Mary and I and a few other folks will be camping at Lake Meade November 5-8 with my telescope to have a little party. The official party will probably be that Saturday night, the 6th. We stay at a place called Stewarts Point, which is near Overton, Nevada. The camping area is non-fee, and has a restroom within a 2 minute drive, or walking distance, from wherever we get set up.

The only thing that will keep it from happening is how cold it is. If it's normal, it should be about 45-50 at the coldest at night, which is by early in the morning, and anywhere between 70-80 in the day. If we have freak cold, we'll probably call it off.

You can find Stewarts Point on Google Earth for how to get there (for all I know it shows up on car navigation systems, or Waze), but it's hard to miss on the only road that parallels the entire length of Lake Mead to Boulder, Nevada, which is a pretty cool little city. Stewarts Point is about an hour from Vegas. From Vegas, you can drive to Overton, Nevada, or go through Valley of Fire State Park, which puts you five minutes from the camping area. From  the camping area, it's about 15 minutes to Overton, which is a small but neat little town with a good "burger-n-shake shop" with a surprisingly complete menu, and one good restaurant/bar with good omelets. A normally stocked grocery store is also in Overton. For the "glamping" types, lodging is there and also all throughout the neighboring area, which is called Moapa Valley.

Everything you need for camping, you'll have to bring, and getting yourself there is the only way to get there. We won't be running a shuttle service from Las Vegas. But, we'll be checking this forum for any questions or clarifications, right up until you arrive. Cell service works out there, for at least Verizon. I can't personally vouch for any other carrier. There is an area where snowbirds gather about 6-8 minutes from the camping area, and all carrier services work there, which is why the snowbirds gather there.

I'll have one or two of my telescopes, and I'll be casting onto a 40" plasma TV, and we'll look at a few things with 3D glasses. It can be a powerful alchemical experience. 

Fair warning: we do party, not really with alcohol, ourselves. But if that's your jam, bring some. Our fare is more about plants. 

There you have it. If you're so moved, maybe you should try to make it. So far, we have firm-ish confirmation from around 8-10 folks. 

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Greetings Jason & All!

I *might* just be able to make it up for that..! I have Friday & Saturday nights/days off, & this sounds like something I could use. Been wanting a night out under the stars, and Love me some telescope viewing. 

Will let you know closer to the date in question if I'll be for certain...

Love To All..


Righteous. It'd be cool to see you.

oh boy I'd love to come, but I'm locked in jail here.....for who knows how long?

oh boy I'd love to come, but I'm locked in jail here.....for who knows how long?

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