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We provide no member private information of any kind to anyone at any time, and strenuously disapprove of the types of concerns and people who do. We ourselves, in fact, have no access to any of your information you don't want seen. Your privacy is entirely up to you.


This is a public forum. We're all about being completely open, and we ourselves have no reason to hide anything about ourselves for any reason at any time. One of my favorite lines for people is (ala Janis Joplin): "freedom's just another word for nothing left to hide." We are perfectly aware, however, that many of you have jobs and other parts to your lives that by necessity must be kept insulated from what goes on here. 

We say all this because if you have your full and entire name as your user or screen name on this site, and you post anything at all with your name attached to it, your post could actually become a search result if someone entered your name in a search.

The remedy is to use your first name only or a pseudonym. We prefer your first name because it's hard to keep track of all our friends with fake names. To do this, under My Stuff in the navigation links above, under the header image, choose Settings. Then, under Photo and Profile on the resulting page, just replace your name with whatever you want.


We manually approve or decline every single signup. Providers of turnkey social network platforms, like Ning, who is our provider, are a MAJOR target of spammers and phishers because such bottom-feeders feel they can reach the most people most efficiently when they're phishing for private emails. When on occasion someone gets by our eyeball manual filters, they get in and click on a few members' profiles and try to get them to correspond privately, thus perhaps getting a naive member's email address. 

NOW HEAR THIS! First off, you've given only the private information on TSB that you want seen, right? The only way a spammer or phisher can get any of your private information is if YOU give it to them. This is the most basic stuff there is in today's world, and if you're not aware of this I wonder if you'd help me to make arrangements to move into the cave next to you! (smile - I would in fact like to live in a cave!) If a stranger asks you for any private information, such as your email address, of course you laugh in their digital face and report them to us. We'll then zap them and no more problem, at least from them.

Because of all this, it appears we're forced to put more of this type of information front and center, right on the site. I personally have been dealing with spammer/phishers in my various social projects since around 2004, and it's always the same thing. Don't give a stranger your private information, ever. If someone writes to you through TSB and wants to be friends and wants your email address, just write back, "Sorry, I don't give that to strangers. But if you'd like to correspond, let's just use TSB's email. What ya say to that, obvious criminal?"

We say this, repeatedly, because we get notes from members in a panic, literally every single time, that they've been hacked, they're in danger, and WE must do something about THEM having given their email address to a stranger. As you well know, your actions aren't our responsibility.



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