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Coordinates: Xupra - 83116
Name: Cheryl
Date: 08/31/2016
Begin Time: 08:06
End Time: 10:23
Self Assigned Coordinates: 83116 - lagoon
Session Form: Xupra
ENVIRONMENT: cool, damp, humid, dry,
ATMOSPHERE: serene, adventurous, mysterious, light, active, charged
TOPOGRAPHY: flats, rises, depressions, wide, expansive, surrounded,
SOUNDS: chirping, clicking, buzzing, flowing, dripping,
TASTE-SMELL: vegetation, musty, minerally, wet, dank, moldy, sweet, fresh, sunny
TEXTURES-SURFACES: cavernous, spacious, roomy, airy, impressive, immense, complex, intricate,
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Deep purple like amethyst, jutting out in an cave with rounded, arched ceiling. The red dim light begins to brighten, I can’t tell what the source is. Someone is with me, slightly behind. Kind, friendly, guiding by letting me stay slightly ahead so that I can explore in my own way. The cave turns downward, we leave the water tale. It is dry beneath. The crystals grow more white, clear, bright as we descend. It begins to open up into a larger space. I enlarge as well. My guide tells me this is a storage facility, the crystals hold immense amounts of information. There is a nearly invisible lattice work of geometric designed hair-like beams of light that are placed between the rows of crystals . the light is beautiful, hard to look at, but causes no pain or harm. Beings are there amid the rows of crystals. There is a kind of rhythm or dance within the energy that causes waves of ecstasy. The info and energy bounces from this place to another. As the info comes from another place to this place. But it is also retained and cataloged. The cave itself is a growing entity, it breathes with life, not as we know on earth, crystalline, pure, immense.
P2 VISUAL: greens, blues, red, violets, purples, pastels, whites, low contrast, stark, patterned, depth, flat, bright, brilliant, glowing, shiny, shimmery
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: rough, smooth, silky, coarse, sandy, grainy, wet, dry, slik, hard, rigid, natural, liquid, solid, slick, polished
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: thick, thin, substantial, light, packed, dense, immovable, bulky, large, dominating, towering, narrow, wide, vast, verticals, horizontals, diagonals
P2 MATERIALS: water, plant, stone, crystal, cloth, light
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: complex, simple, intricate, squares, retangles, trapezoids, cubes, pointy, arches, geometric, tall, huge, wide, flat
P2 MOTION: direction, speed, power, amplitude,
P2 CONCEPTS: love, excitement, imposing, holy, one-ness, focused, information
P2 PURPOSE: relay and collect information, ceremony
P2 MOVEMENT 1: dive into cave
P2 MOVEMENT 2: follow cave
P2 MOVEMENT 3: enter crystal
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: dive into cave: get small; follow through red light, taken beneath water to air-filled cave follow cave: open to fantastically bright cave of white crystals taken through one crystal to open area with steep arch in courtyard
P4 THINGS: rocks, layers, criss-cross lines, foot coverings, reflections, lines, bulge, 5, blond, red, blue, stars, bubbles, bells, wave, trees, portal, strings, Arcturus, disks
P4 NON-THINGS: smaller/larger, movement, abundant, magnetic, point, insulated, round, shimmer, climb, renown,
P4 TELEPATHIC: mara, oopinargh,
THEMES: contact, cleansing, adjustment, integration, encoding, relay, data collection
TYPES: natural structure, natural scene, water, caves, crystals, energy beams, plants, artificial structure, people
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPESSIONS: A small stone in the cement-like floor. I watch it, see it is egg shaped, a small spot on it. soon a stream of something flows over and around it, like the wing of a airplane, aerodynamic. This stream feeds, flows everything below the surface, gives it life. the floor of the court yard is a living entity.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: Q. Are the crystals for travel? A. Some, but not all. Q. If we travel through crystals, do we pick up the information contained inside? A. Only what is meant for your journey Q. Do the crystals cleanse us as well? A. You are given what you need, and but what is taken is mutually decided between you and the entity within the crystal.
I FEEL: This target gave me a sense of wonderment and opened awareness.
PSS: There was a delay before going to my intended coordinates, as there was more to do with my energy field before beginning. After about ten minutes, I was allowed to continue. It felt wonderful to go back to the ancient and wise trees and the pools of water. I looked down to my right and saw the opening of the small cave under the water. Dark purple crystals lined the sides and roof. I went under the water and a Being joined me. They stayed a little behind me, allowing me to explore freely. I sensed that my size shrank in order to enter the cave. It now looked large and very beautiful as the crystals sparkled. Again, a dim red light began to glow as I approached. There was no source or sensation from it. We glided through the reddish light and the cave turned downward. We continued on and the further we went the larger it became. It also began to change from dark purple crystals to lighter colored ones. Then, the water ended. We were now in an air-filled space that was getting brighter as we went. We grew in size again. The crystal-lined cave was now completely white and emitted very bright light. There were several Beings there tending to rows of large, white crystals. As I stared into the air, I began to see a geometric grid of thin lines of energy criss-crossing in between the rows of crystals. It is a nearly-invisible lattice work of geometric designed hair-like beams of light. The fantastically white light in the room is beautiful, hard to look at, but causes no pain or harm. The Being that was with me told me that there was an immense amount of information contained within these crystals. More and more data was coming in from another place, and then being transmitted out again. As it came in, a copy was being stored here and cataloged. The cave itself is a growing entity, it breathes with life, not as we know on earth, but crystalline, pure, immense. The beams are not harmful, it is only meant for crystals, and the info will not collect in the body I currently have. But the energy and light make an impact on me. As I open to it, it gets brighter, fills, me. I want to dance with it, swim in it. There is a vastness to this place. If I wanted to, I could choose to follow the beams to that "other place" but for now, I choose to stay here. Someday, I will come back here and maybe take that journey. My Guide takes me by the hand, it is cold and warm at the same time. But kind, always kind. We go to one of the crystals, move through it into a long tunnel of colored and white lights. We end up at a large court yard. There is a large gate of some kind with tall, steep, stone arches. There is a brilliant blue light shield in the center. At first I don't see anyone else here. I look at the arches, and there are symbols on them. It looks very ancient. This is a special, sacred space. My Guide asks me to stop writing, as this next experience is sacred and for me only. I only know that I need to participate in this ceremony before I'm allowed to learn more here.


I had not read any of the Xupra experiences until now. I really wanted to do two sessions without any outside influence first. For me personally, I'm glad I waited. Now that I have read a few other sessions, it has been very re-affirming to my core.

Something that I didn't know was related was a very physical experience I had both times as I began. There was a pressure in my chest and both times I began coughing, more like a cough for more air. Others have had a "chest experience" as well.  Also, the Guide I spoke of was not an embodied Being, but more of a Presence, which is mentioned by others in the group.  I am finding that I had feelings and experiences that truly are part of a collective. I've been "called" to return (as others have) for days now, but my schedule didn't allow for the time I needed to put aside. This is all Very Cool! I hope to be more available now that my son is back in school.

Coordinates: Xupra 10302016

I enter the cave and meet Aumakua, who stays with me into the White Temple. When finished there, I find myself being led into a large room that had a strong feeling of the 1930s. The first thing I notice is a large wooden cabinet with rounded corners. On top of it a large crystal vase or bottle. The being with me seems to sense my wonder at the old styled motif and I sense it will be adjusted to something I’m more familiar with. We move to a hidden doorway, and I notice intricately carved birds at the top corners of the doorway. There is a flash of colored light as from a prism as we pass through the doorway and into a very large conference room with a long wooden-topped table that is highly shined/polished. Still 30’s looking.  I look at the walls, and there are portraits evenly spaced all the way down the length of the wall. They are not all human. This room is very shadowed and dimly lit. I sense two Beings with me,  one leading me by the hand and the other beside me. Humanoid, but not human.  The feeling of love, grace, and kindness is strong and fills me.


We get to the end of the room and step out into a different kind of room. There are polished marble floors, four columns at the corners of a raised two-step platform. There are three ornate chairs on the platform. The room is empty. We walk forward, up the steps and past the chairs. I reach out and feel the arm of the chair. It looks like wood, but it isn’t. As I study the arm, I begin to see the particles that form it. It’s almost like nano-beings holding each other’s arms, linking them into a denser form – the arm of the chair. Suddenly, the particles seem to smile at me and then turn into cherry blossom petals.  They are showing me that they can become anything. There is a sense that the particles want to give me joy.


There are several beings nearby. One is anxious to show me more. I follow. I have one being on each arm as we walk. Then,  we fly up into darkness, over lights below. Looking down, I see fires lit in ancient Greek cauldrons lining a large courtyard.  We slowly descend onto a stone bench. In the center of the courtyard are columns/pillars partially covered in vines with green leaves. Within this area, are people talking and laughing. They hold glasses with beverages. They enjoy the warm evening.


A large being steps up to me, maybe around 12 feet tall, with blueish unusual skin. He has large, kind eyes and has a sweet scent. He cocks his head and sends the thought, “you want to learn.” I acknowledge with the thought of yes. The thought comes into my mind, “In time.”


I look past him and see the sky has an orange/yellow streak in the distance. The feeling of my surroundings is so peaceful. I can’t help but drift with it all. The air, the laughter, the peace, the loving company is intoxicating. I see flowers at the edge of the courtyard. They are intricate and astounding. They are a warm color, but I can’t place it exactly. Sort of red or orange with black parts, but also a kind of purple. The flower grows upward like a vine in an undulating kind of dance. When it’s about 8 feet tall, the flower bends over and releases a sparkling dust that is caught in the breeze.


The three beings each offer me a hand, and I choose the tall, blueish hand. We become wrapped in an opalescent cloud and find ourselves in the large courtyard I saw during my first visit. It has a large pointed arch in the center, and around it are gates that lead off in different directions. It is night, but “moonlight” offers a gentle illumination. Each gate is unique. I am asked, “where would you like to go?” I know I can visit them all in time, so there is no sense of urgency or anxiety. Any one will do. So I choose the gate to my left.


It opens by itself. The moonlight displays a stone pathway with shrubbery on each side that comes up to my shoulders. I ask the blue being to come with me. I want to talk and walk. But he smiles and waves for me to go on alone. I send him a “thank you” for taking me this far. They all smile at me and wave a goodbye. As I write about my experience, I am in tears. The love they bring is so strong, I don’t want them to leave me. The love is healing to the core of my being, it fills me and I feel expanded. I want to continue feeling this way, but I know I need to move on.  Even re-writing this, brings tears again.


I step forward along the dimly-lit path. I notice movement in the stone bricks, and I see that my feet aren’t touching the ground. I am about 3 inches over the ground. I continue to “walk.” I hear in my head, if I send my consciousness out a ways, I can call my body to it. I am told to practice this many times.  I see a luminescent flower ahead of me and concentrate on sending my consciousness to it. I feel it, I am light, I am pure being. I call my avatar, it joins me in an instant. A lesson, I think. Still floating above the pavers, I walk around a bend.


I am told this is enough for now. I am told to think of the Temple, send my consciousness there, and call my avatar. I concentrate, I’m there, I feel everything around me as one. I call my avatar, it surrounds me and we are one again. Aumakua steps out of the shadows. We touch foreheads.  Before I leave, I send my spirit out one more time to get one last feeling of this wonderful place. I become one with it. We are light. We are one. I am blessed. I send my gratitude for the experience and for the lesson. And so it is.

Coordinates 01252017

I enter the cave and move through the cleansing protocol.  I find that this is more and more a pleasant experience that I now look forward to.


I first think of going back to the ceremonial courtyard where I last saw a huge stone archway, but check my thoughts and ask, “where would you like me to go?” A beautiful Being who is to be my Escort appears. I have a feeling it may be more male gender, but really don’t know.  “He” has a transparent body with beautiful blue and white moving lights within. Without another thought, he takes me to the courtyard. 


It is a beautiful blue violet twilight, not cold, but a little cool. Very pleasant.


I approach the stone archway and focus on the stone. I am told to put forth my hand, which I do. To my surprise, my hand goes into the stone and I continue to walk towards it until I am consumed by the “stone.” I realize it is not stone at all. It is made up of very small round entities that are held together by nothing more than their will to do so, and it gives them great pleasure to be a part of this form. They are constantly moving, and it feels like carbonation bubbles moving all around me. I can’t help but move and sway in this delightful crowd. It seems wet, but it’s not. Each bead seems to have a wonderful wisdom and at the same time is child-like with the joy of being.


Before long, I feel them moving me upwards until I push through to the top of the arch. From here, I can see vast gardens all the way to the horizon in all directions. My Escort floats up to me and takes my hand. At this point, I breathe in a feeling of tremendous One-ness, the expansiveness fills me completely. We land gently on the ground, and I find myself in a thick tropical garden with large leafed brush. There is a moisture kind of feeling near the plants, but I don’t really sense humidity in the air. It smells like a fresh natural environment.


Still reeling from the feeling of expansiveness, I feel my consciousness merge with everything around me. I take several deep breaths, I feel free and give myself over to the experience.


Off to the horizon and slightly left, there are flashes of light. A ball of light about ten feet across and shaped like a tear drop on its side comes to us. There is communication between whoever is aboard this “craft” and my Escort. The light ball vehicle zips away.


In my mind I think of the pools Jason mentions in the Heartwave alchemy. My Escort telepathically tells me that I cannot go there, but he wants to show me something. He takes me into the middle of a brushy field and moves some leaves out of the way. I look down and see a small trickle of black water that comes up from the ground.  I go to reach for it with my finger, but he stops me. He takes a leaf to make a kind of bowl with it. I understand that if I were to touch the water, my essence would be felt through the entire water stream, which would not be proper at this time. He dips the bowl into the trickle and then pours it over my hands.


He then takes me to another spot within this vast garden. There is a square piece of stone that looks very ancient. It’s held up by four squat columns and the whole thing is only about  3 or 4 feet high. I find myself laying on my back looking up at the underside of the slab. There are symbols on it. I use my hands to press against them.


Next, I am walking through the brush and see a large arch made of stone. As I look more closely, it strongly resembles the Roman aquifer with a platform on top and arched footings with a substantial wall. Plants are growing up around it as any jungle would reclaim an old monument. My Escort tells me to place my hands on the wall. When I do, the black water from earlier transfers the symbols from my hands (from the squat slab) to the wall of the “aquifer.”  I step back and see that others have done the same thing. The symbols glow with undulating color.


We now move into a large brushy field and on the horizon it looks like a sunrise. Pink, rose, yellow, orange are emerging from a point on the horizon. There are sudden flashes of brilliant light rays. Then, I sense the brush and sky come to life with birds and animals. There are a few very large birds with long, exotic tails and long legs and massive wingspans. In the brush, there are small, fat, short-legged animals I’ve never seen before.   The sense of joy and love permeate everything.


With the warmth of the light I smell a sweet fragrance in the air, something like jasmine.  With such peace, it’s hard to leave.  I’m grateful for my Escort and turn to leave, but then linger to ask if I can focus on his hand for the second awareness exercise.


Second Awareness Exercise:

I asked to focus on my Escort's hand. From the beginning of this session, I have been fascinated by his/her (?) structure.


The hand is large and strong, I can see through it as it is like a clear jelly-like substance. Inside, are beautiful blue and white moving points of light. As I watch, the fingers morph into a mitten-like shape. I understand that the fingers can show up as needed.


I continue to watch and see a frame appear, and I see myself in earthly form as I see myself. The image disappears, and now the hand holds a yellow flower, created before my eyes.  It is similar to a dandelion, but has a little tuft at the end of each petal. My Escort offers it to me. 


 I repeat the squeegee exercise 3 times, and the image returns in different order, but intact.

Hi Cheryl,

Wow. So beautiful. Really extraordinary. I feel like you described a place I have been before on Xupra. The brushy plain with the animals. At that visit it felt like I was surrounded by these clouds pods of these animals in great swirling herds only it was like wind colorful  elemental totemic spirit clouds of them trailing across the plain but also visceral and tangible as well as being more etheric. Anyway it was wonderful feeling what you wrote here. Thank you!

Thank you, Mary. Yes, it seemed like I could "feel" the aliveness before actually seeing them. Very remarkable and enjoyable. I really need to visit more frequently. But I have to admit - the write up afterwards exhausts me! I usually take a break before writing to muster up the energy, (smile).

Mary Betts said:

Hi Cheryl,

Wow. So beautiful. Really extraordinary. I feel like you described a place I have been before on Xupra. The brushy plain with the animals. At that visit it felt like I was surrounded by these clouds pods of these animals in great swirling herds only it was like wind colorful  elemental totemic spirit clouds of them trailing across the plain but also visceral and tangible as well as being more etheric. Anyway it was wonderful feeling what you wrote here. Thank you!

Coordinates: 04/29/2017 - courtyard

Name: Cheryl

After going through the cleansing process, I met two beings in the Temple. They both noticed that I was at a different vibrational level from the last time I was here. One handed me a sword that was brilliant and glowed with beautiful energy. The other being was concerned and thought I should be watched first to see if I would handle new levels properly before receiving the sword. The first being smiled and calmed his counterpart. I was to leave the sword there, as I would not need a weapon during my visit. I was reminded that intense power can be used for both defense, offense as a weapon, and energy for harnessing for good acts. In other words, a sword of power did not have to be seen as a weapon.


I thanked them for the gift and for allowing me to be here.

My escort from my last visit appeared from behind and I had the feeling of wanting to go back to the courtyard, since there are so many paths to take out and away from the center arched monument.  We arrived instantly in the courtyard. As usual, it was a dark twilight, with a dark blue sky. The vines were growing upward  in columns, perhaps arches over the white picket gates. The huge stone arch still stood guard at the center.  I asked my escort which path and gate we should enter, and he indicated one to the right of us.


As we move along the stone tiled pathway, I feel more like gracefully dancing than walking. Instead of opening the gate, we float through it. As we go along, the sky seems to get lighter and brighter. It is pinks, oranges, yellows, and violet – many beautiful pastel colors. I hear laughter, high-pitched and child-like around me. Then I notice it’s from the knee-high broad-leafed plants surrounding us. I get down on my knees and hold my arms open and fill my space with laughing plants, taking care not to harm them. My heart leaps with happiness. Then I notice a small pair of gold eyes watching me. A small animal steps out, something like a hedgehog but furry. Telepathically, he wants to ride in my pocket. I agree and gently put him in my pocket (that I didn’t know I had until then).

We go on and come to a point in the path that now takes a sharp downward direction. We stop and look out over the vista. There is a gentle valley with hills along the horizon. It is nothing but a canopy of trees. The colors from the sky reflect on the leaves.


We don’t walk anymore. We fly. It’s gentle, and I feel the energy enveloping me, gentle pressure that allows me to slowly move through the air. My passenger exits my pocket and rides on my shoulder, seemingly enjoying the ride. As we fly (my escort and I), sweet tropical scents rise from below and is carried in the air.


My escort takes me by the hand and we veer off to the right. Below us there is a sea of what looks like diamonds. We fly downward and pass through them. There is a tingle of energy as we go through. It turns out to be a layer or ceiling to a large room beneath. There are rows of tables draped in white, and a being at each table, dressed in white.  Each being is tending to either an infant animal or infant plant. This is like a giant nursery.

We step over to a worker who has a ball of long, green leaves in front of him. My passenger leaps to this being’s shoulder as though they are old friends. The noise in the room is like a symphony of sound from tiny animals, but pleasant. The workers all are smiling. The diamond-like ceiling is a tool the workers are using to tend to their charges.  Small beams of light come down from the crystal/diamonds and are directed to the little ones on the tables. There is no sickness here, this is all for nurturing and well-being.


I hear in my mind that we all have a little bit of this light in us that if tended, will multiply.

I ask if I can help the worker in front of us. He takes my hand and holds it palm up to catch a beam of light coming through the ceiling. It passes through my hand to the ball of leaves on the table. With the worker’s influence, he moves my hand in such a way that it directs the light. The “ball” begins to pulsate, then to strengthen so that it looks like a beating heart. Slowly, the long narrow leaves begin to unfold. I am compelled to send heart energy/love to this emerging life. A small, brown, animal is curled up on the table on top of the leaves. It looks like it will grow fur someday, but is sort of naked now. I can’t quite describe what it looks like. Something between a baby bat without wings, or a rat, or a platypus. That’s the best I can do!

The being/worker nods to the light stream coming through my hand and tells me, this is part of what I am. And then says, this is part of what I am to defend. I am physically in this 3D world overcome by tears.

It is time to return to the courtyard. I send one more shot of love to this little infant, and my escort instantaneously takes us to the courtyard. Now, there is a wooden park bench to one side near the pathway, and we sit to talk.

First, I try the second awareness exercise. I look down and see a broken and cracked stone tile with a stone pushed into the ground up at one corner. As I focus on it, I have the thought that in this place there shouldn’t be anything broken. My escort sends me the answer, “that is not an imperfection, that is a variation.” Of course!


My escort waits to see if I have any questions. It takes me a few minutes, but then I think about the light that was being used to nourish the little ones. He tells me that that light is in us all. Everything is One. All is from Source. We are all part of Source, so how could we not have that light within us? So true.

I FEEL: This was a wonderful session filled with love and joy. The flying, the light, the examples of service and love were beautiful to participate in. I still feel a warmth inside from the lessons about Source and the power that is within us. Totally amazing! This has made me feel larger somehow.

Coordinates: Xupra 10162017



I entered the cave to meet Aumakua, then found myself in the Temple for what seemed a longer time than I’ve experienced before.


I was accompanied by the Guide that I’ve had before, and asked to be taken to wherever I needed to be. We went to the giant stone archway, and went to the back where a small white picket gate was covered by plants and vines. They were cleared away, and the gate opened.


We floated forward over the knee-high green plants that I have seen before. Broad leafed and shiny/waxy in nature. The field was vast and the horizon broad. Beyond the field was a mountain range that seemed to surround the field. The sky was at twilight, and the beginnings of sunset hung over the mountains.


We stopped in the middle of all this beauty and I looked down. Down along the ground were large twisted vines, similar to grape vines. They were about the size of my forearm and were part of a network. As I continued to look, I could see veins of cells flowing along like they were in a blood stream. The cells were gold energy, a kind of data, moving very fast. I heard the word, “Phoria.” I understood that this was a state of being. A hand reached up from next to a vine and reached up for me. I offered my hand.


The light cells/data began to flow up the vine arm towards my hand, then up my arm. It took some time, and I understood a telepathic concept, “Patience.” I waited calmly. Soon, it engulfed my body. As this energy covered my torso, I felt a wave of love and joy that brought tears to my eyes. Another arm reaches up from the ground and I take hold of its hand. This completes some kind of circuit.


A few snowflakes begin to fall over us, but it isn’t cold.


As I am completely engulfed in this data/energy flow, my Higher Self/Metaself comes forward. I am seeing through her eyes. I am feeling what she feels. She recognizes this place, and my Guide and the arms holding me know her. She is energized by the data.


I look within, my body looks very much like something from the Matrix, with moving data. There are paper thin (or smaller) separations, and the light moves along these walls. In between is pure ether/consciousness. I am scaffolding of light and moving energy, filled in by ether, but even the scaffolding isn’t rigid, but moveable/transformable. 


Suddenly, the golden light is now points of flashing bright colors. Some I have not seen before. I have an understanding that these colors inform, just as the data cells. I sense my Higher Self sighs with satisfaction. Like the dream I had a short while ago, I am a being that enters other forms but it’s still me. Now I know why I was given that dream. This is an evolution.


Now, light rays shoot out from all around me from my core, I am breathless. There is a sense of being limitless, of joy and vastness. I feel One-ness with everything around me. My Guide reaches towards my hand. It goes through and merges with my hand, but there is still a sense of separateness. Emotions again. My physical body gets hot and I begin to sweat.


He takes me up into the air, we tumble in a spiral horizontally, then upwards. We go through the sunset sky, it breaks like thin paper.   We enter the Void. To my surprise, it does not feel empty at all. It is full.


He wraps his arms around me and brings me back down to the ground. The field of green leaves suddenly erupts into white and yellowish flowers. The air is thick with sweet fragrance. Somehow I move through them and now I’m covered in sweet nectar. The stickiness is very sensual. After a few moments, a rain of gold drops washes me clean.


We instantly are back at the Temple. There is a breath-taking fountain near it. As I look at it, I see something unusual about the water. There are colors, and it’s moving in a strange way. I ask to take a closer look. We move up next to the fountain. This substance is sound, color, fluid, and has a sweet fragrance.  I want to know more. He takes my hand and places it in the “water.” It’s not wet and moves like smoke, there is no feeling to it. I ask “what is it for?” The reply, “It just IS.” I am overwhelmed with joy again. I thank him, and say goodbye to Aumakua, with the thought that I won’t wait so long to return.

I FEEL: This was an unexpected guided journey inward. It is hard to explain just how I feel. There is amazement, joy, expansion, discovery, and sense of motivation all at once. I can't look at objects without having a sense of what lies beneath. I can't think of myself in the same way, either. Full of light, data, consciousness, and One-ness with all people, things, and the Universe.

Coordinates 01282018 

I enter the cave and am attended to by Aumakua, who “dresses” me into my avatar and am cleaned. This time, my heart center is enlarged before I enter the Temple.

I pass by the beautiful fountain in front of the Temple, I’ve never seen it so clear and magnificent before.  As I near the Temple, the doors open for me and I step inside. Again, I’m pleasantly surprised by the clarity and beauty that was somewhat fuzzy before. I see my sword leaning up against a column. Inside the Temple there is a bluish sparkle to everything that is wonderful.

 My usual companion comes to me and my heart swells.  I sense another being nearby, but it’s not clear to me and doesn’t seem to be part of my own journey.

 I ask my companion to take me wherever it is most appropriate. He studies my heart center as though evaluating.  He asks me to take the sword, and I thank him and sheath it from my belt. We slowly walk through the Temple. I haven’t done this before, and I notice the walls have framed symbols and objects that I intuitively know represent some deep history. I am awed by it as we move forward. We turn to the right and exit into magnificent gardens. The air is heavy with sweetness from the exotic flowers. It is slightly warm and it is daylight.  I hear soft music from the plants.

 The colors of the flowers are bright. There are reds, yellows, blues, purples, and some colors I can’t describe.

 As we pass by, I take out my sword and hold it near the flowers. They share their essence and it goes into the sword, which lights up. The garden is so beautiful, I am reluctant to leave.

 But we move forward, barefoot over soft green moss. As we walk, the moss giggles. It’s like listening to a baby laugh. I consider getting some of this joy into my sword, but we don’t stop.

We continue to the large courtyard where the arch looms large in front of us. The small picket gates still sit at the beginning of many pathways.  I ask my companion to choose which pathway we should take today, but he insists I choose.

 I look to the path to our far left and we head in that direction over flagstones to the gate. As we enter, I see that this experience is going to be much different than previous ones. Instead of seeing objects that are somewhat familiar, I see what I can only describe as colored veils hanging in the air of different sizes and shapes. They are moving in a fluid way. As I get closer to them, I see that they are different frequencies of energy, not quite dense enough to be solid, but there is a feeling that I almost know what each one will become. They just haven’t reached full density yet.  This sea of energies seems endless. I hold up my sword. This is a sea of possibilities. Many of them move towards my sword and gently touch it.

 My companion and I begin to float, then faster through the veils. As we move through them, I feel their edges touch my skin like butterfly wings as we move past. Then, we move up over the sea towards a darker sky. It too, has the veils, but they are darker and sparkle like distant stars. We keep going higher, I become a little apprehensive and take my companion’s hand.

 The veils we passed through were a kind of barrier. What I see now is a distant sky, but most of the horizon is taken up by what looks like a huge planet, similar to Venus with the bands of clouds. We go up higher and enter into a band of clouds.

 There is an enormous flying ship. Beings look out cut-outs or windows and they are looking at me. I’m not sure what to make of it, and I hear nothing from them. I feel there is a slight curiosity from them and nothing malevolent at all.  We fly alongside this ship for what seems a long time, then stop. I’m still looking at the ship and the beings, when it seems to split in two, causing an enormous wedge of blinding light to pass through towards us. The Light covers me. It is warm and fills me with a sense of expansion and joy. I immediately want to take out my sword and hold it in the Light, but I can’t move.

 There is nothing except the Light. I am one with It. I realize the Light will be coming back with me in my heart.  We stay in this warmth for a long while. I could stay here forever. Unable to move, my companion carries me in his arms back to the gardens and sits me on a stone wall. Even though it is an avatar body, it still feels hard and clunky after being in the Light.

 We sit in the garden and listen to it for a while.  When I feel more like myself, I ask my companion why I wasn’t able to collect the Light in my sword.  He asks me to take the sword out and look at it. “You gathered beauty and all possibilities into it. But the sword IS Light already, as are you.”  I understand. I tell him I love him, and thank him.

 We walk back to the Temple.  My avatar keeps the sword, but I am told it is now available for me to use whenever I want to do so. I have an awareness that I will be watched as I use it to ensure I “use it well.”

I FEEL: This one is hard to put into words. I feel as though I've touched the source of my beginning, completed some kind of circle. My heart and mind are expanded in love and a kind of peace that comes from knowing. That's all I can say...

Oh Cheryl! How profoundly lovely and powerful.
My hand is to my heart in gratitude. =i=

After leaving the cave, I entered the Temple, but was alone as I walked down the familiar hall.  I left the Temple and found the familiar twilight, and it was cool to my skin. There were glinting lights of insects like fireflies that added a magical ambiance to the scene.

I stood for a few moments and asked, “Where are you, my Friend?” My escort arrived, and I was happy to see him and offered gratitude. I asked him to show me what I should see. I then asked what I should call him, and the name “Mykeddie” came to mind. So at least for now, that’s what I will call him.

He wanted me to show him my sword, so I pulled it out of the sheath. He touched it to see what I had been doing with it. Satisfied, we moved forward.  I sensed another female in the distance in a field of green vegetation.

Mykeddie asked if I would like to see a water world today, and I agreed.  He took my hand and we flew up and then down into a blue sea.  I sensed dolphins, but did not have the opportunity to interact with them. The water under the blue surface was in layers of color, much like a rainbow. I could sense a humming vibration all around me and through me.  There is a freedom in the water.  When there is a thought of movement, it just happens.


The sea was filled with bright, beautiful sea-life.  Fish-like creatures and brightly colored plant life.  We kept moving forward and I saw a large vortex ahead of us.  I had a moment of fear, then purposefully let it go to have the experience. 

The water was swirling around the edges of the vortex, but the center was black.  We moved straight into the center and kept moving forward.  It was much like a tunnel.  Soon, there were a few fluffy white clouds with blue tinges, and soon more appeared.

We came out of the clouds and saw a large field below us.  There were around six or eight people harvesting the rows of plants.  The bottom of the plant had long arms like a large Aloe, and the center was like leaves of skunk cabbage.  The long arms moved like an octopus, while the center did not move. Only the centers were being harvested, and almost immediately, regrew once plucked.

The air here was fresh and bright, and there were two suns in the sky making it very warm. The fragrance from these plants was minty-sweet and floral.  They also emanated a feeling of love. A driver-less hover-type boat came and collected the leaves that were being harvested. I had the desire to help harvest and worked alongside the others.  My hands began to tingle from the resin from the leaves.

As if hearing a silent cue, we all stopped and independently flew in the same direction towards a very large building. From the air, it looked like a normal modern outbuilding one would find on a farm.  However, when we lowered down to ground level, it was quite ancient and made of stone – like a castle.

Within the building, the leaves were being processed in large vats.  There were long, wooden tables in the room where the leaves were being prepared before going into the vats.  The liquid elixir that came out was slightly green, but had a bright energy to it – almost alive. I understood that the elixir was being prepared for many worlds. 

I took out my sword and dipped it into some of the liquid that was in a bowl. I could feel that it was very powerful. I had to resist the urge to be surrounded by it, to swim in it.  I got some on my hands and then rubbed it onto my arms.  It was purifying, refreshing, and deeply fulfilling. If everyone had this elixir, there would be no wars or strife.  Its love at the Source level, but only what each being can handle at a time.

My sword hums with a high vibration. I sheath it. I know it’s time to go back.  I see that others are also leaving.

Mykeddie has a small leaf in his hand and he holds his hand out to me. I close my hand over his and we are transported to the Arch garden.  I take the leaf and plant it in the garden.

We go back to the Temple. My hands still smell like the minty-sweet floral scent of the plant. I hug Mykeddie with joy. Before leaving I want to ask him about the plants.

Question: Can you tell me about the plant?

Answer: The plant provides a substance that represents Source or Divinity for those who will drink of it. Whoever drinks of it will know peace and love and great abundance. It is offered to all, but not all will partake. It is always available and never runs out.

Question: How do I get it?

Answer: Just ask.

Thank you.

Of course, I ask for some of the elixir, please. He holds out a very beautiful crystal chalice. The liquid is incredibly beautiful.  I take the cup, kneel on one knee. I give thanks. I take a small sip, relishing each moment it is in my mouth. The liquid moves through me in an elegant way. It is warm, refreshing, almost musical. The taste resembles the residue on my hands. Minty, sweet, but pleasant.

I open my eyes and look up.  I am alone now in the darkness of the cave. The cup is gone. This journey is at an end.

Very interesting. Just yesterday I'd finished a potent plant alchemy, one to be sprayed over to the top of the head. It's amazing. We'll be announcing it on Tuesday.

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