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manifestations using nirvana state awareness

since 2008 i have nirvana.

i have experimented in the past with MANIFESTATIONS.

a manifestion is when you share your body with the soul of a god for example ra.

everyone with nirvana can do this.

this can cause problems becouse the souls of the gods are so pure.

i stopped doing this becouse my body could not handle the pureness of the gods.

i use chantings and mantra`s i dont have read books i know these mantra`a automaticly.

the soul of the…


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Free Book Alert from Amber & Heather for June 23rd - 24th

Teachings of a B’on Sorceress, The Ancient Powers

Hi Superbeings Community! Amber here, to let you know this book is available at no cost in Amazon stores worldwide Friday 6/23 through Saturday 6/24. This is the newest 2017 edition. Find it in the U.S. Amazon Store here, the U.K. Amazon Store…


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My Spell of life

My love to the mudders, flooders and cutters, alone in the gutters choked by passer-bys mutters
My heart to the lonely, alone in their cages, for ages their rage, is the warring that rages
My soul to the empty, to the spaces that need it, to the many blank pages, so the reader, may read it

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Id like to make myself at home here, my previous blog posts were previous facebook posts meant strictly for those close to me enough to accept my words..

I am now posting on an unknown medium, so forgive my apprehension.

Today i feel stillness.. almost a complete peace.. it is a turn of days.. a shift, to the many who are seeing in new light, they have withdrawn their focus on the dark in their lives.. and in that- have taken away the darks power in the world.

The dark is… Continue

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I once looked at the world in search of true love and peace
I looked and found only the opposite, false hate and war..
So I closed my eyes to the world, in search of love and peace in myself..
And I found it, now i have opened my eyes again to the world, and do not seek my peace and love from it, but to share my peace and love with it..

Your self is unmoving, the world is ever changing..
In order to change the world, you must know your self.

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My Awakening

I wrote this one night, shortly after "Awakening"

I Figure it is a good post to throw up here to break the Ice.. as I am new here.. Hello! Wonderful People! :D

Getting it together.. Getting a Grip.. Energy of Life.. Hacking Life.. Exit the Matrix

(Fyi This is long, so dont click "more" unless you are ready :p )

Ive recently had an epiphany or two or 3 or 4 or 5... epiphany being like light bulbs going on when you figure out a solution. or get an… Continue

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It may seem difficult to believe, but today, an exquisitely beautful, full-sized cat, rather, like a leopard, visited me in my sunroom. She was stunning beyond words, with magnificent eyes that just melted my heart. Will wonders never cease? (Actually, I don't want them to!) These are the notes from my journal.

Stardate:  Thurs. June 15, 2017


Today, I ‘manifested’ a beautiful large cat, rather like a…


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The person we habitually identify with is not the one that is going to wake up.

When awakening occurs, our True Self - the free and unlimited awareness that is the source of our consciousness - is what wakes up - not our personality. 

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I am noticing, and I am wondering if anyone else is, that this 3d reality is becoming frayed at the edges - the seams are coming apart, this space/time matrix is beginning to be 'not-so-solid'. I began noticing this some time ago, but now it seems to be accelerating.

The only evidence I have to offer is personal observation. Sometimes, I will walk into a room and it will smell like sage, or pizza, or grilled salmon. It's really bizarre in a way, but also, delightful and fun. Tastes…


Added by Devorah Wittig on June 12, 2017 at 5:14pm — 10 Comments

A Surprise Gift

I had been wanting a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses but held off ordering a pair because they are quite expensive -- they run well over $100.  The other day I took one of my dogs for a walk along a well traveled road and on the return leg, I saw an object on the road surface ahead of me.  When I approached it I saw it was a pair of sunglasses which hadn't yet been run over and crushed by a passing vehicle. I picked them up and much to my joyful surprise, it was a pair of Maui Jim Sport…


Added by Nancy Lovell on June 10, 2017 at 9:32am — 2 Comments

Surrender Ceremony Experience

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the Superbeings and for some reason I am drawn to share my recent experiences. ( I am not the type to blog/tweet/chatt etc.) So, here goes:

Before I found The Superbeings I have already started taking mono-atomic gold for about three weeks. It helped tremendously: I felt more connected more open. Knowing of the answers to any questions just occurred. I was on speed dial to the Creator. Easy access, fast and clear answer. Also, my sense of…


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A Magical Day

Today I was gifted with three beautiful "sightings".

The first occurred this morning.  I needed to get up at 6AM for an early "job".  It was still dark outside, with a clear and star filled sky.  When I looked up and glanced out my bedroom's roof window, there dead center and framed perfectly was the Big Dipper.  It looked so very bright and quite close.  I found myself drawn to look at it for several minutes.

The second occurred at 8AM.  I was waiting outside with my 10 year…


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Seasons Greetings from Wisdom Masters Press, Michael, Amber, and Heather

From our home to yours, the Happiest Cheers! Thank you for your gracious support in 2016.

Have a wonderful New Year, may your Days be Bright and your Heart be Filled with…


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Holiday Gifts! From Wisdom Masters Press, Michael, Heather, and Amber

Hi! Just want to let everyone know that we’re offering books at a deep discount to help with your holiday shopping, in case you wish to give one as a gift. If you’re a late shopper like I am, it's especially convenient. And do remember, when you send a book as a gift you can schedule the time it’s delivered, so you can have it arrive anytime you wish. And you can send a personal message along with the book as well. Also, if you want something tangible in-hand, you can print out…


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"Angel Delight" by Mike Rowland

I recently became aware of this artist and wanted to share this particular composition with everyone.  I don't know if anyone else will have the same experience listening to this piece but every time I do, I feel an outpouring of unconditional love that surrounds me and fills my heart and my very being to overflowing -- so much so that tears of joy and gratitude well up in my eyes.  If anyone needs to feel uplifted then perhaps giving this a listen will help.…


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Hello People, I wanna share with you a letter I wrote recently. I believe it may be beneficial, or inspire some of you. It is regarding a health issue I have. Nothing serious though. Please feel free to comment if any of you have some nice ideas. Have fun:)

"Guys, I think it's time I got actively involved in the healing process of my mind and body. "Active" is kind of a tricky term because when you live in complete surrender, you do not interfere with the external world. And for me…


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Light Machine Accelerated Ascension

I attended a cool lucid dreaming workshop on Sunday September 11 2016 together with a beautiful group of people. It was a great day of Gong Bath, Cacao, PandoraStar light machine, mugwort tea, breath work, lucid dreaming, and talks on manifestation, consciousness and sexual energy.

I connected with like-minded souls and experienced intense visuals from the light machine and learnt new energy breathing exercises. I also…


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Arcturus Avalokiteshvara Activation

Ascension has happened and is actually happening now. I can feel all the earth shifts and dimensional planes intersecting, mixing and merging to 5-D. I have been blown wide open and found out many of my 'higher selves', and my 'highest self' is Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.

Big Wake Up Call

I spent the months of April and May clearing a lot of stuck energies and running recursive fractal cleansing energy nets with Star Magic to clear all my stuck energies…


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My Merlin Stone Enneagram Pendant (The Key of 9)

I'm so joyfully excited and wanted to share with my TSB friends and family my Merlin Stone pendant which arrived back in my possession today (I really missed my special friend and guide!).  But before you see my magical, alchemical beauty a little background:  I had wanted to wear my Merlin Stone around my neck instead of carrying it around with me in my pocket, but I couldn't find a satisfactory way to do so.  Then last month I was guided to the Ka-Gold-Jewelry website, which specializes in…


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Happy 4th of July (with a Free Book Offer!) from Wisdom Masters Press

Greetings from Heather, Amber and Michael! For those in the States, Happy 4th of July Weekend! I’m born and bred in the U.K. and, even as a Brit, I love this holiday as well. After all, it was 240 years ago when the colonies rebelled, lol. And for everyone everywhere, we wish you a safe and happy weekend.

In case you have time to read this weekend, one of our books is free today and tomorrow on Amazon (7/2 & 7/3), the original first edition: An Encounter of the Most Profound…


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Started by JD Aliix in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Kara Boniecka 18 hours ago. 17 Replies

Kara Boniecka has recently graduated the ABS program by visiting Xupra. Her second session is a thing of awesome beauty, with wonderful teachings.Congratulations, Kara. Give her a shout out!Continue


Started by Dennis Castoral in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Dennis Castoral on Thursday. 8 Replies

Hi, I am new here and also to ormus. I am looking for feedback as I am on my 3rd bottle and am taking WPG at the moment. I do feel the energetic difference though i guess i need it to "build up" a…Continue

Testimonials and Results of the alchemy

Started by Street Poet in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by George M. Lewis, M.D. on Wednesday. 437 Replies

We want to hear your experiences with the alchemy! Please, post your testimonial with everyone and don't be shy!We’ve all been at the edge of that pivotal moment before delving into the wonder that…Continue

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Kara Boniecka

Started by JD Aliix in THE STORY OF XUPRA. Last reply by Kara Boniecka on Wednesday. 6 Replies

This is Kara Boniecka's Xupra session posting area.Continue


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