I admire people who tell it like it is. So don't tell me what I want to hear. 

You're already such immensely great liars, you'd do yourself a disservice to merely parrot back what you think the correct answer to be. Or what you think I'd like to hear. Where are you? What do you attempt to hide probing meekly for the right position, looking for careful validation while you withhold your true thoughts? Dancing for fear of the master that does not already know your true position and true question even before you do? Pressing you to ask, to express that which ires you as the crux of your disagreement is an orchestrated unfolding IT itself has initiated for your continued growth and expansion. The question only fools dare ask. The one you restrain to ask yourself. 

What do you think? There is so much here you should disagree with. I mean, if you're a stable, sane, and benevolent member of society. A priestly soul above the dross of human carnage and lies. Any if not all of the topics we delve into should give you pause if not disgust. And don't think for a moment, that too, is not also part of the process. So, tell me, "where's the bullshit?"

What do you honestly believe? What doesn't make any sense? What yanks at your sense of decency, of right and wrong, of your sense of order and the presumed benevolence of a universe as eager to carefully farm whole civilizations into being as to crush whole stars and stellar systems into decimating bliss sending everything into memory? And all you cherished never was, if it ever was at all.

As we pull the threads unraveling the tapestry. And deprogramming throws you into a story of confrontation with the lies you were told and believed, even promoted. And an unTeaching leads you to an awakening and encounter with the strangest of all things that will resonate more deeply with you than anything this world has to offer, the Truth? Where do you hit the panic eject button?

Be your unhidden self.  I dare you. Reveal yourself. 

I'm gonna throw out some questions, and you're free to throw out some of your own.

No wrong answers. Everyone is entitled to be an idiot. Give the nonsense space. 

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Cheryl, thank you for your response. Again I love much of what you say. Some of what you say leads me to more questions, though. You said: “Everything is valued as experience without judgment by source, who embraces all of it in order to know”. How do we arrive at the conclusion - 'source does not judge and embraces all'? If “source/consciousness experiences all lives vicariously” - then isn’t it illogical to assume 'source/consciousness does not judge? When on a ride, watching a movie, reading these comments; I judge, that’s how I determine right and wrong, good and evil, etc. And if anybody tries to tell me “there is no right or wrong, good or evil”, I’ll say you’re either 'overly generalizing', or delusional. Judgment is part of life for a reason... Anybody wanna take a swing at what that is?; the intrinsic function, that is?

Calvin, “why judge the attacker” “Understand them!”. There’s a time for understanding and a time for judgment, each has its place within the “majestic condensations of pure intelligence”. Separation, ignorance, darkness, despondency, 'catatonia', anti-social tendencies, selfishness; are not all bad things. It’s relative; like life. I don’t need forgiveness for it. 

Okay, I will play. This is how I see it or how I will try to explain this concept.

Well, if you are looking at it from within YOUR human perspective with all the filters of programming that make up our human experience of emotion and realness and rules then I think the viewpoints we are talking about would be abhorrent. OF COURSE you need judgement. Of course your character need sthe perameters of right and wrong. Such statements of How do compassion and murder relate etc.  this disgusts people because it seems to be too harsh and without those reality perameters eveything feels too loose and uncomfortable. It could mean this is meaningless chaos for some which is a strong fear in the progamming as well. But it's not quite like that for me. When people say they want to be awake I don't think they know that means. When you SEE and AWAKEN FOR REAL this is all fake. I watched it the other night at a festival. Someone broke through the veil and saw the nature of reality. He knew it was fake and he was ROCKED to his core. It's not real. He kept screaming it over and over and over again. IT" S A JOKE! YOU ARE ME!!!! YOU ARE ME! There is only ONE!

And therefore concepts like murder are kinda only relevent within the story for the characters in the story. And that's plenty and we know that. If someone murdered my beloved, I would be devastated because that is also what my character requires for the power of the illusion of separation.  And when you have eternity to play with as a being and eternal being  I would think - hells yes you yes you will splinter and play the savior and the bad guy at least once and if you really loved it maybe over and over and over. 

In essence I think there is ONLY ONE thing. ONE. And if ONE is true then it's everything. It's not good. It's not bad. It's all. And I think that this ONLY thing is trying to find out why it's the only THING. And it will never ever find out but it will splinter into endlessly fractiling experinces from its profound and bottomless intelligence to try to crack the mystery. And IF it did then it would cease to exist.

And we are living a story here. And that story at times requires judgement bad guys and good guys etc. I need to say something No one here is condoning murder okay? This needs to be understood. But that's probably because no one here has chosen that role. The people here are helper types.  All we are saying is you can look at things from different levels of perception. A more cosmic  HUGE BIG perception from that place you are transcending  duality thinking because from there it's simply looking at WHAT IS and it's just pure experience.  Now down here in the soup You have to have those "real" elements for it have the impact for people.

There is right and wrong for US the actors who have amnesia that they are acting  or rather there are consequences for right and wrong in this story and those we play out. Somehow that just flies right over people because they think- "oh well that means if it's all fake, I can do whatever I want, which is not TRUE. You don't get to do whatever you want, no consequences no matter how fake it might be in essence.

Let's go back to the movie metaphor and explore this idea...  people take on "roles" that are "good and evil."   And as an aside btw how do we even qualify what's good and bad? For example if you won the lottery which would seem like a blessing of GOOD fortune but it caused your life to fall apart- is that good or is it evil event. It's never so black and white. Lots of times people go around doing "good" things like saving souls in the jungles for God and they wind up destroying an entire community and culture. Is that good or is it evil? Probably depends on the person you ask. 

When I judge someone in a way I am imprisoned by a belief. When I think- that gals skirt is slutty who is the one that suffers? ME or her? AND if I designed the experience ( not Mary conscioulsly but Big Mary) of getting murdered then who is the victim? Did I victimize myself or on the other side  did I do a high five with my murderer's high self  and GO " THAT WAS SOOOOO CRAZEEEEEEEE!" YOU WERE AMAZING! WOW! Let's do it again!

BTW we did not make these concepts up. It's super common and even Abraham Hicks talks about it.I am so glad btw someone is asking questions like these cause it's really fun to philosophize. 

To reframe my answer in the appropriate context, it's about fear.

Just woke up from probably the most profound dream of my life.

When we judge others as evil or wrong, we give them that capacity. We prolong the cycle. Up in arms.

I'm a 3 of the 12 (13) Metaselves so my base is ridiculously strong and everyone who meets me can attest to it. I can work in groups and independently, I can love and hate. Puts me in binds at times to be honest.

There's just no control. We're Sovereignty experiencing itself within its highest approximation of what it has had timeless bounds to know what Separation is like. It's endless creativity within a seemingly impenetrable barrier. That barrier is called reality.

You simply cannot deny people are irreversibly (?) changed by certain things that happen to them and you can call that reality but at its core it's actually the opposite. It's a process, everything is a process. It has been said, and misinterpreted by me as well, what surrender is, is not giving up. Surrender is... getting carried away in the way of your choosing. In the choosing flow chart of a Highest Being.

Is this body, is this mind state, the only time it's ever been this way? Is my every waking and sleeping moment actually art? Every mistake and rumination and every coal in the furnace of emotional pain.

You asked why we judge... in my dream I thought... distinguishment. I ask you now, why do we not judge?

G'Day Calvin, another consideration for this thought provoking discourse here.

I only wanted to ask; if surrendering means what is described within the discourses here at TSB and other Master Courses, this process is not where the individual is choosing, but rather that the individual is to let go and to surrender to the higher sources of God's Plan for us here on the surface.  The use of discernment when evaluating situations to make choices of actions.

Calvin said:

It has been said, and misinterpreted by me as well, what surrender is, is not giving up. Surrender is... getting carried away in the way of your choosing. In the choosing flow chart of a Highest Being.

Y'all are so refreshing!


It's exactly what you term "detachment from reality." Being totally awake IS detachment from what you erroneously call "reality." 

To the awake, life is a performance, and when your perception includes a view of what goes on backstage, when the performers who just "killed" each other meet and hug and say "Wow! that felt so REAL!", judgment just isn't possible. One of the most dichotomously amusing things about that conceptual gestalt is that you are judging us for being totally awake, while we're pathologically incapable of judging you for remaining asleep, and by judging, and defending it, choosing to remain asleep and thereby reinforcing the programming elements that are keeping you that way. 

The good news is that half the planet MUST remain asleep for this movie to work correctly. That you are here, commenting, absorbing, etc., is a hopeful indication that we're not ruining you.

Munus Deus said:

Hi Cheryl, thank you for responding. “Only different shades and colorings of the one and only intelligence”. I love it, very poetic and profound. But, how does individual subjectivity fit into that picture? Perhaps there is only one Mind, but many intelligences? Or one Intelligence and many minds? I’m not questioning what you say because deep within, we know truth... But, I want somebody to bridge the gaps for me. How do we reconcile many with the one, one with the many?; Is it possible to do, considering individuality; subjective perception?; does subjectivity by necessity entail separation? If a person does not perceive unity/oneness/the one and only intelligence, does it remain valid (for that person)? You don’t have to answer the aforementioned questions, I think we already know the answers any.ways... But, I’d still really love an answer to my question about compassion and murder. I’m calling horseshit on that; it’s not compassion, maybe detachment from reality... 


This guy talks about the Black and White broderhood as two ways of looking at existance. It has been a little confusing to me as this seems like a dual point of view. Is there a way to integrate the two? 

Couldn't make it through more than about two minutes of it, but yes, there is. Know that you're both, and that's it. From an even higher perspective, you're neither. 

Zsolt De Zou said:


This guy talks about the Black and White broderhood as two ways of looking at existance. It has been a little confusing to me as this seems like a dual point of view. Is there a way to integrate the two? 

Thanks, Thats highly illuminating:)

JD Aliix said:

Couldn't make it through more than about two minutes of it, but yes, there is. Know that you're both, and that's it. From an even higher perspective, you're neither. 

Zsolt De Zou said:


This guy talks about the Black and White broderhood as two ways of looking at existance. It has been a little confusing to me as this seems like a dual point of view. Is there a way to integrate the two? 

Thank you all for responding. The point I was trying to convey, is that judgment is part of life and to say “Source does not judge, but humans do” is a statement that in and of itself implies separation from Source; is it not a judgment? The aforementioned statement cannot be true if we are Source and Source is us; it becomes oxymoronic, illogical. You ask what is judgment?; sensible resolution, or re-solution. A (chemistry) solution is a “homogeneous mixture of two or more substances”; of the same proportion... Can we thereby infer that judgment is a way by which balance is achieved? If we use the analogy of the woman with the short skirt, it’s not a judgment to think “oh that’s slutty” or “inappropriate”; that’s an opinion. A judgment must cause an actuated response (and should be) based upon right-reason. Beliefs and opinions are similar to judgments, but are not, same. A judgment is a way of restoring balance and order through resolution of conflict. When we judge others as evil or wrong are we giving them that capacity? Or, are we in effect (of judgment) actuating an event that removes, or distills, that capacity and reintegrating them within the collective experience, which is reality? Do we judge to distinguish; to recognize something as different? Surely we can recognize something as different without judging said thing? Distinguishing is a modality of perception, must perception entail judgment? Is it possible to perceive without judgment?; to have perfect discernment? To realize we are not all the same, and yet we are? To be individually collective? Autonomously incorporated? Absolutely sovereign within a agglomeration of unity? To we, this mind set is where the strings resonate harmoniously. Where the entangled density of mass, unwinds, just enough for comforts sake. Where the M-Theory becomes more than just membranes, mystery, or magic; it becomes My-Theory in harmonious accord with what is best-for-all, life. No, I am not judging you for being awake!; I am questioning why One would choose to awaken from the beautiful dream of life! You are not ruining me because I’ve already been broken into quintillions of pieces by life. And THIS, YOU, WE...is the reason I was put back together and also the reason I choose to sleep in the realm of the awakened, or am I awake in the realm of those who sleep?; you tell me, because I know nothing with respect for this place of being and becoming.

Every single time I judge I regret it. That's really where detachment comes in. If you can skip the judgment and just get to the actuation?

I'm really not trying to echo chamber. I just know a single act of judgment can have year+ long consequences. Can judgment be a good thing? Can judgment itself be actuation? Maybe... maybe that's how you find the beliefs worth keeping. Like, when it comes to advancing within the discipline of your choosing, perhaps judgment is... but that's not judgment IMO. I'm talking about judging people because you think your perspective is correct. When it comes to art, curating and trying to do better to create a better result is critical

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