Hey Guys,

I have a proposal and wanted to give the floor to those who may have some expert knowledge to share. A new friend asked me if I knew any astrologers as he wants to gather up data on a particular date that might be important. I know some of you are studiers of the stars and I was wondering if you star experts and amateurs who know their stuff or how to use a chart could look into a particular date by request. He told me nothing at all about the date and would not really say a word about why that date may or may not be significant. He is not interested if there are any auspicious or inauspcious things associated with it known already by internet he is simply curious about the astrological aspects of this date and what can be known about it.  What is this date going to look like guided by the aspects of the heavens in potential outcomes, moods, natures etc. The date of potential significance astrologically is October 5th 2017. If any one of you ABS graduates would like to use this date as a target do so and see what you get for for example the mood/atmosphere for the US on October 5 2017. Narrow it down to your city if you want.  I don't care if you are Vedic or Western style astrology it does not matter. I know very little about astrology but I like to learn about it. If this sounds fun for you get back to us with your results! Don't google the date - just find out what's up that day.  The astrological aspects and what those mean in the interpretation. Maybe even some of you might want to do BOTH just for practice and fun. A target reading AND an astological chart. This is ultimately for fun folks. If I find out anything here I will report too. 

Have Fun!


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That date will be my 60th birthday! 

Wull, that's clearly it. Your scheduled for Ascension! To be clothed in your lightbody!

Sooz said:

That date will be my 60th birthday! 

Hahahaha, good one!

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