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just a gut reaction, but going anywhere near lead paint, especially coating it in your house, seems like about the worst possible thing to do.

I do recall Jason mentioning that the Puramyds having a electromagnetic nullifying effect, and think that would be a far better route to go. I'd imagine the Merlin Power stones, in general, have this negating effect on electromagnetic pollution.

It's pretty clear this technology is a modified application of other similar technologies used on conquered planets to control the populace. Trapping and interfering the cycling of awareness to make them less aware of their true, broader nature.

It's such a blatent and bold move, it speaks equally to the desperation of the cabals and the novelty of the human species guiding itself towards its future incarnation.

It's always important, that in the long view, the primary architect of the evolution of this species of homind, humanity, is humanity, itself.

I think there are safer less toxic paints so there would not be the issue of trading out one toxin for another. Maybe look into something like this?

Merlin Power Stones literally create a spherical field of protective energy, with the new upgrades, even larger ones, but I think the thing is, if you have close quarters toxicity, then the stone is already working on those close proximity things instead of reaching far, so think of a sphere with dimples on it, the depth of the dimple is the toxic thing, the center of the sphere is the Stone, the shell of the sphere is the maximum shielding output. Puramyd creates a parabolic arc of energy to specific targets through its top point, but after the arc reaches the target I do believe it can create a singular oval field for that person or thing.

I feel the Puramyds and our tools like MPs offer some protection but this 5G thing could be kinda a different animal altogether. This is like a massive network.  We are at work looking into it more as we would like to be informed about the best way to be environmentally aware and healthy. 

Indeed, if I read correctly in the first article something like 35,000 total satellites?

Thanks all for pointing out the flaw in my plain. 

So I have found something better and cheaper. A faraday cage will do the same thing. Tempted to try in a small room later in year. Rather than do whole house. Or even a tent or something which can be collapsed if it doesn't have the desired effe

Very precise information on 5G.
Worth reading.

Oh I feel much better now. Not. Even with a grassroots movement, big money will never cave.

There is some helpful information at the end of this article.

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