PLEASE NOTE: This paper was written to address the monumental shifts that were coming in 2016.  Although the chronology is no longer relevant, much of the information still is.  Have fun!


Boy oh boy, where to start. This paper could also be entitled "What You Really Are & Why You're Here."

First off, what is being said below might not apply to you, but strong Vegas odds wager that it does, and your sign that it might is that you're reading these words. There is a reason for that, albeit you may have your own reasons and we're perfectly good with whatever they might be.

Our challenge here is to condense a HUGE body of information down into an easily read few pages of clear and salient digestibles.  This has to be done so that our new and veteran members have one place to refer to get a picture of what's going on and how we fit in, at least for the rest of this year.

Let's put this all in a fun "real-world" setting that goes something like this. Let's agree that all those in the process of awakening to the notion and subtle proofs of a much greater reality raging just beyond the normal physical senses are Volunteer/Wanderers. Yes, there are some 3Ders, indigenous to this experiment, who are also waking up, at least a little, but they aren't what you are, at least for the purpose and course of this 80,000 year 3rd density cycle.

If you're unsure what is meant by Volunteers/Wanderers, you'll want to go read this document and then come back here to finish this one. It's a liberal generalization, but it's mostly true, and you are very likely one of us. If you were to ask any 100 of these persons what their highest priority spiritually related desire is, it will be 8 or 9 times out of 10, "I want to establish deep, conscious, clear, meaningful contact with higher beings." Ask yourself, is this or is this not one of your highest priorities?

Yes? Cool. That's what we're doing here, openly, eyes open, conscious, willful, direct, face-to-face contact with exactly what we prefer to call selves on other density planes. They're teaching us; they're our friends and, as said, other selves, and our closeness and kinship is undeniable, cleansing, rejuvenating, mind-stimulating, and heart-warming. Our closeness to them feels even closer and more intimate than it does with most people on this 3D plane.

We seem to be having a bit of a difficult time getting across to much of our membership that this is exactly what we're doing, so the purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that it isn't just what we're doing, but what is happening in full-force in the world, we're on the very cutting edge of it, and is now and will continue to be stepping up mightily this year.


To dive straight in, we can really start with this year, 2016. We've mentioned it before. It's big. It's been on my personal radar for quite a while, September becoming more and more specific as of late. But let's summarize it this way...the main point of contention between the two main coalitions of off- and on-world people is whether to disclose the whole UFO thing or not. And by disclosure, we mean open, on the news, diplomatic-level contact. Understand that "on-worlders" are the minions of "off-worlders," on both sides. Once you reach the upper levels of expanded awareness of which these bodies are capable, you're not really a minion anymore but a conscious partner. You'll see how this works below.

One side, the one for openness, selflessnes, etc., wants it. They believe Earth humanity is ready for it. And even if not ready for it, it's nevertheless approaching the time for this planet's shared consciousness of the indigenous evolutioners to be tossed into the deep end of the pool. Swim or perish, children. The other side, the one for secrecy, control and selfishness, wants it kept secret, of course, as their power-base is anchored in secrecy, fueled and reinforced by the fear industry. The indigenous evolutioners are their pool of recruits, and they want them where they have them and they don't want us meddling with them, and if you've read to some extent what this site contains, you'd know that it's really none of our business which side the indigenous evolutioners choose.

The philosophical implications are enormous if you consider that the selfish side loses basically everything upon the advent of open contact. Both sides know each other well (fully acknowledging the topic is so complex that there are hundreds of agendas), they look across the proverbial "table" at each other, and nod knowingly regarding the implications. It's more than a bit like the relationship between the Oracle and the Architect in 'The Matrix," which was quite deliberate in its dissemination of that particular part of the message.

The implications? Let's look at just one and suffice it all with that. If open contact occurred, like a UFO on the Whitehouse lawn, all Abrahamic religions fall apart on the spot, and then of course you'd have Muslims, Christians and Jews marching on Washington to kill the demons who showed up in their Satanic chariots and dared, by their very presence, to undermine their most cherished fantasies.

OK, we can't suffice it with just that. Think on this. All of today's societal and civilizational infrastructure, from food to transportation to education to power to commerce to industry and technology, and most importantly to government, are all constructed upon the controlling agenda's infrastructure. Those in favor, both on and off of this world, of full and open disclosure are perfectly aware of this fact. The controlling agenda has made sure that the infrastructure is designed to hold all this in place, while we're all here to pull it apart, at our own quite substantial risk, or at least the risk of our mortal comfort. This is another thing "The Matrix" was trying to show us. There is a symbiosis between the machines and the people, as an example, an uneasy yet inseverable and mutually-dependent accord. The controlling agenda wanted to make sure they were indispensable, and from the surface perspective of this completely simulated reality that's true. But it's not true from any truer or more fundamental perceptual framework. So ask yourself this. Do I want the truth? Or do I want my comfort? Because upon the advent of Full Disclosure, the world as we know it ends, quite probably at the expense of our mortal comfort (which is of course why the controlling agenda creates all those disposable world-killing products, for our comfort).

I personally want it, but I'm by no means convinced that it will take place. I'm a show-me kinda guy to the bitter brink, but I'm also sure my otherself (much more on this below) who sits on various galactic councils and projects is also for disclosure within the next couple of years.  If you haven't already listened to it, there is a recording of a channeling that is remarkably accurate where the usual channelings are concerned, if you haven't given it a listen, and which supports a lot of what we're "tracking" and developing. You can find that here:

This is the potential of what we're faced with this year (or next - who really cares?). It's absolutely gigantic. While the new agers, myself included, were running around in circles ten years ago spouting the fanciful tale of Ascension in 2012 to the 5th dimension where we'd all dwell in a golden peaceful paradise as Ascended Masters (who are just people, too) in the fabulous raiment of our lightbodies, the real deal is, always has been and always will be, a deliberate human project reaching its ripeness for invitation to the galactic management table. It's less a spiritual thing, really by far, than it is a practical issue of earning delegate recognition to a galactic UN. It's not a whole lot different than a nominally recognized Palestinian State trying to get into Earth's UN. As above, so below, as always.

If you need to see it as a spiritual thing, then feel free to look upon the galactic community as selves who are less dense than we are in these physical forms, because that is all it truly is.

The thing is that disclosure is happening at an unprecedented rate, especially for those of us who are in touch with these people intimately, as friends and colleagues, and whatever else their roles and definitions can be characterized as from our perceptual viewpoint. So the contentious battle between the players is about disclosing to the sleepwalkers, who are by majority the indigenous 3D evolutioners. The truth is, they can handle it. "The X-Files" made sure they are prepared.

What is perhaps most interesting for me, Jason, is that I started my path for remembering by seeing the cover of Whitley Streiber's "Communion" when I was still in my staunchly pragmatic, down-to-Earth, Newtonian phase. I've mentioned this elsewhere. The book, the cover especially, drew me in. In reflection of that time, I now know why. The fellow on the cover, that iconic cover, knew me, and I him, and I just didn't know it at that time. I do now, especially as I've been aware of a pair of Gray "selves" on and off in my life for 17 years. I didn't know, for example, that I would go on to become a pivotal alchemist for the coming transitions, and I couldn't have known, or been told, even six or eight years ago, that my alchemy would be used by these people, ridiculously called "aliens," to help in developing the electroplasma level proto-templates for the new human bodies. I'll touch on this again below, and have done so elsewhere.

Now it's all coming full circle, as we shall see. As disclosure becomes more and more prevalent in the shared attention of industrialized culture, so does it become more and more awake in me as the agenda it has been since the very beginning. Let's summarize that in a few paragraphs, if we may.

There is an experiment going on, has been for 80,000 years. It's very straightforward. Resolve selfless:selfish differences residing in galactic DNA through one focused experiment to be ideally carried out on Earth, which had already hosted a number of different social memory complex experiments even roughly in our timeline, all vanished from our timeline but still extant on other timelines. Here on Earth, for the current experiment, is where the indigenous evolutioners taking part would graduate from 3rd into 4th density. While for all intents and purposes, it would appear that a different planet entirely is being prepared, which is true, it's nevertheless right here, occupying the same space as our present planet. Some refer to it as the New Earth. What we mean by that is simple. A thousand years from now, because of the shared consciousness of the updated "hubrids" (human-Gray - and more - hybrids), and because of what the higher frequency zone in space absolutely forces to take place, the oceans here will have an entirely modified chemical composition, as will the gases comprising the air, as will the soil and everything else. Does that make it a different planet residing in an entirely different density? Yes. Did one planet shift to that form from another form? Yes. Why? Expanding shared consciousness and the planet, the type and level of planet, needed to accommodate that expansion in consciousness.

And we're told on numerous occasions that this whole thing won't be fully in 4D for another thousand years but, as mentioned elsewhere, time itself is also changing, so a thousand years right this second is a different span of time from the vantage point of the following second.

This same social memory complex will then also go from 4th into 5th density, and eventually into 6th, and it may, or may not, all take place upon an also-ascending plane that once was Earth as we know it, since the plane itself, what we call planet, is a product of the consciousness of those using it. To take part, they willfully volunteer to forget everything they know so that the whole thing can be truly experiential, impactful and wonderful (even the “bad” is wonderful). Upon the planned for successful resolution of those selfless:selfish differences embedded in galactic DNA something huge happens. It's way down the road, yes, millions of years as we presently measure cycles, but that's essentially nothing when you operate outside the strictures of linear incremental time. That isn't to say, however, that a graduation from 3rd to 4th density isn't absolutely huge, because it is. We all know that. It's what's happening right now.

If some off-worlder told me that the resolution of those DNA-embedded differences would trigger the ascension of some social memory complex or other from, say, 5th to 6th density, it wouldn't surprise me at all. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if because of it many different social memory complexes, many different continua, all moved up because of what will be accomplished by this social memory complex, theretofore having been held back by unresolved differences in the personality of the selfless:selfish conundrum embedded in DNA throughout the entire galaxy, and perhaps multiple galaxies. If memory serves, there are at least four galaxies involved to some extent or other with Earth's next step, which truly is the conception and birth of a new continuum. We are all watching that birth as I type. It’s safe to say it’s conception was about 2000 years ago.

It was always known by the incredible multitude of people involved that times would get dicey upon the ripeness of the graduation. Open contact was always going to be inevitable, because you can't have a delegation of hubrids stumble into your galactic governing forum and join with the “family of worlds” with blindfolds on. This has always been the agenda. To give just one example of the truly practical nature of what is thought of as spiritual, there are Pleiadean people who have specialized in establishing various levels of contact, and have researched and developed methods and means to accomplish it, including for worlds not even as advanced as Earth.

This is why you see in Renaissance Art depictions of UFOs. This is why you see a UFO feature prominently in a depiction of Jesus' infancy. This is why Leonardo Da Vinci created works that, if divided and rejoined in overlapping overlays, you see faces of off-world selves (we get much more into the otherselves stuff below). Da Vinci was, by the way, a most promising contact for off-worlders in this dreamplane, and figured heavily into the advancement of knowledge because of it. There's much more to the Da Vinci story that will be told by and by, including a novel from me.

This all is also why alchemy and the alchemists have always been at the epicenter of everything, of every advancement, of every new idea, of the birth of the experimental method, and on and on, because alchemy always provides a way in to this dreamplane. But we'll be getting more into that below.

OK, that's 2016 in a nutshell, increasingly open, conscious, willful contact with ourselves working in less dense, higher frequency, and faster moving planes. How do the latest alchemies relate? Well, really in the same way they have for 80,000 years, and that is to eventually get empty. But why? Why get empty? The reason is also strikingly straightforward.

While the new agers, myself included, have always believed this to be about Ascension, it's actually about DE-scension (I finally accepted the fraud of Ascension, as generally misunderstood, about seven or eight years ago). It's about becoming empty enough to be able to host Metaself, or at least some smaller measure of the totality of Metaself. Metaself is my term for what many refers to as "higher self," which is sometimes a limited way of understanding the whole picture of what Metaself is. It's what the Hawai'ian Hunas refer to as Aumakua, which you may have seen mentioned here and there on this site. The fact is you have multiple “higher selves,” as we shall see. But instead of higher self, let’s say there is really only less dense, which translates to higher frequency, and ever less dense, in layers, in the manner of nested spheres. Like those Russian Nesting Dolls. Like Russian Nesting Dolls, we and the many pieces that comprise Metaself all reside in the same "space," just as Earth and her past and future and alternate selves reside in the same "space." The reason for that is that there is no such thing as distance, which also means there is no such thing as separation. Metaself is the composite entirety of those layers of nested selves, and is in fact what you would call your "soul."

Metaself fragments itself into essence identities, discrete entities that function in various capacities on a multitude of sensate and experiential planes, and so if Metaself deems fit to send a new piece of itself into the body you are also presently using, that piece is a discrete entity that represents a new ability, a new creativity, a new focus or direction, a new personality trait...whatever, it's still an entity.

Seeing yourself from the vantage point of Metaself, all of the people you are working with in all layers of the nested layers are all just versions of you. This is also true from your own vantage point, from the view of the person you look at in the mirror. And so, this open contact, this disclosure, is about nothing more than you, me, and everyone we know, facilitating open and clear contact with our otherselves. We're not facilitating something for some faceless and nebulous them. We're facilitating access for our otherselves. We are the disclosure. The sleepwalkers need to be told the aliens are coming. You need to be told the aliens are here, and you're them. This, by the same token, is the lynchpin purpose of high level alchemy.

Disclosure = Apocalpyse = The Great Unveiling = Dissolving the Veils. Take your pick. What is happening with all the alien-UFO stuff is all of these things.

Now please don't look at "apocalypse" as anything but its truest definition, which is, "Dissolving the veils." Too many people see the word and begin scurrying about thinking the sky is falling, that they need to plan for their spouse and children, and put food in storage. That's not what we mean at all. We mean it's time to dissolve the veils between layers of consciousness.

To give an illustration that hopefully will clarify it nicely, if it's not already. You have lived past lives, and future lives, which are of course just concurrent lives. There is no such thing as past and future. Even though you're a discrete personality essence shard of Metaself, so are your "past" and "future" selves, also discrete personality essence shards of Metaself, even though they would seem to be specific to your lifestream. And so they are. But the truth is that the lifestreams, the "past" and "future" lives of other people, like members here at TSB, are also your "past" and "future" lives if seen from the standpoint of Metaself, which is the purest (or highest frequency) form of being of what you are. So it's a little like saying that your "past" and "future" lives are not really yours so much as they are Metaself's.

Let's give some examples. The purest form of what you are is actually nothing (many say "nothing-ness" because approximations are easier to wrap one's brain around). So let's take it from there in descending order of frequency, from the highest frequency downward to the lowest, or densest. Keep in mind that every level is composed of self-aware intelligence, from the highest to the lowest, which means that everything is composed of the same thing (which is another way of defining One). This is just an illustration. It's obviously infinitely more complex than this.

nothing :: nothingness - deepest within

light :: metaself – somethingness and largest nesting doll

sound :: alternate self - next largest doll

self-organizing light :: alternate self - next largest doll

self-organizing plasma :: alternate self - next largest doll

geometry :: alternate self - next largest doll

self-organizing body of light :: other self - next largest doll - photons

lower frequency body of light :: other self - next largest doll

lower frequency body of light :: other self - next largest doll

lower frequency body of light :: other self - next largest doll - other self, or selves, dwelling within

lower frequency body of light :: you, the one in the mirror - 666 / 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons


So, with that visual, the central point is, instead of it being about A-scension, it's actually about the DE-scension of Metaself, or its subordinate pieces, into the organization that is the present physical and energetic vessels we're presently using, and which you will unquestionably leave behind, as will your otherselves also using this body, when you're done here. This is done by bridging multiple planes of perceptual being, and is the briefest way of describing what alchemy actually is and does. This is precisely why Jesus said, "Of myself I can do nothing. It is the Father who does all the work." He was of course referring to Metaself, or one of its personality essence shards/selves, and he was only one among a long long line of people who made the realization that they themselves possessed no power of any kind, but simply flowed the power. And how did they do that with such efficiency? By getting out of the way and pursuing emptiness.

So, I'll speak from direct experience. The advent of the I Zero Alchemy changed me, utterly. It finally and alas totally emptied this vessel (well, almost, or I wouldn’t be here at all) and made way for a rather significant otherself to slide in and take control. It said, "Jason, you are hereby relieved of command. Go rest on the deck and sip Mint Juleps, and do please try to stay out of the way. Ah...there's a good fellow. Thank you for your service and, well, buh-bye."

Ask Mary. Jason as we knew him is no longer at the surface or controls of the present vessel. It's bizarre and wonderful to experience, directly, the walking-in of some potentially immense personality essence shard of Metaself to take over the controls. Whether this leads to supernormal abilities that break the rules of the programming of this plane is beside the point. We're told that supernormal abilities are far beneath us, that simple peace and open flowing of Metaself and/or otherselves is all we're here to do. It's easy to see that now. Beings like the MG Hawking crowd, the so-called Masters, would look at us as star people, and do in fact look at us as star people. They aren't even in our timeline, our continuum, and the continuum they are in isn't moving to the 4th density because it's already in the 4th density, so they really have nothing to do with this experiment at all other than to flow into it the abilities 4th density experiencers will eventually learn and perfect.

So, as we've said a thousand times, and will say it again and again to ensure that it gets through: This is not about your growth. This has never been about your growth. There is a subtle distinction here, and grokking it fully is the most important thing there is. So let's tell a little story to hammer the point home. Many of you get this already, but we're going to say it again another way.

Metaself and more than just a few of its personality essence shards/selves decided it was necessary to add someone new, a new operative, to the interior of this project. This group of selves looked around among themselves and asked, "Any volunteers?" One of the personality essences said, "It would be an honor!" That was you. They then said "OK. You'll need a body, an identity, and that identity's cover story. The cover story will be birth, and family, and all the storyline elements that come with working as an undercover agent. We'll help you manifest the body." Yes, we do mean "manifest," because you weren't actually born...that's only part of the cover story. This is all very like an operative who assumes a false identity, with an entire but fictitious history and story in order to be able to move around and blend in in "enemy" territory. Yes, when the authorities ask for your papers, you'll casually tell them your parents live in Florida, but it won't be true. That's the cover story.

You were told that it would be rough. That you were going to insert into a dreamplane that is a veritable and living sea of toxic thoughts and emotions, most of them founded in fear, and which themselves are self-aware entities moving about unseen, promulgating the toxicity. You were told that you yourself would also promulgate the toxicity, adding to it, and that it was possible you'd continue doing that until the vessel's energy ran dry, its usefulness worn out, and you had to leave it. The cover story labels this unusual phenomenon as aging, as having become elderly, having lived a full life. You were told that in doing so you yourself would assume all that toxicity because the vessel you would manifest would be made from all that toxic and fearful stuff, because you simply cannot be in this dreamplane and not be what comprises it. You were told that everybody else's toxicity would become your toxicity, just part of the job, despite your relative purity as a higher frequency shard of Metaself than the self whose body you'd be using.

You were told that your objective as this undercover operative was to "get in there, remember what you are, get clear of the toxicity, process as much of it as you possibly can for everyone else, and then shield yourself from accumulating more of it. Then, when the time is right, when you are a perfectly empty vessel and your bandwidth is as wide as you yourself can manage, another self consisting of higher energetics, frequencies, codes and knowledge will insert and assimilate as the means by which to widen the bandwidth of this vessel's flow, helping to dissolve the gap, the veil, which prevents this three D dreamplane from moving into an alternate and upgraded version of itself in four D. The full and balanced assimilation of this higher frequency self would then do the same, widening the bandwidth further for yet another even less dense, higher-frequency self to insert and assimilate, should it in fact become deemed necessary."

Let's say you had a question. "Why are we doing this?"

"Because this is how it's always been done. We all help each other all the time, our many selves, and the process never stops throughout the infinite number of continua involved in the infinite number of experiments."

You had another question. "Will there be an opportunity for growth?"

"There will be an opportunity for experience and nothing more, which will be recorded and added to the infinite body of experience, perhaps to draw from for future experiments in order to create new and modified and richer embodied experiences. But, and this is an important one, the consciousness layer most closely associated with the vessel you will use, the cover story consciousness layer, will be led by deceptive cover story gurus to believe that it is about its growth. This is how this new fledgling self, this barely self-aware consciousness, will be distracted, how amnesia will be maintained, how it will be controlled. This self, this layer, will have a name and believe many things about itself and the world that are simply not true. It will believe its senses. It will believe the cover story to be true, and it will have great emotional and thought expenditures and investment in it because it will be so thoroughly forced to believe the cover story world is real and true. To help that fledgling self to overcome all this will be your primary task, to strip away the foundational stones of those beliefs so that that self will begin to hear your voice from within, ideally louder and louder as that world's Sun moves deeper into the increasingly intense transformative energetic zone of their galaxy. You will be that fledgling self's intuition, its heart, its instincts, its inner voice. All of this surface stuff you must give your best effort to overcome so that you can get that fledgling consciousness to let go of the silly and childish cover story things, to let go of itself, and step out of the way and let us do our work. Understood?"

"Perfectly. Will I get lost? What if I can't remember?"

"It's possible you will be lost and remain in amnesia, but this will hamper our work only to some degree. And if you leave that vessel without having remembered, without assimilating your mind and awareness with the mind and awareness of the surface layer consciousness of the vessel you're intended to inhabit, we will still have been able to accomplish much through it, so take heart in that."

"Oh, I see. So, in assimilating my mind with the mind of that fledgling self, that self will find itself remembering AS me, and remembering will be the act of assimilation with me, which is what you call the expansion of consciousness, so remembering will be much like that surface conscious self giving itself over to the greater self, such as you or I, getting out of the way so that we can do our work less and less inhibited by the now obsolete detritus of the cover story. OK. I get it. But all experiential realms are cover stories. Why does this cover story need to be modified?"

"Because it's time for the people involved in that experiment, from which we'll all benefit, to let go of the old cover story and bring in a new cover story to experience as an upgraded civilization. Whereas you are but a temporary helper, those who are indigenous to that evolutionary experiment are going to be the evolutionary experience and process all the way through to a suitable galactic outcome, from the second density through to at least the sixth density cycle, where resolutions will be made which will have a wonderful effect on us all. The vessels presently being used, what they call homo sapiens, will be replaced by new ones, ones that can handle the tremendously increased energies and frequencies that come with drastic expansion in consciousness as forced by the entry into this higher frequency region of galactic space. In the flow of their timeline, those bodies are being researched, developed and engineered in their now."

"Will I incarnate into one of the newly engineered bodies?"

"No, we won't be inserting you that far forward in their time just yet, if ever. We plan to insert you simultaneously into multiple times and periods in their history, so that you can accomplish our work in every major turning point of their history. But if after the major portion of their coming shift you are needed for that, then the answer is yes."

"Will that third density fledgling self be aware of my presence?"

"Not at first no, and maybe never, unless it is told by someone that the inner voice is you, and it believes this on a deep and meaningful level. But that is one objective, yes, to do what you can to make it aware, and just know it could take some doing for that self to let itself go enough to accommodate that particular objective and become aware that you are in fact its instincts, its inner voice, its less dense, higher-frequency, self."

"Will you guys visit me?"

"Oh, frequently, and more to the point you will visit us because we will retrieve you from that vessel on many occasions, but the self-layer whose body you will use will either have no conscious knowledge or memory of it, but will experience the events in the form of symbols during what they call dreams, which are overlapping and constantly created astral realities experienced during what they call sleep."


"Itself a tool for our work in that continuum, but we'll get more into that as we get you ready for this mission. The surface level consciousness of the body you'll be using might also experience the moments when we come get you as becoming overwhelmingly sleepy, or brief flashes of feeling disconnected with normal experience of the world."

"Will I be able to bring that third density fledgling self home with me?"

"They're not pets, Dear. But it's important for you to consider that every single embodiment you will have will be their own third density fledgling selves, and so there would be too many to bring home. They call these past lives, and each of these is a person, or self, unto itself, and so you will be a composite being consisting of about one hundred different selves who have had experience in their historical continuum. The point being that they must stay in the project all the way through to the conclusion, and it takes an immense effort to keep selves in these necessary circumstances in a state of amnesia. There are some of our people who specialize in amnesia engineering. Please remember this and try to understand how this all works. The more expanded the most recent third density self's consciousness, the more merged it will be with you, your mind, as you are the consciousness into which it is expanding. Then, with your merged consciousness, the two of you into one, you shall together expand into the next level of consciousness."

A brilliant sphere appears in their midst, and the instructor goes on. "This person is from the sixth density and exists as such on our perceptual plane to begin the bridgework into the next level of consciousness for the merged consciousness of you and your former fledgling self to expand into, IF indeed you are able to get it to awaken to the needed level to begin with."

"So nice to meet you, Beautiful Sphere. But I can already feel myself missing those selves so much when I come back home."

"No need for that. You can pass in and out of those bodies any time you like. Its experience of you doing that will be moments of inspiration, of creative surges, of wonderful ideas and blossoms of love in the chest, and moments of appreciation for everything and everyone. The imminent fourth density, the density of love, tolerance, understanding, empathy, will be a deeply fulfilling experience for that civilization of selves, that social memory complex, and when it's time for them to move from fourth to fifth density, we'll be helping again in similar ways as are being done now."

"What's one more piece you can share with me at this time?"

"That self, the self whose vessel, whose body, will be your headquarters, it will be led by prevailing shared thought patterns to want certain things. For the more awake among them, it will be about personal growth, about power, about having powers, about self-empowerment. It will be told what it should want. It will be told what it needs. Because of what you are, you will empathize and sympathize with those wants and desires. But don't give in. Just remember that if what it wants is in alignment with our objectives, then so shall it be given. We will also be forced to introduce certain things into its life that it believes it doesn't want, to show it things it doesn't want to see, but what it wants or doesn't want is immaterial. It doesn't matter, and there isn't anything we can directly do to change its mind. For many of them, giving them what they want would be like giving drugs to an addict."


"A lesson for another time. But know this also, that what it wants, so long as it doesn't interfere with our work, whatever it may be shall be given, just as would anything which is in alignment with our work. Want, desire, is a powerful energy with powerful emotional investment, and therefore must be synchronous with everything being done by all of us to see to this project's success. Do you understand?"

"I do, and thank you."

To give just one example of how irrelevant the surface story consciousness layer is, picture any man who is a staunch Catholic. He attends mass every Sunday, prays, participates in the rituals. He’s a true believer. While he’s at Church, the indwelling self in him, explained above, is hard at work on higher frequency planes towards the destruction of the Catholic Church, which is the very reason the surface self is a Catholic. You could say the higher frequency indwelling self is using his body as a Trojan Horse, and this is going on in varying storylines within every single person on this planet.


Now let's cover more on the alchemy. What it is about now and always has been about in this continuum, this expiring 80,000 year-old cycle, is to dissolve the self most closely associated with the cover story layer of consciousness, the layer of the Church-goer above. There is no loss here upon this dissolution, as deep within your own psyche is a self, a you, that exceeds your wildest possible imagination in terms of expanded scope. We refer, of course, to Metaself. The experiential memory of the story-line self never goes away, and so there is no loss, no purpose in lamenting its dissolution.

But the alchemy does more than that. MUCH more. Phasix, as an example, when you're ready for it, connects you to planes of existence that have absolutely nothing to do with this one. It could conceivably connect you to social experiments in which another self is participating that is far larger and more impactful than even this present one you're using to read these words. Depending on what you are and where you're from, Phasix can be a conduit to the very Godhead, the Wellspring of Existence. It doesn't mean the self reading these words is ready to experience that, because to connect to it, to experience it, is to download it, and you'd vanish in a flash of white light the second you did. But there is a self that can connect to it, a self sufficiently open and large enough to accept a larger measure of Metaself's effulgence, and that self (or selves) is using you and these alchemies to do those things.

Let's explain a bit more about that. Just as you have multiple selves, or versions, so does the alchemy (or a table, a tree, a stone, a spoon). So a white powder sitting there in the vial has multiple versions of itself. All versions of itself came into being almost simultaneously, the one we see and are using bringing up the rear because this level moves so slowly. When I finished making it here, it was already finished on all other layers. Your other selves are using its other versions for various purposes, most of which would be beyond our surface layer comprehension. So, having said that, it should make a bit more sense when I say the small Gray selves are using my alchemy to assist in the research and development of the template level design of the new bodies on the electroplasmic layer of consciousness and being.

And while we can successfully utilize the metaphor of the nested selves, like Nested Russian Dolls, we can also successfully utilize the more accurate metaphor of going within. The deeper within you penetrate, the closer you get to Metaself, and so is the largest outermost nested doll the Metaself, or is it is the smallest, innermost one that is the Metaself? It is, alas, the innermost, and this is put no other way than that the All is within the deepest regions of your own psyche.

You, this surface cover story you, are an integral part of a multilayered organization of selves operating simultaneously on multiple layers of consciousness. So, put another way, you could say you and a large group of people inhabiting vessels on this planet are all otherselves being thought into being, and thus managed and guided, by just one higher frequency self, who along with otherselves on its own level are also thought into being by just one higher frequency otherself. And so on. Works a lot like a tree (fancy that). The trunk is Metaself, big branches a step down level, the smaller branches another step down level, the leaves another step down level. You could say the self reading these words is a leaf. The Whole is in the part, and the parts makes up the Whole. Fractal mathematics came into being to illustrate that fact.

And yet the alchemy still does more, and more and more. Let's couch it in modern terms and ideas. The alchemy exists to enable the busy Western person, with jobs and kids and bills, to flow and thus express the volume, frequency and quality of information of a being like Babaji without having to materially change anything about your day to day cover story life to do it. This is convenient in many ways, not the least of which being that the indwelling essence functioning as your intuitions, instincts, and creative impulses, and while going about its own more important work, gets to also experience the cover story layer of consciousness you're perceiving. It's a true win-win where all are concerned. So the long and short of that part of the alchemy is that you walk into a convenience store beaming the energy of an Avatar level being once you're deep into the alchemical experience. And you'd do this without even having to be aware of it.

Let's revisit the idea of emptiness. Emotions, thoughts, most often combined to create a truly powerful etheric entity, have actual mass. It's a lighter mass, but mass nonetheless, and functions with even greater power on its level than, say, air pollution does on this level. As we're climbing this mountain, ascending to the 4th density and taking as many with us as we possibly can, we don't want to have to carry the additional burden of all that emotion and thought mass. It's the simple mathematics of efficiency. Being empty 2000 years ago in China doesn't mean quite what it does now. Now is the time to be empty, unencumbered, for this next quite strenuous climb.

This isn't just important. It is your job. It's the very reason you're here. And whether you put to use our extremely efficient methods to accomplish this or you have another way of doing it (and if so, more power to you), you have to be doing it. We're using this document to hammer home just how advanced, simple, straightforward and joyful our methods are. This really is a fun group project. If you're not actively engaged in getting empty for an unveiling, you're more than likely ignoring your indwelling self in favor of the cover story self. To get this empty without alchemy takes a serious Eastern practitioner decades. To get this empty using the alchemy and all other tools available here takes the most clogged and burdened person in Western Culture a year, if they consistently apply themselves.

More. Imagine yourself sitting on the couch, meditating. Over years of doing this you've been able to expunge a respectable portion of the emotion and thought masses circulating about in your organization of being. You're clear, you're balanced, and then you get up and walk outside and you're now fully back in the Great Toxic River of this layer of consciousness once again being bombarded and toxified by the very world you're walking around in. The air and water pollution are only outward manifestations of the etheric pollution of thoughts and emotions circulating around the shared consciousness plane.  You can go ahead and walk around in it, using your thought, focus and intent to clear and protect yourself from it every moment, because that is what it would take, or you can use the alchemy to put yourself in a perpetual null field and not have any of that toxicity get anywhere near you. You're shielded from it all.

Along those same lines, what's even more important and impactful to know, is that in using the alchemy you're also protecting yourself from your own toxic thoughts and emotions. The alchemy, however, doesn't automatically cancel, consume and transmute those expressions. Even though you're protected from them, the world is not. And so it is an act of being mindful of them, and then using white flames to consume and transmute them into usable energy packets for the indwelling self to utilize or pass on to another self for use in the advancement of this 80,000 year step in this massive Earth-DNA project.

Are you the type who concerns yourself to some degree another over EMFs? Chemtrails? HAARP? Stuff like that? We can tell you with absolute certainty that the toxic thoughts and emotions sea in which you are swimming is far more damaging to your "physical" and field-energy bodies. It's so important to understand and acknowledge the greater, truer, more impactful reality in which your thoughts and emotions have their existence. Yes, where they are is a "realer real" than here.

Ten, 15, 20 years ago, when so many were hoping upon hope for the Ascension as it was imagined at that time, had we told people "listen, the alchemy isn't for your growth. It's actually for the clearing away of everything to do with you so that an individual about which you know absolutely nothing can be unveiled from within you," we'd have been out of business in a month because most, especially among new agers, were so completely ego-centric (most still are, as you know) and on the endless chase for "manifestation" and "self-empowerment" and basically getting out of here through Ascension. But, as it is with this incredible year we're in, it's time for disclosure, the very purpose of this document.

Finally, on this topic, our Merlin Metal Stones are conduits to Metaself or any of its subordinates, and having one puts you directly on your truest and highest path. For more on those:


Now throw into this mix ABS, the Awareness Bilocation System. The training is free. It teaches you to bilocate your consciousness. Upon graduation, your consciousness is bilocated, creating yet another self, which is transported to a very real 5th density world, Xupra, where you will come into contact with persons (selves) in that density who love what we're doing, love helping us do it, consider it highly advanced, and take great joy in being with us and teaching us. If you relate to the idea of Ascended Masters, then that is who you'd be meeting with, or even beings of higher levels of mind. We're doing this consciously, with actual contact, in some cases, for a few of us, it's tangible contact.

So, viewed in a simple and clean and clear way, we have a) the stuff that clears you of everything that would keep you from unveiling from within a higher frequency and truer self; b) the same stuff clearing you sufficiently to visit a 5th density planet and hang out with its people; c) the stuff that has created the portal to that 5th density world; and d) the training and advanced method to bilocate and send another self there.

The above paragraph is the very definition of your purpose. One way or another, you're going to realize this, now or later.

Which brings us to the 102.

THE 102

Pretty much own personal highest priority is in bringing in creating the 102, and by that I mean open up 102 people to the TSB, its objectives, the alchemy, and train them to visit Xupra. Once we have these 102 people visiting Xupra, building that bridge, I don't think there is any way to measure the power of what we'd be doing in the world.

So let's touch on the 102. This is taken from another document. Even though you may have read enough other material around here to know what that is, I’ll encapsulate it here for ease of reference. Some time back I made an inquiry about creating a certain substance with a superseer friend of mine. He went WAY out there to get a basic recipe, which I recorded. I started into that recipe. I asked where it was from, and the answer was "Merlin." It came to light by and by that Merlin was within me, at least when needed, much as is outlined above. This all led to the Merlin, or Lapis, Alchemies, irrespective of the substance I originally asked about. That recipe called for 14 parts this, and 14 parts that. When later on I was talking to another superseer, I asked how many people were needed for the first major breakthrough benchmark of TSB as a focused and synchronized group. The answer was 102, which seemed pretty random to me at the time.

Later on I realized that 102 is divisible by 14 into an important number, and the number string to the right of the decimal, having to do with a Magic Square I discovered almost ten years ago. Get your calculator and do it yourself - divide 102 by 14, and you'll get 7.285714, an infinitely repeating number string of the same sequence starting at the right of the decimal. All numbers divided by 7, or its multiples, produce that number string. I then realized that the recipe’s reference to 14 parts this and 14 parts that was a mathematically designed configuration having to do very specifically with the number of people needed to generate some sort of “vector” or “energy plateau” or, probably most accurately, an “engine” for widening a stable portal between here and Xupra, using the alchemies as a primary tool in doing so. At our Solstice Gathering of 2015 it came to light that there were 102 discarnate entities quite pointedly present with us, and that a merger is well underway between these super-entities and 102 of us.

There is no system of measurement or prediction that can qualify or quantify what a group of sincere and noble people can do in coming together and getting on the same page, both mentally, physically and etherically. Once we have 102 using the alchemy and building the bridge to Xupra, the participants will be one of the most potent groups on Earth. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we did writing it.





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2017; I have felt many uplifting changes with my continued use of our alchemy products.  The layers which are being removed from my "systems" (meta-selves) is quite incredible to observe from a reflective, higher perspective view.  All of the documents and study groups along with the blogs individual perspectives, Jason and Merry, ALCHEMY ABS Training which is in harmony with our current vibratory influences.  I am oh so pleased with where I am today in comparison with only a few years ago.  I do understand that I have much to learn ( I am here).  I look forward to many many more changes over the coming year,  this is a year we will all remember. 

Two weeks ago I woke from my sleep with a knowing of a mystical female partner.  She felt higher than a 3D vibration.  I did not want to leave her when i was to come back; this I am quite sure of.  I have tried over the past several nights to reclaim this event/location/ability all to no avail.  When the "time" is correct or when I am ready, this energy will be there for me to guide and direct as will.  

The Alchemy most definitely is effective; empty out and replaces with what is important for my growth and development.  Life is great even in the current environment which is not in harmony with our lives.  I find that I am able to rise above the influences which would drag me into conflict in my past.  Neutral     

Thanks for reading 

THE 7x3 means seven to the third potency, the channel for Total Alignment= UnConditional Love Healing+ TOTAL Self Awareness (AS THE 0NE)+ ALIGNMENT WITH SOURCE

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