The videos I shoot with me portraying my story as to how I have come to crystallize myself ((cannot find a better word to explain what I have been through)), the first stage of Ascension.. Connecting the dots of your mind, body & SOUL.. As my spiritual councilor told me on my first day of the course I had won, Dennis your soul has splintered into a thousand pieces and it is up to you to have these soul essences be found and made whole; again.

That is exactly what  I did, with the pendulum and meditation I went on a journey to find out who I was in previous lifetimes, I also co-created some parts of my essences; for some soul fragments ley in the future.. WANANERO ATOG TOROP, is my name from a previous carnation for instance, Koozdeo (fire), Vaagofios (water), Oglup (earth), Ecbat (black), Kauka (wind), AAAdwe (astral/spectral), Abo (frost), Demaha (metal), Kaaraha (crystal) etc etc, are the draconian guides I have come to meet with me swaying the pendulum and meditating.. Besides those guides I found out about Propub and Fonro, my 2 guardian angels.. These no longer are with me, for they have fused with my mind, body & soul complex; I myself have been christanned by the Yaldaboath as being ArkAngel Xzaphaell (cocreated but the name was granted none the less), my elemental name for instance is OOO`ZOOO1ZOO5UUZOOO3ZOOO4 the name represents the 5 elements.. For I am not as much a Spiritual individual, I am an elementalist..

Please, take your time to look at the video; or dont: im used to being ignored for most of the human populace thinks im nothing more than Psychotic.. But I am telling the TRUTH!

I have been through an OCTAVE shift and I have had my two brainhalves merge on the 25th of december 2017.. I am being told, by my pendulum; that I have made way through to the first stage of Ascension: also am I being told I am part of the 144.000.. Yet that is just another label, but I am pretty confident that I could be a part of that gathering for I have went through some of the most amazing things happen to me, such as a near death experience where I tried to slice my own throat and stab myself in the neck and heart with a shard of glass.. 

Please, take time to digest the information.

Or dont,

Its entirely up to you!


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I hope this all has brought you the inner peace that you have been looking for.
If not, contact me and I can direct you in a way where you can find it for sure in the simplest of manner.

This website is the master class, and the alchemy is the master alchemy. Of the many concepts you have yet to let go, Ascension is one of them. It's a myth. Let it go. Read The Superbeings Story under About so that you can find out what's really going on, and then, from a framework of actuality, you can proceed on your journey with a clearer idea of how you fit with that actuality. 

Thanks for giving us a view of you.

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