• Hi Cheryl,

    Wow. So beautiful. Really extraordinary. I feel like you described a place I have been before on Xupra. The brushy plain with the animals. At that visit it felt like I was surrounded by these clouds pods of these animals in great swirling herds only it was like wind colorful  elemental totemic spirit clouds of them trailing across the plain but also visceral and tangible as well as being more etheric. Anyway it was wonderful feeling what you wrote here. Thank you!

  • Oh Cheryl! How profoundly lovely and powerful.
    My hand is to my heart in gratitude. =i=

  • Very interesting. Just yesterday I'd finished a potent plant alchemy, one to be sprayed over to the top of the head. It's amazing. We'll be announcing it on Tuesday.

  • What a stunning visit. I have see the book with the golden writing before. Very interesting totem sigil. I hope I get to visit this place soon. <3

  • nice visit Cheryl. thanks for sharing.

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We’re calling it the Mythion Project for the reasons discussed below. In summary, the plan is to take a group of people into much higher spaces. I know I’ve promised this for years, but it was never time. Now it is. This will start with a group…

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