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[NEW POST] Hi from Amber & Heather. Relaxing today, or having adventures? Have time to read? Featured Today from Wisdom Masters Press, Another Great Book for Memorial Day Reading

Greetings! For those in the U.S., Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

Amber here, from Wisdom Masters Press. We’re excited - our discount on ‘Encounters with the Celestials’ has done so well that Heather and I asked Michael if we could commemorate Memorial Day with another super discount. He said yes, with any book we want. Any book! So yeah, here we go.

Heather and I decided on our New Release Platinum Edition of the Teachings of the Himalayan…


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No-Nonsense NASA News! - Plus a Great Book for Memorial Day Reading

Hi! We have a super book deal for your Memorial Day Holiday (see below). But first, for those who haven’t heard, this news:

NASA recently announced that it has verified 1,284 new exoplanets, that is, planets existing outside of our solar system, orbiting other stars in our Milky Way galaxy. It’s the largest number of exoplanets ever discovered at once, bringing the current total to about 3200 and climbing steadily.…


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Weekend Reading Special for the SB Community! New Release from M.G. Hawking / Wisdom Masters Press

Hi from Amber, and greetings from all of us here at Wisdom Masters Press!

We’re very happy to announce a new release book, one we’ve been working on for months - ‘Teachings of a B’on Sorceress, The Ancient Powers.’

Here’s a quick description:

Based on the archived field notes and journals of explorer M.G. Hawking’s five years in Nepal and Tibet, this new release contains detailed narratives of Michael’s experiences and conversations with Mani Choejor, a…


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Stoned :)

I've been told my Merlin Stone is ready and is now on its way to me. I was thinking about it and I am really drawn to the Star Trek test called the Kobayashi Maru. 'The No-Win scenario...nice history of how it is portrayed can be found at

"By stepping outside of the rules of the game you can redefine the game..."  

I was standing at the sink one day…


Added by Jene on April 19, 2016 at 10:33am — 2 Comments

a brief note on experimentation


per request, i thought i'd drop a quick line just to fill in some details, as to my secondary level self, the beingness that is, playing the character that is playing the actor that is playing the group essence that is me, that is, who i am, animating the vessel of this physical human presence known, among other things, as chance.

in that essence, i am heavily involved in the Gray, or Zeta plans and machinations involving the earth project. these include the widespread…


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I need brain power for today :-D

Is there any way I can get all of your brain power, whomever else is willing, to support me in my court hearing today?
I have been a victim of the system for the last…

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It's my birthday

I am so excited. And today is my Birthday

Added by Barbara Marcati on March 8, 2016 at 4:24pm — 4 Comments

Conference Call 03-03-16

Hello Superbeings,

My first post here in response to the invitation of same prior to tonight's conference call re 19 yr. eclipse coming on March 8th.  After a day of extraordinary synchronicity in blessings, I randomly choose to watch this  UTube video found on with extremely applicable astrological info to what I grok is the SB goal with tonight's gathering.  Nearly the…


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Quieting the Mind Anita Lucia Briggs

The Importance of Quieting the Mind

Thought slows down the flow of cosmic energy into our etheric brain. With less cosmic energy entering into the head, we have less moving through the nadis--the pathways of subtle energy through the etheric body-- to supply life energy for…

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the Kyle document

as a creator, it helps at times, to put into perspective, from a more discrete point of view, our lives, in the bigger picture. Through the lens of one creator to another. here is such an attempt...

it's all about tension.
as a creator, to see that we exist in a frame of being where multiple wills negotiate a kind truce of their intents, a locality of mind, a space and time where we agree that the established parameters…

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The Sixth Great Extinction of Species on Earth - Where do we stand in our Evolution?

Greetings to all from Amber. Last night we had a dinner party, after which Michael spoke briefly on a subject I believe may be of interest to many members of the SB community. Here are some excepts I transcribed:

“Everyone knows that humanity is in crisis, politically, economically, spiritually, ecologically, any way you look at it. Many see humanity in crisis by way of our own     technology; many others see humans as deserving God's or nature's wrath in retribution for our…


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Physical, mental, and emotional changes since Surrender Ritual & taking alchemy

Like most of us I started my alchemy journey with Alkhem. I had little  understanding or context of the emotional tempest I'd face within days of first taking Alkhem; neither the rare dizzying heights or the intellect destroying lows. Thankfully I had Sara, a truly magnificent person, in my life who had been here and experienced that and helped put everything in context.

It didn't make the emotional whirlwind any easier, but it gave me a framework with which to understand the nature…


Added by Mark Barnes on January 16, 2016 at 3:00am — 2 Comments

For Your Weekend Reading: Tour the Grandeur of Ancient Egypt in our book ‘The Greatest Knowledge of the Ages Treasury’ - Free Friday and Saturday (1/15/16 - 1/16/16) on Amazon Kindle

Happy Friday! This weekend, take a break to consider one of the great mysteries of the ancient ages:

Some five-thousand years ago there appeared on the banks of the Nile, as if suddenly descended upon the sands, the first great civilization of known history. No one knows from whence the early Egyptians came. Extant records of their history, preserved through the centuries, although voluminous, when translated reveal no record of a mythic or heroic age, as…


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‘Wildcard Weekend’ Alternative (lol) - Free today, ‘In The Valley of Supreme Masters - Book One - A Chronicle of Power’

Happy Sunday!

Playoffs or no Playoffs? Whatever’s up for your Sunday, the first book in our series, ‘The Greatest Knowledge of the Ages,’ is free in the Amazon Kindle Store today! See it in the US Amazon store here, in the UK Amazon store here, in the CA Amazon store here, and the AU Amazon store…


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More New Year’s Deals from Wisdom Masters Press!

Hi all! One of my favorite books, and one of our most popular, is deeply discounted to 99¢ in the Amazon Kindle Store (80% off). ‘Kalika-Khenmetaten, the Supreme Egyptian Adept - Ancient Secret Knowledge of the Great Female Adept’ is discounted today through January 10th. ASIN B00RC1D7HI. 2016 Edition, Kindle page count 270. 

This book is discounted during this period of time only – 01/08/2016 at 1:00pm PST until 11:59 pm PST on 01/10/2016.

Download Links:



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An Important New 2016 Edition eBook from Wisdom Masters Press, Free for 3 days 01/06/2016 - 01/08/2016, ‘Interview with an Oracle’

Greetings from Heather. We just released the new 2016 Edition of ‘Interview with an Oracle, Profound Revelations about Life and Our World,’ which includes, among other things, a new chapter. Here’s what Michael wrote in a special note at the beginning of the book:

Author’s Note, 3 January 2016: This volume, Interview with an Oracle, has attracted far more attention than ever expected; during December 2015 alone over 1100 copies were downloaded from Amazon. Clearly, the…


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Happy New Year from Michael, Amber, Heather and Kimberly! Celebrate the New Year with an intriguing gift, ‘Ri-iha-mo - Celestial Mountain Goddess, True Encounters with a Legend of the Himalayas’

Best Wishes from all of us here at Wisdom Masters Press!

If you haven’t already read this book, take some time this weekend to relax and enjoy ‘Ri-iha-mo - Celestial Mountain Goddess, True Encounters with a Legend of the Himalayas’ - free on Amazon today through January 2nd.

Find it in the US Amazon store here, in the UK Amazon store here, in the CA Amazon store…


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Brighten Your Holiday Reading with ‘The Illumination, A Story of the Magic of Life and The Light’ - Limited Time Free eBook from Wisdom Masters Press

Season’s Greetings and Cheers to all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Amber here with a quick message: ‘The Illumination, A Story of the Magic of Life and The Light’ is free on Amazon today through January 31st.

Find it in the US Amazon store here, in the UK Amazon store here, in the CA Amazon store…


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My First ABS Session

Hello fellow beings.

This post is a little late, as I did my first ABS session the week before Christmas and got my feedback last week. Thanks, Mary, for the mentoring feedback. It's much appreciated.

I really had no expectations for the ABS session, other than to deny my instincts to contextualise and define in images the data coming through. I write novels and for me there is a clear and present need to experience the fantasy worlds I write; sights, smells, sounds,…


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Doe Scala

Started by JD Aliix in THE STORY OF XUPRA. Last reply by Doe scala 15 hours ago. 87 Replies

This is Doe Scala's Xupra Session posting area.Continue


Started by JD Aliix in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Kara Boniecka on Monday. 17 Replies

Kara Boniecka has recently graduated the ABS program by visiting Xupra. Her second session is a thing of awesome beauty, with wonderful teachings.Congratulations, Kara. Give her a shout out!Continue


Started by Dennis Castoral in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Dennis Castoral May 16. 8 Replies

Hi, I am new here and also to ormus. I am looking for feedback as I am on my 3rd bottle and am taking WPG at the moment. I do feel the energetic difference though i guess i need it to "build up" a…Continue

Testimonials and Results of the alchemy

Started by Street Poet in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by George M. Lewis, M.D. May 16. 437 Replies

We want to hear your experiences with the alchemy! Please, post your testimonial with everyone and don't be shy!We’ve all been at the edge of that pivotal moment before delving into the wonder that…Continue

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