Since my start here with this amazing group of superbeings you all are, I've felt so lucky to be apart of. Life in my youth was difficult, not so much on the outside but on the inside. You can say the magic of the world was pushed out, by myself of course thinking I was supposed to be normal like everyone, deep down I knew I wasn't, but I played along, until I truly forgot.

I let the magic go, kind of like when a child realizes that Santa Claus was never the one putting presents under the tree. On the concious side it felt like it didn't matter but the true self knew it met more than that. 

Not until I started the cosmosis alchemy, did I just notice the magic sweep from under me, similar when you steal the candy bar from your sister and she greets you with a leg sweep and a knock on the head : ) . Merlin, dragons, magic, witches etc.. , have flooded back into my life. I see the magic in life again and its beautiful, and exciting.

Something I'd like to ask JD about Merlin, what's he like? I recently watched excalibur on a day I felt off balanced. And as soon I as my eyes gazed across the numerous movies I had this strong urge to watch the 1987 excalibur movie which had Merlin on the cover played by Nicol Williamson. I haven't seen it since I was very young. But it really did a 180 on my day, I was happy and joyful. Merlins character was played amazing, as well as all the characters. But JD how close do you think the character of Merlin was played to the real Merlin?  I think their was some real magic in that movie to shift my mood like that...It's a kind of magic! (Queen)

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It's super awesome having you around David, I'm glad the movie made you feel so good. Losing the magic, I remember I wanted to be an actor, then a game designer, then a writer, then a psychologist, then I got sent to business school, haha! Trauma, peer pressure, exclusion, programming, definitely things that can make you lose the magic. But hey, we're here to reclaim that AND some!

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