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Everything is connected...

Can't wait!

JD Aliix said:

Very interesting. Just yesterday I'd finished a potent plant alchemy, one to be sprayed over to the top of the head. It's amazing. We'll be announcing it on Tuesday.


After the entry and cave cleansing, I move past the fountain and enter the Temple.

Mykeddie (my Guide) greets me, exuding kindness, and welcomes me back. He reaches out his hand, and as I take it, our hand chakras merge. This is pleasant

I look around and notice that it is bright daylight with blue skies and rolling green fields. We move to a center garden with the large stone-like arch in the center. Before, I examined that the arch is made up of small round creatures with a joy about them. They were gray in color and all together made up the stone structure. But now, these creatures shine with a bright white light, which makes the entire archway shine.

We step through the archway into a vast tunnel of twisting color and light where it winds and we suddenly find ourselves in a vast green field. As we stand there, there is a great pulse that moves through us from a great distance. The pulse is seen as a distortion, felt as a deep shockwave, and heard as a great heartbeat or drum. This occurs three times.

Mentally, I’m curious about what this was. Telepathically, Mykeddie informs me this is a form of cleansing communication.

I look around and see a few other women nurturing the plants, stroking them and sending love energy to them. We move to a low waterfall that empties into pools of water. Mykeddie informs me that there are great mysteries here for those who can see/hear/feel.

I listen to the soothing sound of the water. Looking into the water I can see that there are microscopic colors and codes in the water. I see that the water is a living thing, like life-blood that moves through our veins, this water moves across the land and nurtures life and informs wherever it goes.

A mist rises up out of the water and gently forms the shape of a horse, then changes into the shape of a baby. Then it changes again into the shape of an ancient book. Writing appears on the “pages” written in sparkling gold. There are alchemical symbols and words in a language I couldn’t understand.

I reach my hands into the mist shape, and then wipe the moisture over my face and arms. The codes go into me. I find myself thinking “I accept” but don’t know what it is I accept.

I step into the water and stand beneath the waterfall. The water pours over me. It’s cool but I’m not uncomfortable. Though my face is in the water, I can still breathe. The water seems to enter each cell and I feel strengthened and enlarged. My mind searches for content, but there is none. It just is.

I look at one of the higher rocks and see a drop of water just before it drops. I look closer. There is a scene within the drop from another time or place, perhaps another world. I see a young girl around 10. She stands in a golden field of wheat-like plants. The sun shines brightly on her as she speaks to someone that I can’t see. I look into another drop. This scene is dark, goth-like, of someone walking down a dark city ally in the rain.
In another drop I see a beautiful garden of bright flowers. I sense how the water connects it all in all times and places. Then I see another drop, and I am in it. This time I sense someone is watching me just as I watched the others. I feel a strange connection here.

I suddenly smell the greenery around me on a breeze, it’s fresh and cleansing. I love being here and don’t want to leave, but sense it’s time to step out of the water. When I do, I’m dry. I stand with Mykeddie and watch over the top of the waterfall grotto, and a bright light grows in intensity. The large beams of light wash over everything. The warmth penetrates us and it feels loving and soothing. We stand there for a time and just take it in. I feel like the codes are being baked in to me. I offer gratitude.

Two females come to the pool. They are laughing with sheer joy. The three of us hold hands and the codes pass from one to the other.

I ask for time with my guide. We fly with the warm beams still on us. I have a sacred place behind my heart that is a kind of sanctuary, and to my surprise, we end up there. There is a large stone balcony that looks out over a golden forest, with a stunning gazebo below. This place is similar to Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings. It is quiet and peaceful here. We don’t communicate, but just enjoy the peace and watch the beautiful scene.

I get ready to ask… but Mykeddie answers before I can form the question. He says yes, the pools are eternal for all who will see.

Question: What was I seeing? Answer: Just moments out of countless numbers of moments, connected by what you saw as water.

Question: There is very little water in a desert, the water doesn’t connect moments there, does it?
Answer: There is no water. All there really is - is Consciousness. It is everywhere

What a stunning visit. I have see the book with the golden writing before. Very interesting totem sigil. I hope I get to visit this place soon. <3

Coordinates: 03221019 Xupra
Name: Cheryl
Date: 03/22/2019
Begin Time: 06:11
End Time: 07:01
Session Form: Adept
AV/PD: Light background 932 hz music
Sounds: silence, chirping, breezy, laughing, music
Smells: sweet, floral, vegetation, sunny, pleasant
Tastes: fresh
Temps: warm, tepid, cool, temperate
Surfaces: hard, semi-hard, soft, rigid, natural, flexible, liquid, solid, slick, built, cold, warm, rough, permeable
Textures: rough, smooth, coarse, cloth, sandy, grainy, wet, dry, slick, soft, fuzzy
Colors: violet, reds, greens, blues, oranges, yellows, pinks, purples, pastels, whites, grays
Contrasts: high, medium, mixed, blended, depth, flat
Mass: thick, thin, substantial, insubstantial, heavy, light, dense, solid,
Size: large, dominating, towering, wide, vast, normal,
Outside Space: vast, spread out, unenclosed, natural, boundaried, open, populous, ample, far-reaching, airy, impressive, surrounded
Inside Space: cavernous, natural, built, immense, simple, shadowed, bulky, solid
My Impression: Temple halls, castle-like; open areas, vast populated; garden areas, intimate
Visual: reds, greens, blues, oranges, yellows, violets, pinks, purples, pastels, whites, medium, low, mixed, blended, depth, flat
Materials: skin, cloth, water, plant, stone, liquids, wood, sand, mist
Structural: simple, circles, rounded arches, dome, column, geometric, convex, tall, towering, huge, squat,
My Feeling: sacred space, highly energized
Energy/Emotions: joyful, bliss, reverent, empowering
Motion: direction, power, amplitude, slow,
Environment: neutral, cool,
Atmosphere: charged, serene, exciting, light, fun, intense, active
Concepts: gratitude, love, excitement, holy, one-ness, focused
Purpose: ritual site for gathering joining
P3 Movement 1: up to look down
P3 Movement 2: up to find end
P3 Movement 3: inside flowers
P3 Word Strings 1: vast numbers
P3 Word Strings 2: no end, eternal
P3 Word Strings 3: large, bulky, fuzzy
P3 Matrix Deductions: Gathering place for joining and emanating positive energies
Things: matrix, flowers, arches, gate, alter-like objects, diamond, portals, stones, sword, fountain, people, plants,
Non-Things: shimmer inside portals, cloud-like pink matrix,
Energy/Emotion: joyful, celebratory, sacred, gratitude, cautious
Telepathic: You must enter alone. If you could create anything, what would it be? We have that. Excitement is in the process of learning. To anyone who will receive. To collect all you feel is important.
Wild Card: Swimming in the diamond white matrix.
Themes: Connectedness, fun, celebration, spiritual, contact, integration, encoding, teaching, gathering place
Types: artificial structure, natural structure, natural scene, water, land, people, plant
P6 QA: Where does the energy from the alters/reflectors get sent to?
To all who will receive.
What is my sword for?
to collect all you feel is important to you.
P6 Impressions: As those who joined for the ritual/celebration, a pink cloudy matrix formed. The domed alters reflected this energy outward. More people joined and the matrix got larger. The love matrix expanded and the power grew in an unending cycle. As more people become connected through love/Source, the power grows and the energy grows.
I Feel: A better understanding of the excitement of learning, not just knowing; feeling a desire to be part of the pink matrix; and finally feeling very refreshed as I was ready to leave
PSS: I lingered in the cleansing space this time before entering the Temple and finding myself in the familiar garden courtyard. There was a sweet jasmine scent in the air. I saw a shimmering portal, and walked towards it. I noticed my guide, Mykeddie, was not present, so asked for him to be with me. He appeared behind me and tole me I must enter alone. It was taking a leap of faith, as the portal was just a shimmering darkness. As I stepped through, I had a sensation of being dizzy. I consciously opened to receive and went into a deeper state of consciousness. It felt like time was being altered. Then I saw a huge fuzzy yellow flower towering over me. Shaped somewhat like a tulip. There were several that I could see, and they were undulating in a kind of dance, but I knew that this was their language among them. I went inside the nearest one to see what was there. A diamond the size of a ping pong ball was present. I lifted it up and it shot out light. I put it between both hands and there was a light explosion. I found myself within a matrix of white diamond light.

A voice asked me, "What do you want?" I said I desired awareness and knowing. I was pushed upward within this matrix that seemed to go on for eternity. I moved past worlds, stars, and saw clips of human/alien life. This was a fabric that moved in all directions. There were slight nuances of colors and sound within it. I could swim in this fabric in any direction. I chose to "swim" back to Xupra, which now seemed small and large at the same time.

As I re-entered the familiar Xupra, my guide was waiting for me. I looked at my sword that I carry whenever I'm here, and saw light strands from the matrix enter the blade.

My guide asks me, "If you could have anything, what would it be?" There are several other of the same species as him watching me. I said I would like to create a world where everyone could create anything they wanted to. He said, "We all have that." I thought for a moment. Yes, we do. That is what we do on Earth. Then I said, Then, a collective creation point for those who have learned to rise above hate and destruction, where there is always wonder to excite us, and where beauty takes our breath away.

He told me that there is also excitement in the process of learning, not just reaching the state of knowing.

Suddenly, we were moving between pillars made of blue light in the darkness.

We came to a vast area where there was a round, domed alter-like structure made of stone about chest high. Columns were around the base. There were flowers around it and a few on it. The sun began to rise in a beautiful sunrise of pinks, yellows, oranges and pastels. Other people were arriving, all joyful. As it got lighter, I could see that there were many of these alter-like structures. There was singing and celebrating, everyone there was in a state of bliss.

I had a moment where I remembered one of my early visits and saw a desert with palms, this was so different from that first experience.

As I watched the gathering, I could see their spirits begin to join, which began to build a soft pink mist kind of matrix above them. They were all connected by it. Then suddenly, the alters shot out more of the pink energy upwards like great reflectors. More people joined the matrix, and it became stronger, which pulled more people in.

Another portal opened and Mykeddie and I went through it. We found ourselves at a waterfall and several pools of clear water. It was very peaceful there and I just took it in. Soon, a few others showed up. Everyone was quiet and just partaking of the peace. Some ran their hands in the water, some put their feet in. This place was part of a field of green grass and plantlife. I had the thought that the sacred water needed to always be moving and flowing.

A white picket gate appeared nearby and we walked through. We were then at the central garden courtyard with the towering living arches. There was a deep sense of Oneness here.

I asked Mykeddie where the reflectors were sending the pink energy. He told me it was sent out to anyone who would receive it. Then I asked him what my sword was for. He said it was to collect anything that I thought was important.

We walked further to a stone fountain. I took my sword and dipped it into the water and re-sheathed it. We were back at the Temple garden/courtyard. I felt refreshed and thanked him.
PSS Deduction: Though our Earth experience is fraught with dangers, hatred, and things that don't always feel good, the learning process is an exciting one and we shouldn't overlook that fact. We are extremely blessed to have this time on Earth at this time in her history. And, the things we desire are already here within us.

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