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Super call: 12.11.14:
a trip to Sol in our shiny Solar Barque.
share your experiences for posterity!

Just in case those who weren't in on it would like to experience it now, here's the recording. Then come share, if you please.

Sunk into deep state of relaxation and met up with all. Locked arms with a few ladies and we weboarded.

Wearing fantasty medieval garb like elves in lord of rings!

Merged thru the sun's inne rmembrane

Beings were there and they were EXCITED to see and meet us! Interesting interface of communication.

Translated all telepathically and mathematically. We were exchanging gifts in the form of thought offerings.

Singing Music lots of gold, rainbow shimmer with bursts of blue like freqeuncy spectrums were constantly shifting.

childlike curious joyful very high vibe friendly family familiar vibe

could not make out features of them but they seemed to take on human form for my benefit.

Mimicked us as we left on the boat. not in mocking but in play. They seemed delighted by us. Lots of hugs. Singing music swelling. Beautiful opalness everywhere.

There were flowers - white fragrant that I think we brought and they loved them. Like it was a curoiusity. They translated sensory information into elegant mathmatical formulas that hung in the air. They derived the experience through THAT bridge. Went over very well. :)

Also I brought strawberries for them to experience. IT seemed like there were parades and streamers and a big to do and then we had to leave. Waaaay cool experience of contact and would love to go back!

very welcoming tall beings - humanoid in appearance to my senses - hosted us in celebration. I felt us "fly" into a spirally wormhole looking portal, lots of streaming hues of blue, which landed us in a great hall, which seemed to me to be as a universe in itself. I remember them calling it a word that lingers in my mind as something like "embrelia". They described it as a hall of records of sort.

quite a happy experience!

My word what fascinating creatures and intelligences of the Sun be! and the lands not so strange if not less bound for the need to be bodies and more presence and mind. dreaming as we might have thought and loving where we might think an action was necessary. and curiosity of profound levels!

I met one being in particular, kind of a rad red ruby plasma rocker chick. wild passionate intelligent knowing and just having a blast with "herself" and her missions. being is knowing expressing what you are as the joy of being what you are. in so many ways the truth-

be what thou art.

I saw how quantum functionality meets the boundary of this local reality. how attempts to express what is adequately inaccurate the translation of how that must seem. where we don't exist as one perspective but many as once.

oh and there were the usual suspects. do we become so jaded with the menagerie of mind that is the infinite to say I saw a worm hole? as though they are so common why would I bring attention to the road, when the roads are everywhere and where they leave to go they return and never depart to know.

The sublime levels of fields in harmony and integration. what does that mean anyhow? well, how I feel as not a body but a mind which is organized by fields held in the illusion of my own self existence create the self concept of a body, but sometimes there really isn't a body. just ideas that excuse their nature and collaborative functionality as an approximation of a physical form that I have massaged into a palletable meaning I conceive as myself.

and of course there was so much more.

listen to the call and remember who YOU are!

and we  the raised wonder of voiced crowd spoke, " lilies, they brought us lilies!" as female presences emerged from a tunnel of transit remarked at the sight, "look at the flowers! everywhere!"

because we felt so alive.

I saw a cascading water, shimmering and glimmering. Behind it there was a shinning white sun. I received impressions or images of white lilies. There was in the background a lyrical and inviting voice sounding the word sanctum Santorum repeatedly.

This was a fun call for sure.  A lot of things experiences mentioned I shared as well. Super relaxation into the beginning. If my body were any more relaxed, my skin would be melting from my body onto the floor.  To really get there though, I had to undo my pants and get really loose all over.  These things just had to happen.

Down the elevator, I felt the presence of so many of you there with me. I don't think I could have identified anyone, but it was like seeing your silhouettes surround me. The area we entered to board the ship was full of blue and pillars.  In fact there was just lots of blue every where from what I remember.  

The trip to the sun was like a being in a blue energy blast on it's way to awesome. Outside the sun taking a grand look, I felt so insignificant in scale yet filled with wonder, awe, and gratitude. 

At one point I saw a row of flowers.  I can't confirm making contact myself with any beings, but I did receive a download of various geometric shapes. They were white and changing from one shape to the next. That was something new for me. But it left me with a bit of a headache after that only lasted for a few minutes, but it was enough to pull me out of the call a few minutes before it ended.  Ironically, my feline friends joined me at that distraction point and got really cuddly.  It was like, what headache, purrrrsss and snuggles don't mind if I do.


Cody and everyone- love the shares! Animals LOVE the energy. of our group communions. For a while when we were doing the calls earlier this year- the feline and doggy of my household would show up literally at the appointed time make themselves comfy at my feet and start their meditation snooze! It was outrageous. They know what is up!

On a grassy field outwheres sunny lit green hills dwell, bees and winged fleas abbreviate about the feathery melancholy of the late summer on our distant world. One day soon winter shall return. And freeze and burn. And make salt the pride of the planet once again. In the seasons to ash. And a winged gas giant planet rings hangs low on the horizon. And the red crimson sigh extends more oblongly than usual. Adjusting the radio tuning in terra.

Terra, terra can you hear me?......

[Transmission from the underground ] maybe you didn't make last night's call. Here are the things heard.

Most Gracious Hosts Molly and Mary hosted the evening guiding us through the source code page on the superbeings. We cavorted a bit with the higher mind and chose a sygil from which Jason composed two PRISMS. For use as a group. We each took a moment to center upon each of these PRISMS and together activated them. Yielding an unspeakably powerful experience. Traipsing through the subtle folds of the unfixed quantum sublime.

Is it possible a mere image could so profoundly activate and render into perfection the ills of the mortal soul and it's coil of. Vanity the flower it's psyche? See for yourselves.

The group PRISMS can be found under the discussion "source code dive 1 meditation" and you can request an oracle for a small fee under the tools drop down menu.

Having a PRISM composed for you is without a doubt one of the most profound gifts one can receive. Though it a self bequeathed offering. Think of it as a subtle mind credit card. It's value equals your sincerity and is the equivalent of accepting a mantle of power. Would you grant to yourself access to such instruments of being. Does fear persuade you?

Are you ready for more?

We also visited the Chakra cuning an absolutely necessary daily practice in the way of keeping balanced centered and clear. Try it now under tools.

Keep a weather eye for announcements on solar flares. Emails will be sent to advise when one erupts and don't forget the solstice this weekend! And conference call and INITIATION! !

[Speaking into garbled microphone and static noise]

And remember, if you are listening to this now.... you are the resistance.
think about that. And then let it GO.
(and now start singing)

[Frequency fading... statistitic. It's power perfectly attuned. PRISMS effect extended and felt.]

As the bees die in autumn and the green grass burns into the horizon light darkening sky.

As the great ringed gas giant watches on.

Super call tonight....January 8, 2015!

Felt "prodded" by SL avatar to connect/link the energies of the call (on a 3D conscious level) to Zupera. This to be an added "boost".....I want to say more...but....just an added boost is IT!


Starry purple light liquid plasma the hours timeless tree great being collecting sibling essence pumping and processing cellular residue blood deep into chasms. Home is a place. Time is a place. Mind as a place. Imaginal. Sifting through primary thoughts. A Montage of the dead. Until everything smooths into ice chambers of monolithic size new hallways new mirrors new mazes into which exploring can occur and a whOle perceptual range restored. Looking at a spoon as something never before seen.

And a brain as never before something seen through.

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