Ow does one use the alchemies? When a person finishes one alchemy do they move on to the next level? Alchemies are completely new to me some feedback would be very appreciated.

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Alchemy is like shamanic plant medicine only the mineral kingdom and instead of threshold psychedelic experiences it's a much more slow and gentle perceptual dissolving of emotional baggage.

Generally speaking you work with one or a few at a time and start at the beginning as they are not more potent necessarily in strength but get more deep and subtle the further down the line of alchemy you go.

So you would start like everyone does with Alkhem, Helios Platinum and Gold, or Lumin and then after working with it for a month or so ( give or take) you just pay attention for the gradual "call" of the next one. It's subtle and difficult to explain it just happens. But if you don't feel a call in general you just after 3-6 weeks ( again general terms) move on to the next one. You don't have to finish the bottle and often times you can swing back around to it later(  the unfinished alchemy and use it if it feels appropriate months down the line. I love Alkhem as it always can bring me a sense of "house cleaning" internally.

The next trajectory might be Innerphaz,Phasix or 7 rays and you might even look at the other individual phases that make up the Helios line of alchemies. If you need assistance you can ask me and I can help you pick out the next thing. Alchemy is like a food for your inner world/mind. If vitamins are for your physical body. Does that make sense? 

As far as dosage we have suggested doses that come with the alchemy but the bigger instruction is to start to develop a working internal guidance relationship with the alchemy. You may not need to dose everyday. Sometimes it might be just once a day maybe some days you dose once in the morning and once the evening. It changes and that is because what you may need is dynamic. the way I do it is I hover my hand over the bottle and if I get an "internal green light" then I use it. Some people use a pendulum to ask which alchemy is the right one and how many drops. Take with food or not does not matter. Some people it keeps them awake and they can't take it at night. I enjoy taking the alchemy at night myself as I think it helps me process things while I sleep. Hope this helps to clarify. 

Thank you kindly for the feedback and clarification.
So this new alchemy, Depth is coming. I'm curious, which line does it belong? Also because it will be available for a limited time, planing to get my hands on a bottle:)

However I'm still on the standard line, is it ok to use it now or should I save it for later?

I have lots of different types of alchemy, I have been around here on and off for a few years now.

Some days I have none, some days I might have 2 or 3. 

I can hear them calling me, the Bodylight kicked the process back in for me.  As MPS and Puramyd have been my play things instead.

Although now depth is calling, not to consume just yet, but to own and be by my side.

They are all individuals and I am friends with them all.  So even if not for now, they will be for one day.

You can get Depth, but the whole process would be more efficient if you could get and use Innerphaz, if finances allow, of course.

Zoltan said:

So this new alchemy, Depth is coming. I'm curious, which line does it belong? Also because it will be available for a limited time, planing to get my hands on a bottle:)

However I'm still on the standard line, is it ok to use it now or should I save it for later?

Here is the link for the new Depth Alchemy. An amazing new reality transforming intelligence. Follow the link to learn more about it and purchase, if guidance dictates. I’m using it and it’s fantastic the psychic window that has opened is nothing short of miraculous!


I received my bottle of "Depth" yesterday, and here's my initial report:

About 20 minutes after taking 4 or 5 drops (I wasn't looking in a mirror for an exact count), I had a feeling of being in a slightly altered state.  This was a feeling of becoming "larger." I was my body plus a lot more in all directions.  Then, the energy center in my head became intense, quickly followed was my heart center that grew and became intense.  Though knowing I am one with All, the feeling that I am one with All took over my entire being.  This was wonderful.  It was Joy, Empowerment, Empathy with everything around me.

Today, I took the second dose (5 drops) and a warm calm came over me.  Interestingly, at work I had to stand up to a man who came into the office and was being verbally abusive. I barely felt myself stand up and face him -- using "the Voice" of power that completely shut off any further nonsense from him. So, being empowered by the "Depth" is not all just rainbows and unicorns, it also allowed me to use intensity in my power as well.  Good to know so that I use good judgment with my actions -- as they seem to be enhanced.

The effects went back to subtle for the rest of the day until I left the gym where I had a good workout.  Doing the physical activity seemed to re-light the alchemy in me. All the way home I was super-charged in that Oneness/Joy again. a "two-fer!" How cool is that?

I'm looking forward to experimenting with maybe a slightly higher dose and meditating to see where it takes me!  I might do that tonight as it's an ion-cleanse night.  Will continue to report as new insights come.

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