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Great article, Mary!  Thanks for posting this.  

Mary Betts said:

Here's what we've come up with, and take to heart what I say, or don't. The conversation really starts with this: are the bad guys going to win? The answer: no. The truth is that it's already decided. Nothing can change the higher level zone in galactic space we're flying into. Nobody's going to win, and nobody's going to lose. The timeline we are in is the selfless side of the equation, and anything, literally anything on a global scale, implemented from this point forward is a good thing, even if it's bad right at first.

With the exception of physical apotheosis into the lightbody still believed to be coming by so many new agers, everything the new age movement has always believed about the coming Age of Aquarius is going to happen. This realm will be a gentler, more loving, kinder, healthier, thriving's just fact and nothing can change it. To get there, however, will continue to be rough, even rougher than we've had it thus far. But we signed up for it, knowing full well what we were facing.

So here's how it shakes out. The electromagnetic spectrum of 5G will be disruptive at first. AI, believe it or not, will continue to diagnose and adjust it for continual improvement and equilibrium with natural systems. Earth's biosphere is also a type of technology, and so all synthetic technologies are going to inevitably move towards equilibrium with natural (biospheric) technologies. There are many people who won't even know that 5G has been implemented, while there are many who will feel disrupted by it. It just depends on how you're built. By 2030 or so, it will be in natural equilibrium, no matter what label is on it: 5G, 6G, whatever.

If you're someone whose systems and processes will be disrupted by it, you have simply to be more aware of your body and intuit how to offset or counteract the effects. There are some whose systems and processes will actually thrive on it. Those are the types that are totally into tech stuff, transhumanist proclivities, etc. 3Ders who are disrupted by it will do whatever they do: doctors, homeopaths, foods, whatever, to either adjust to it, or mitigate the effects, or live on with autoimmune difficulties. Anybody using our alchemy will be vibrating well beyond those frequencies, and so there may be drastic offsets there. I know, as an example, that I'll be completely unaffected by it simply because that's how I'm going to think...or better said, NOT think about it.

The long and short of it? Nothing at all to be concerned about, unless your preference is to think in terms of victimhood. 

As I said, believe what I say or don't. That's always a choice.

I am going to believe you. 

I am back on the Alchemy - lapis aqua.  :-)

Cant remember when it came, but it wanted to say hello. 

What I find hilarious is that the superseer I spoke to went to a meeting held at a bar where a bunch of concerned people were meeting to talk about the dangers of 5G. He couldn't get within 100 feet of the group because of the clouds of cigarette smoke. The moral of the story: you're already walking around in a toxic wasteland that really can't get any worse without a total system collapse. Moral 2: people are deliberately and with wanton disregard poisoning themselves while complaining about the dangers of poisons in meetings to talk about those poisons.

As for the mind control element...that's already as widespread an effort as it will ever be. Do you watch the weather report on TV? That's where most of the subliminals are embedded. How about those news tickers across the bottom of the screen? That's where other really powerful ones are embedded. Are they designed to keep people asleep? Absolutely, and those who remain asleep are required to stay asleep, as half of the population in fact must.

Thank you, Jason, for looking into this.

As you know, I have been on a dental odyssey for a few years now.  I will spare you the details, but recently became aware that wifi can cause some serious issues if you happen to have mercury fillings and titanium implants.  Your head becomes a receiver. (I am getting the mercury fillings removed.  Not sure about the implant.)

I have shungite all over the place.  At least, I thought I had real shungite, nope.  So I started to just turn everything off.  What a major relief that was!  The flashing lights I saw when I closed my eyes stopped.  The throbbing feeling where the implant is, stopped.  So I got shungite that is guaranteed to be authentic.   Finally, something that actually works.  I still turn everything off at night and I've always preferred ethernet connection for my computer.

<3 Jene

Thank you JD!

JD Aliix said:

 Anybody using our alchemy will be vibrating well beyond those frequencies, and so there may be drastic offsets there.

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