...Exellent job, hihi :)

Tridents fly at 20,000+ mph, so I hesitate to accept that's what it was. I'll find out exactly what it was and post here later.

Interestingly, our family used to own a house in St. George, Utah. We were partying in the driveway one beautiful night and WOW something brilliant rose into the sky. We were amazed, and read in the news the next day it was a test missile launch off the coast of California near the Catalina Islands. Incredible that we could see it so clearly from 1000 miles away. The thing is, it traveled ten times the speed of the "missile" in the video. At that speed, this video would have been about six to eight seconds long, of course depending on the distance between the camera and the object. But the one we saw was in fact 1000 miles away. There were segments in that video where it did indeed look like stages blowing off.

Oh, well. We'll put this to bed soon enough.

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