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I think the upside is worth the downside here, anyone else?

What upside?

Availability of digital communication

JD, is there any protection coming from the "gang upstairs" to protect us from this horror? And, Calvin, we already have available digital communication. This is greed and disregard for life on a literal global scale. These are the times when it becomes challenging to remain "non-judgmental."

I guess the reply-to individual posts isn't working. I'll hit Ning up about that. 

Calvin, microwaves are intense radiation. So, as an example, if you heat water in a microwave oven, the water's dead, for good. Water's hard to kill. With all of the energy and tech and physical abilities, it can't be revived. It remains dead. If you zap food in a microwave, it kills it. It changes it at the most basic atomic and molecular levels, and just plain kills it. These microwaves will do the same thing, and that's pretty much all there is to it.

The microwave radiation coming from these more concentrated nodes is an effort on the part of The Machine to make the entire planet sicker, and that's really all there is to it. Now, in the larger scheme, that might be part of the plan since depopulation of the planet is actually a very necessary thing. It's also possible that it's the bad guys once again being bad, but in doing so causing the mutation of a stronger species over the course of the usual two generations for widespread mutation. No matter what, life responds, and I think you could credit the bad guys for all "life-response" strides this species has made. I'll give an example. The invention and distribution of HIV was a deliberate and designed effort. That we all know. But life responded with the births of a growing number of babies with four extra codons. So, in effect, while HIV represents ALL potential diseases...four extra codons represents an impossibility to contract them.

Cheryl, I'm going to be looking more into this, and will report in this thread or elsewhere.

True. I just don't want to think about it. I just imagine 1000 Mbps connections for everyone everywhere without thinking about the consequences and costs.

Even when my hand rests above where my hard drive is on my laptop, and even from my router. It's no joke but I'm really trying to just enjoy life as responsibly as I can personally and if the bad guys want to wreck it, you know, tell me what I can do, I'll do it. I believe and trust you all implicitly.

Thank you for your response Jason and thank you for looking more into this.

Thank you for your response Jason and thank you for looking more into this.

This looks interesting for some expansive EMF protection information.

I have been considering buying paint with a heavy lead content to paint the exterior of the house.

I'm pretty convinced my wife has a weakness to wifi radiation.

I think sweden or Switzerland actually recognises people with this allergy, hence why I think lead paint.

I am guessing I need heavy concentration of lead for this to actually work.

Thoughts and any link to paint?

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