We will be having a gathering the weekend of August 21, 2017, for the total solar eclipse. We'll be camping on private property near Humphrey, Idaho, and then driving South around 30 miles to get into the totality shadow. This is going to be a big deal, the biggest celestial event yet in these modern times of rapid transition. We'll be beginning to gather on the property on Saturday, August 19, and we'll be staying till Tuesday afternoon, August 22.

Directions to our campsite:

PLEASE USE YOUR ODOMETER. Can't stress that enough. 

Go to Dubois, Idaho, which is 275 miles north of SLC. North of Dubois, Idaho, is Spencer, Idaho. 3.8 miles north of Spencer is the Stoddard campground Exit. Take it. At the bottom of the ramp, check your odometer or zero out a trip meter. Go right and look for the sign "West Camas Creek 10 Miles.' That goes onto a very nice gravel and dirt road. 14.5 miles (give or take a half mile depending on how accurate everybody's odometer is) along that road is Alan Canyon, which is not too far past the Steel Creek Campground turnoff. Allan Canyon has a sign. 1500 feet up that road is the spot. I'll put out a sign that says TSB Eclipse.

I understand that starting on Friday they're going to make I-15 Southbound into a northbound, which should help a lot. But it might be smart to have an alternate route mapped out.

There are going to be a lot of people up here, but I think Dubois will have gas until the end of the weekend. Not sure about that, though. I think I would continually check for available gas all the way north, for instance in Tremonton, then Malad, then whatever's next. I think I would look up 'convenience store [next city]' and call them to see if they're open and have gas. If you're able to gas up in Malad, you really only have about 200 miles to go.

There's a creek running through the camp. One of our members has purification in mind, but it might be as simple as iodine, the taste for which I don't like. If it were me, I'd bring enough for a gallon a day. Nighttime lows will be mid-40s, but while we're up very nice mid-50s. Sweatshirt and shorts for me. Daytime will be cool to almost hot. But bring rain gear and plenty of layers. It can change fast.

Our spot is beautiful, spacious with plenty of shade, and Monday night's party will be one of the best parties in the history of the world.



  BUT! We plan on making lighting vibes with fairy lights and lasers of a beautiful nature so we shall be illuminated in a different sort of way. So, if you must have smores perhaps your propane stove will suffice. 

They might be enforcing bear safety food storage, which means we'll have to keep coolers in cars, OR in certified Storage containers. And if you don't want your car torn into by a bear at night then the trick is to take the coolers way off into the forest and let them have it. Obviously, during the day, there's no problem.

Having said all that, I give bear sightings about 1 in 1,000 odds. We are thinking it's not so much bears as Rangers that we will be concerned about. As not having the cooler properly stores is a potential citation. 

The way around it?

To bring dry goods to eat, which can be hung high on a pole in 5-gallon buckets. Backpacking food is a great option but a little pricey. I think as long as you keep coolers in cars when driving away from camp, and then for the safety of the car haul it out into the forest at bed time to hide it from what I think is going to be WAY undermanned ranger staff, we shouldn't have any problems.

 It's a Party: Please be aware, we do party, not like rock stars, but we do enjoy our festivities in expanded and blessed ways. And I won't be surprised if a few people who DO party like rock stars show up, which means you might want music and earbuds. Just FYI. Monday night will be the official party, with loud music (presented by me), glow toys, fire, adult beverages and plenty of deep and meaningful exchange. This is children friendly, and if something occurs which makes it unfriendly, it would be met with swift rectification. 

Where: Spencer, Idaho, about 17 miles north of Rexburg, which happens to be in the center of the totality shadow. We will post exact mileages and directions here within a few days (today is July 24).

Lodging: This is a camping situation. If you're flying in, you'll want to get in touch with REI Rentals for camping/cooking gear - 801.486.2100. There will be no hotel/motel lodging of any kind available anywhere within fifty (or more) miles of this place. It's been sold out for years.

Traffic/Crowd Considerations: This area will be swarmed under by an estimated 500,000 people, except where we are. Our Plan A is to get on an excellent camping spot at about 6500-7000 feet. If we're unable to find one, our Plan B will be to gather on some private property available to us. Either way, we'll have no crowd to contend with. If you try to arrive on Sunday or Monday driving North from Utah, you could get trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-15 that might be impossible to get through. 

Conditions: Unless something unseasonable occurs, it will be warm in the day, and cool to cold at night, as low as high-40s, and as high as mid-60s. Of course, it's camping, so you'll want to have everything you need for inclement weather. Layering, as always, is the best way to go. Camping basics: sleeping gear (pad, bag, pillow, tent), cooking and dining gear, cooler, food, beverages of ANY sort, tons of water, bug-spray (Bounce dryer sheets work very well as a repellent - you just rub them on), sunscreen, swim gear. If you decide to go the way of cafes or restaurants, Dubois, Idaho, is 13 miles to the south and has gas station pizza (which looked pretty good, actually). Rexburg, Idaho, is 40 miles south, and has a all varieties and qualities. Idaho Falls would have plenty of options, but it's an hour away.

We are in bear country, and so we'll be taking certain precautions. If you can, get some bear spray.

Travel Suggestions: If flying in front out of the Intermountain Area, you'll want to fly into Salt Lake City International Airport, rent a car there, go get your rental gear (if renting), and start up I-15 towards Idaho Falls, then onto Humphrey, Idaho. If driving, you don't need our help or suggestions, but if you have questions, post them in this thread.

Recreation: If you'd like to make this trip be more than a few days with us and turn it into a vacation, there is TONS to do and see in this area. The majestic Tetons are to the East and easily visible from everywhere we'll be. Yellowstone National Park is not far. The Snake River runs through this valley, is beautiful and big. It runs right through Idaho Falls, where there are fishing adventures, boat tours, tubing, rafting, etc., etc. Simple Google searches will yield all you need. Nearby are the famous St. Anthony Sand Dunes. You can rent ATVs from PMS Dune Rentals: www.pmsdunerentals.com. We can start a conversation about some group adventures, if you like, such as tubing the Snake.

If you decide to turn this into a vacation beyond the days we list above, we can make arrangements for you to camp on the property. And if not that, it's possible you'd be able to find lodging for any time up to Friday the 18th, should you decide to do it that way.

We won't know where we'll be until the previous Thursday or Friday. I'll be going up early to get a spot. Where we wind up, and detailed instructions, will be posted in this thread, one of the last posts. It will be entirely up to you to stay apprised of the goings on. It would be a big-time bummer if you weren't paying attention and didn't know how to find us.

Come to this party. You will leave as a different person. 

List any questions in this thread.

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Does anybody else feel like this eclipse has brought up a big layer of stuff to be cleared?

What seems clear to me with the eclipse, is that a kind of threshold was provided. For some, a chance to clear; for some, a chance to reflect; a download of creativity; for others an opportunity to grow; and for others, an upgrade of needed energies. In each regard, a beautiful and powerful blessing.

After the Eclipse....

I started my long drive home Wednesday.  After about 200 miles or so I turned off the music.  The miles clicking by in silence.  After several hours I realized the only the thought I had was "I have no thoughts"....my mind...the totality of my being just empty.  There is a "sharpness" to my vision that was previously not there.  Everything is the same but different.  That's all I can say about this....try as might...I cannot seem to formulate more to help explain.   It's just pure EMPTINESS.........................................

I had a friend ask me today if I was happy to be home from my trip, I was like meh, I was happy there, I am happy here. There is a difference in my emotions, some things just don't effect me the same as before, and I for sure am setting boundaries much easier. Somebody wanted to come over to my house Thursday morning, for a favor (for them) and I said no. He got so mad I eventually blocked him, and told him I was not responsible for his needs. He tends to suck energy, so I just had to nip  it!

The weekend before the events in Charlotville was a tough one for me. It started on Friday night when I felt sadness and regrets. I was very emotional and spent 2 days in bed crying although there were no actual external factors to cause me to feel so sad. Saturday and Sunday were bad days as I literally felt my energy field was compromised, like it was being poke at, overwhelmed and mostly being ripped apart.

I eventually felt better came Sunday afternoon and for some reason remembered this story about being a white witch and wondered what were the function of white witches.
Then the events in Charlottesville happened. My being felt such a release from the pressure that was residing inside.

I felt so humbled by the eclipse although I did not experience its full majesty. But the celestial visual I was privileged to have seen was just perfect for me. I truly felt Metaself raining softly upon me. The previous eratic and oppressive energy melted away and gave way to a feeling of well being. But it's way more than that. I felt inhabited by "something new" and it is as if it's a perfect match. Imagine how you feel in your favorite pair of jeans. That is how I am feeling in my body since the eclipse.
There are moments of succumbing to the old space. As Chance has pointed out to me, whenever I clean my porch, someone shows up to take a #2. Yes that has happened. Someone did take a #2. I went back to the old space. It felt horrible and I quickly found myself back to the new space -- the space of meta self.

Sooz said:

Does anybody else feel like this eclipse has brought up a big layer of stuff to be cleared?

I felt a physical change occurring during the eclipse. It feels like a higher voltage of energies coursing through me. My cells feel more alive. I started getting sick the morning after the eclipse and am still recovering. Nothing too awful; it feels like a low-grade flu detox. I am sleeping a LOT - even today, one week later.

On the drive home from SLC on Friday I chatted for hours with a friend who was at the eclipse with us. The exquisite nature of the conversation became higher and higher in vibe and by the late afternoon we were both vibrating intensely. 

After the chat I stopped to  grocery shop in Las Vegas on the way home. It was so bizarre. It felt as though I was slightly out of phase with the physical. Not with the plants, animals and geography, but with the human stuff. I literally had to keep a constant force of grounding happening or it felt as though everything was going to phase out and disappear. Hard to shop, lol.

I am still strongly vibrating. I can now easily connect to the universal "force" and it immediately feels like a subtle full-body orgasm. Literally all I need to do is tune in. So I see that now my task is to continually refer to this and tune in wherever I remember. (Remember Molly remember!!)

Also, the inflammation in my body expressing as joint and back pain is greatly reduced. My body feels stronger and more flexible.

Most definitely!

Sooz said:

Does anybody else feel like this eclipse has brought up a big layer of stuff to be cleared?

Hi beautiful Molly!

I spent last weekend feeling just horrible with burning stinging pain all over.  My blood felt like acid. Kickass headache on the top of my head until Sunday evening.  I did everything I could to endure and surrender to what my body was doing and give it time to catch up with where my consciousness and vibrations are now. I reached out to healers in the Multi-verse and to my other Aspects/layers for help. I used Essentials Oils. Giving in to the pains and feeling them as thoroughly as I could helped them to gradually ease up over those two days.  I felt weak and wobbly Sunday night, but was able to get up and doing.

Monday morning I had a black tongue! It was like I had heavily painted it with charcoal.  It scared me! I went inside for understanding and was 'told' that I had detoxed heavy metals.  Yesterday, I googled Black Tongue and the information I received was it was related to bacteria and yeast.  Whew!

I have been unusually emotional and old memories have surfaced.  And confessing devastation and heart break feelings I haven't shared with anyone. Confessing wrongs I had caused others, including my beloved German Shepherd, Stormy.  Also, many of the emotions had to do with feeling soo deeply humble and grateful with all that I have been given and experienced lately.

Sunday morning, an old song from decades ago arrived in my head: "La vie en Rose."  I googled the lyrics and it is an Edith Piaf classic and a french love song.  (I love the french language.) I played her and Andre Bocelle's versions and cried.  Monday, the song that arrived goes back to world war II: "I'll be Loving you, Always." I cried.  Today the song was Bobbie McFerrin's 'Don't Worry. Be Happy." I cried because the joyful video includes Robin Williams being especially goofy.

Now, energy is returning and I feel wayyyyyyy better!

Molly Helene said:

I felt a physical change occurring during the eclipse. It feels like a higher voltage of energies coursing through me. My cells feel more alive. I started getting sick the morning after the eclipse and am still recovering. Nothing too awful; it feels like a low-grade flu detox. I am sleeping a LOT - even today, one week later.

I want to invite all of you to listen to don Oscar Micro Quesada talk about the aftermath of the Total Eclipse. Trust me, he is our kind of guy. To me he is Jason's brother. On a presentation by The Shift Network in a Q&A session about his upcoming Universal Shamans course The Shinging Ones (about 10 minutes in) he presents a tribute to the event and takes you back to again be the witness and relive the experience: "......rebirth of yourself to witness the celestial marriage of Sun and Moon ......embody-become that lovemaking of light and dark....". (Don Oscar was in the Teton area for the eclipse.) The remainder of the conversation covers his answers to viewers questions which are well worth listening to. If you stay with it you will have the opportunity to receive a healing transmission. And don't miss his closing remarks about what we can all take away from our experience "....the medicine is being cooked within the alchemical heart.....". I found it to be a rewarding and inspiring hour. I hope you do to.

Hi Shirley, do you have a link or url for us to navigate to Oscar Miro Quesada's talk?

Shirley Bloxham said:

I want to invite all of you to listen to don Oscar Micro Quesada talk about the aftermath of the Total Eclipse.

And I also want to say I believe that we have a tricky Wizard that has this invisible mirror, so that when you are around him, it really makes you see stuff deeply embedded in your psyche. I felt some cleanse (big) before and after this trip...as always. Thanks you sneaky guy!

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