I admire people who tell it like it is. So don't tell me what I want to hear. 

You're already such immensely great liars, you'd do yourself a disservice to merely parrot back what you think the correct answer to be. Or what you think I'd like to hear. Where are you? What do you attempt to hide probing meekly for the right position, looking for careful validation while you withhold your true thoughts? Dancing for fear of the master that does not already know your true position and true question even before you do? Pressing you to ask, to express that which ires you as the crux of your disagreement is an orchestrated unfolding IT itself has initiated for your continued growth and expansion. The question only fools dare ask. The one you restrain to ask yourself. 

What do you think? There is so much here you should disagree with. I mean, if you're a stable, sane, and benevolent member of society. A priestly soul above the dross of human carnage and lies. Any if not all of the topics we delve into should give you pause if not disgust. And don't think for a moment, that too, is not also part of the process. So, tell me, "where's the bullshit?"

What do you honestly believe? What doesn't make any sense? What yanks at your sense of decency, of right and wrong, of your sense of order and the presumed benevolence of a universe as eager to carefully farm whole civilizations into being as to crush whole stars and stellar systems into decimating bliss sending everything into memory? And all you cherished never was, if it ever was at all.

As we pull the threads unraveling the tapestry. And deprogramming throws you into a story of confrontation with the lies you were told and believed, even promoted. And an unTeaching leads you to an awakening and encounter with the strangest of all things that will resonate more deeply with you than anything this world has to offer, the Truth? Where do you hit the panic eject button?

Be your unhidden self.  I dare you. Reveal yourself. 

I'm gonna throw out some questions, and you're free to throw out some of your own.

No wrong answers. Everyone is entitled to be an idiot. Give the nonsense space. 

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Are you a manifestation of yourself?

Just a shade of the singularity, a shadow and a light trying to imitate emptiness

“And while all of that would seem to describe the moment in a way to portray the truth as it is, it's a horrible misinterpretation of what actually is the case. Because we have minds of such a design we simply could not comprehend the fullness of what is actually happening and how any of this actually works or why it is, have the language to do anything but horribly mangle such an elegantly sublime creation as the manifestation of a dream like Self and the way IT has deigned ITSELF to be, and how it never was to begin with anyhow. A force of non-existence Simultaneously the source of everything while being Nothing at the same timeless moment and doing so in a way as to not be ITSELF, a contradiction, or the most ridiculous idea of all, a paradox of itself.”

This was nice

Hey, Calvin.

I'm curious. Please, expand on, "trying to imitate emptiness." I sense juicy bits of citrus there. And what does it mean to be, "a shade of the singularity?"

And yes, I'm picking on you. And thanks for being my first victim. You get the achievement.

It’s a dream but we still do stuff, every iteration is different. Boom! Thanks for spinning the web

yeah, it's the "doing of stuff" that's interesting, isn't it?

Which is a nice segue way into another question. And it's for anyone, really. Or no one. Whatever suits your fancy. Let's say what we are is better described as a system, and not individuals. What ramifications are there to our sense of individuality if every action and thought on our part is, on the deepest levels, and to this most finite and miniscule part, hopelessly entangled with every other individual. And to take it a step further, every other part?

We could even simplify it and say, just those iterations of ourselves, or the iterations of a single master self that is participating with this earth continuum illusion as literally hundreds if not thousands of many individuals that may look exactly as we do, as I do, or as you do? And we, this grouping of many me, although we may not perceive it as such, are merely acting in tandem with one another? How does that effect who we think we are and then how we perceive our concept of independent action?

Just tossing that out there. Let's see who wants a bite. And, I'm not intentionally attempting to be slique here, but even I sense my ulterior motive, an inward face peering across the void with some sinister intent. Granted that is always the case. What I am looking for here, is in truth, just unvarnished, bald conversation.

It's an offer really. An invitation. To be something more than slippery and flippant. Or be slippery and flippant. Because, if i have a point, is that it doesn't matter what we think. Not one bit at all.

But we can use thought to expose what it has been deployed to abstract. As much as it is utilized to distract. That secret occupant residing in the subconscious depths, in the deeper band of the frequential sine waves of operating. That invisible keeper that doesn't realize itself there. Much less than the fact that it is driving and has fallen asleep at the wheel for miles down a lonely stretch of highway. Hypnotized by white lines and endless night.

And somehow has not yet veered off the road.

And to share, one observation. I found a moment. Much like the seamless plane between "the you" and "the reflected image" in a mirror. A plane sandwiched between silver and glass. A moment that exists to be invisible.

A moment where what is nothing agrees to be something. Without knowing it has. Not consciously. By pretending to exist.

It could be thought of as a kind of intersection of primal local code, i.e., here, the earth continuum, and the code seed that germinates from within an instance of awareness taking form as a being until it blossoms into something that can stare itself in the mirror. Into what can eventually mature through an unfolding of joys and miseries to be, you.

A moment deep within the programming language where you agree to pretend to be real. It's basic. And it's not a thought. It's way beyond thought. It's almost like a noidal point. Where what could be described as you, as though you could trace your psyche to a size similar as to that an atom. After that point, beyond the atom, beyond where you exist at your most basic code-form, is not anything that could even pretend to be you, or know how, much less fall prey to the misguided notion to believe itself real, or to think there was a real at all.

It's fundamental. But, it is much like a keystone. Designed to be imperceptible. Designed to hide itself without knowing it has. Programmed to hold the web of lies together. Building with lies an endless array of distractions from the truth. That you are not real. But, really. That there is no real. Even as something is apparently happening.

But, the code is so successful it allows me to write. Even as I know I am only nothing. And none of this is happening. And, at best, I am a memory of a man that never existed imaginig itself conversing with itself as though there were others to respond. Reaching in through the mirror as the reflection does the same.

And, in turn, validate itself, as having been there to speak. To have been touched by something so surreal I'll search for it's meaning and be drawn into an elaborateness of my own deception. But, never to understand something so curious and transient as the image that mirrors my ever action and thought, but to fall into a comfortable sleep. As experiences indirectly as though through false correlations imply that I must be real. Because something replied. 

And while I can not say that interaction happened at all. It was real.

As real as your response will be, from a moment that does not exist.  

Definitely made me think of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Goedel’s Incompleteness Theorem, then I thought of eye shaking, haven’t thought of these things for quite a while, also made me think of bypassing them... bypassing them into that stark truth

What do you mean by, "eye shaking?" What is that?

Ah, the Starbucks effect. gotcha.

Since today, in those time zones where it is another day, here's another annoying question to help or perturb your digestion:

Does everything act in it's own self interest?

Chance, and I am laughing as I write this. Are you experiencing yet another deeper layer of disintegration. Is the lie or the truth, in such case they are the same unraveling even more or faster.
The idea that I am a fraud and this is a lie became more palpitable to me after seeing Blade Runner. No one is nobody but a role.That a memory is not even mine or original. For a while I was paralysed by this idea of how do I knowingly engage with-in a lie with joy and not wanting to alter it. And how do I find value knowing this very doesn't matter.

Winnie, what a fascinating turn. I would like to make a suggestion. And, since it is we three, so far who are playing, it would be for us to decide.

I propose we openly talk about Blade Runner 2049. With spoilers. But, should we do so, I would request that the lead sentence in your post read, "SPOILERS!!! SPOILERS SPOILERS!!"

I think Blade Runner would be a fantastic way to move this conversation forward. So that's my vote.

What say you?

And what a lovely way to phrase the crux of the issue. Indeed what is experiencing what?

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