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Here you can click on the name of an ABS Graduate to read their Xupra Sessions. Why would you want to do this? To learn and expand, and most importantly help us build the rainbow bridge to Xupra. How is that done? By making Xupra be part of your own conscious-level experience. Of course, you can't truly connect to Xupra without ABS, but you CAN help build the rainbow bridge to it.

For those rising up through the training, don't think for a second that any of this is a spoiler. You can ask to visit the places we have, but if you don't, you'll be shown something that you need to experience, and so every Xupra visit (and White Fountain Temple, for that matter) is unique AND just as blind as the targets you trained on.

[Disposable Note: It may take a few of these fine folks to get these posted - vacations, life, laziness, whatever! (smile). I'll remove this note as soon as they start to pour in.]

Those getting close to graduation:

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We’re calling it the Mythion Project for the reasons discussed below. In summary, the plan is to take a group of people into much higher spaces. I know I’ve promised this for years, but it was never time. Now it is. This will start with a group…

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