10953383079?profile=RESIZE_584xInformation regarding the Temple of the White Fountain is found on other Discussions here, but I’ll summarize before going into a recent transmission. If you read the thread on the Hieros Gamos ceremony we did about eight years ago, you’ll have read a bit about this collective intelligence group we call the White Fountain.

The Lady of the White Fountain emerges as the liaison, and we’ve worked with her on several projects before, and have in fact visited there in group sessions, which we’ll be doing soon, maybe next Tuesday, Feb 7, to get the introductions made with all new members who’ve never been there.

This is going to expand into a full-blown cooperative effort for all I-Zero (soon to be formerly TSB) members who are called to participate and have the intuitive awareness and act upon the call to action to join in.

I’ve been working on an alchemy for a while now. It was just an idea. I just wanted to play, and then, of course, come to find out it’s involved in a project that has been planned, unbeknownst to me, for probably eons of nontime (Mythion readers will get a kick out of that reference). That alchemy has deepened me into yet another layer that goes well beyond simple enlightenment. A member recently brought up on the home page status a time when I was standing around, saying “Oh my God!” over and over for at least 30 minutes. This was years ago. I was absolutely rocked by something, just shaken to my core, shocked, appalled, disturbed, haunted, and to this day I can’t explicate what it was.

It was like seeing with senses that hadn’t yet developed into full-blown communicative mechanisms with my brain’s definition centers. This new alchemy deepened me farther into it, and gave me an understanding that I can talk about, but the words I would use are just the usual buzzwords and cliches.

In short, this particular alchemy is showing me The Machine, like I’m now in its brain. Brings to mind Neo when he arrived at Machine City. But we’ll get into that more in due course. The point is that it tunes the “physical” brain to peak performance, and I’m pretty sure this is due to a detoxing effect and high level bio-conductivity. But it also extends the brain’s reach into the deeper, broader, well beyond 3D, neural range. I already know it has an effect on the cerebellum and cerebral cortex, as I’ve been feeling my third eye (just above the place usually thought of as the third eye, about where a cyclops eye would go) in a quiet burn for all the weeks I’ve been  playing with it. I've also changed more as a human in the past month than in any other stretch for quite some time, and I think it's due almost entirely to setting up the conditions for a greater influx of Metaself, or even a full-blown walk-in of probably a proxy of Merlin, or his teacher. 

I’ll get going on making more of this stuff. I don’t know even know what it’s called. But prepare yourselves for it. In the comet pic, the blue you see at the leading edge corona of the comet is roughly the color of the liquid in this alchemy, which is the color of universal connection. I shot the pic of two nights ago. As you’ll see in the following transmission from The Lady of the White Fountain, the comet that’s been pretty close to Earth now for months is involved in our project. I’ve worked with comets before, but this one has a whole different signature/echo on the spacewaves of change.

To wrap up my writeup, I asked our dear sister and friend, Molly, to check in with the Lady. I had a hunch both the comet and this alchemy had something bigger than the usual big going on. The following is the result.


February 2, 2023

The Lady Speaks with the voice of Molly Helene.

I see you Jason, and honor you where you exist. We are here to serve.

The comet represents the elements of ice and fire. It moves with unsolicited purpose, a utility within this celestial solar body. It is a harbinger of the return of grand cyclic proportions, to an age of unfiltered seeing and understanding. It is the beginning of the powerful momentum of cosmic undoing, an unravelling; unwinding that which was tightly wound.

It speaks to us its family of solar inhabitants, to flow, elicit, and utilize a calm presence of attention in lovingly melting the frozen aspects of one’s internal composition. Feeling deeply into the physical and its energetic expression, the inner quality of being.

We ask those who will hear, to find their fusion of ice and fire, by igniting the furnace of selfless love, and melting the frozen energies that linger within. To saturate these merged energies into every cell of being - a marriage of self and selfless, individuated being and Presence-As-All being.

This comet being is an aspect of an alchemy you have brought forth. The alchemy is an aspect of the Comet. We ask that you consider the assemblage of beings that animate this alchemy as legion by which to calm one’s attention to the loving presence. We understand that many have mental activity that carries much excess energy, a heat which would better serve residing in one’s internal cauldron. These legions of master beings will carry the excess leaking heat/energies that reside in one’s brain tissues, synapses, and energy field, to melt as a beautiful flow through the fire of the heart and into the belly, stoking the cauldron and heating the rise of potent waters of sexual energies.

This alchemical mixing of water and fire will ignite a transmutation, creating an elixir. These transformative and creative energies will then be radiated throughout the body, the body electric, as an initiatory process for stepping into an existence where one expresses love-infused attention as one’s selfless intention. One can then more readily manifest their perceived reality experience without the tangled filters of doubt, fear, anxiety, grief, guilt, and other precepts that were inserted and embraced into the earth human milieu. Through this alchemical process, aided by the alchemies you have brought, and are bringing forth, one can step through a door, unclothed from burdensome filters, nakedly connecting into a state of awareness that was apparent during the comet’s last return. It is a return to innocence, an innocence informed by innate wisdom.


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  • Bring it on!!

  • Wow ! What power packed ride this is ! Thank you !

  • Comets are pretty sweet little critters, I'm sure it will be fun. And always nice to play with the mother machine. Feels like going home. Great job, Molly! 

    • I am merely the scribe. 

      • The chosen scribe ;)

  • Can't wait!

  • let's go. 

  • Beautiful!! Can't wait!

  • No wonder I have been sungazing like I can't get enough....  what  amazing information Molly  :)

    and a new alchemy?  blue colored?  oh wow !

  • What a  powerful vibration the Lady of the White Fountain carries in her words. Thank you for sharing !

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