Hi Jason, I happened to come across a recent channeling video on Youtube in which it was said that there is now a high probability (in the high 90 percent range), that the Great Harvest will occur in the year 2037.  During this event the Earth will go into a steeper tilt in order to create the appropriate magnetic inversion (stargate effect), as it births or splits off into a 4th density planet.  During this process of mitosis, as the planet cocoons itself within its own magnetic field, there will be 3 days of complete darkness (no Sun, Moon or Star light), everyone and everything on the Earth will be kept inside a black hollow magnetic sphere.  Also during these 3 days of darkness it is recommended that everyone remain indoors because the planet will be releasing a great deal of dense and intense energy as it goes through this process.  As you have said on this website, those who are ready -- who have moved onto a heart-centered path of service to others will transition into their 4th density body on the new 4th density Earth or even move onto higher densities; while those who are not ready and/or who choose to continue on a path of service to self will remain on a smaller populated 3D Earth.  I was wondering what the Merlin Collective's take on this might be.

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Nancy, can you please give a link to that video?

Here it is:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kKav5TEjT8&t=1680s

Adronis is a collective from Sirius.

JD I would very much like to hear your thoughts, comments, ect. on this video. If you would please...

A lot of the information is pretty standard, like an increasing number of ships...all that. On a short list of the things I know is that upper-sphere people would NEVER give a date. That's as "illegal" as the Prime Imperative of non-interference with the trajectory of global species. The reason for that is if you look at any future, you change it. That's a quantum fact. Giving a date will have already changed the date itself just by directing Earth people's attention to it. People like David Wilcock would fasten onto the idea, but David is too wishful for an earlier arrival, and in any event everything Wilcock, et al, believes is coming is happening as we speak. These groups tend to talk about it in terms of a single event, 3 days of darkness, that sort of thing, but we're in the end game right this second. In many ways, the next 200 years is a single event.

What do I believe is going to happen? Exactly what is happening, only faster and faster. Much more technology. Much more blending of technology with organic DNA. Far more powerful brains. We'll all die and come back and assume far more powerful bodies, minds, senses, and we'll have a good 9 senses online. 

Final analysis...what "Adronis" projects, isn't going to happen, but, like his "channel" repeatedly points out...don't hang your hat on what I say. Believe what you most cherish. 

Thank you. That middle paragraph would be interesting to observe!

the body and the character is not the point. who you are you fear to lose, not the point. what will happen and how it unfolds, fascinating, but not the point. 

it's the mind. only the mind. we are but mere spores in a quantum jelly fungus. self--aware nodes like beacons pinging light in a galactic night. the tones reaching into the rising harmony, tuning our pitch to an invisible cresendo that rises within us all, not individually but to the being sleeping, of which we are all an indivisible part.

these are stories these facts. just tales. there is no great power in their meaning, just the geometry that organizes the archetypal energies into something we will accept from this small and limited form. so when the gate opens we will see, when the invitation is given we can read it, when the opportunity arises we will accept. and when we come to meet the face of that great saviour we will recognize only and just our own faces.

what is the truth? nothing fantastic, just normal mundane life. nothing with lasers and teleporters and unicorns and flying winged white horses. just filling out forms, and paying taxes and saying please and thank you. and singing out of tune at birthday parties, and remembering to say i love you, to your family and friends, and strangers, and mostly the people you hate.

no alien jesus. just a thousand sunrises and a thousand sunsets, and to be the one that saw them all.

I have been a follower on the adronis teachings for a while now.

The never giving any date only an estimate which was a wide space in years originally by Adonis became a surprise when that video came out > I wont read into any of it because it didn't feel right .It was intriguing though.

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