Bad blood

It is posited by Rudolph Steiner that blood is the fluid that creates the 'I' idea. In Left Hand Practice, many deities would want a blood pact in order to influence your selfhood- signing contract w/the devil. Endogamy practised by royals was not a random thing either, they knew that by keeping their blood pure, they would retain the clairvoyance latent within the ancestral consciousnesses. A lot of pagan religions respect their ancestry because they must have been able to recollect, perhaps through direct experience, or by legends of their kin, their own self within their ancestry and by doing so, give a more grounded understanding of the occurences within any present moment.

In modern terms, our genes are borne out of specific ancestral lines, we consider the heredities of our nose, the muscle insertions, the fat deposition, but scarcely ever the organs or the blood itself.

It is posited by Rudolph that the blood carries imagery from the external world via the nervous system and intermingles this external-world-image-mirroring with the inner-mental world and the degree of conscious access of how the external and internal world were seen as co-related was believed to be inheritable. Thus a person could immediately and simultaneously 'see' the internal world interposed with the external such as in cases of 'clairvision', because they knew of the imagery carried by their blood by having same experiences as their ancestors- activities- places-ideas. 

For me to pass Rudolf's thoughts further I have to speak about how he raised 3 distinctions on our nervous system:

1.The sympathetic system enables a being to sense what is taking place outside it

2. a higher system of nerves enables the human to perceive that which happens within (astral-subconscious) 

3. The highest nerve system takes materials from the nebulous 'astral body' to create new internal and external worlds as if they belonged in ownself.

The highest nerve system impresses the etheric body during the creation of its own vital fluid, thereby impressing the blood with the interface of inside/outside reality. 

This would mean that the ' improper 'mixing of blood predisposes the individual to not be able to see ownself completely in the external environment as the astral-body-based interpretations of outward reality would be amiss in our stream of consciousness.

In the more modern era, we replaced a greater astral connection to intellectualism; we begun basing our thought-processes on system 1 and scarcely 2 but never 3: this scant process births the 'I' idea - in absence of system 3 (as it is this system that perceives the world as ownself - mirroring the being into it perfectly).  

So our notion of conscious self relies on the interface of outside/inside which is communicated to the physical organs via the blood and the blood receives impressions from both facets of being, internal and external workings. Should someone want to impress deeply into the being, a novel modus operandi, they would have to influence the blood and perhaps the genes of the various cells therein.  

It is precisely this that Buddhist practises that guarantee the awakening of the clairsenses overcome; They make the individual tap increasingly more into the nerve systems 2 and 3 whilst lulling 1 to sleep, this allows the being to see itself as the causer and effector of the entire universe, as these are the systems that shape everything within perception. 

However, this begs into question why certain arahants do not see into the astral world even though they became enlightenened... 

The blood would thus be theorised to be cleansed as we could see as our ancestors could see, I speak not of only the humans but the hominins also; see that everything is the same at its core, the very foundation , changelessness.  


This is how i understood this:


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  • Brilliant. Holy smokes. Jason has a book about blood on the kitchen table that I might need to take a look at now. I feel I need to reread the whole article again as I am just not even wrapping my mind around this. 

    I wonder how menstruation plays into this concept if at all? 

    • I rewrote my text in an effort to make it an easier reading experience.

      There has to be an answer that is more metaphysical in origin that could explain your question. Perhaps overlooking towards the noetical dimension which i'm not sure if its clearly mentioned  for what it is in Rudolf's writting- it's probably juxtaposed to system 3.

      In the dimensions of being, whomever you ever speak to, you collide and unite primarily with the idea of the other person and then the joint ideas are borne out of that union.

      In the astral, we have the relevant emotions of this union.

      In the physical realm, we see but the symbolisms of this union manifest. 

      If the physical body cannot get pregnant - meaning it had no 'complete' unions mirroring the higher densities, then the organs associated with growing a new person would have to be discarded along with ''perhaps'' the blood that was meant to carry the mirroring-images of the being that would come to life here. As the mother's blood carries her own 'I'ness the child may begin the process of forming its selfhood based on acceptance or negation of the imagery it receives from the mother.  

      If on the higher dimensions we all unify with one another and thus communication takes place through remembrance of 'Oneness' and this is passed down on the lower dimensions, then it makes sense that people would want women to not come to contact with men at all...

      I don't know, there is also a mulitverse explanation that formulated in my head, where the blood allows you to experience a specific future and by discarding some of that blood, you are renouncing the future where pregnancies took place. I don't know, does this make sense? 

      I aspire to one day look for these things myself but I remain preoccupied with Med School. 

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Bad blood

It is posited by Rudolph Steiner that blood is the fluid that creates the 'I' idea. In Left Hand Practice, many deities would want a blood pact in order to influence your selfhood- signing contract w/the devil. Endogamy practised by royals was not a…

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