This is the rant thread when the violet fire just isn't quite enough.


Try not to be too toxic :x

Realize at some point in the esoteric lineage, you chose exactly what you're experiencing

After expressing a problem, try to see the ways it will naturally resolve itself

Try not to curse

Be honest enough that progress is made

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Excellent practice. I would also like to include- think new thoughts and focus relentlessly on joy and matching your vibe to a different way of being that support your new reality so you can replace the "the loop" and create that new perceptual experience and make THAT your default setting of the routes on the neuron map of firing potentials

I am reading (really quickly and I should notIngo Swan's reality box. It's really good. He presents the case that most often when we are in a reality box it's difficult to shatter that box.  I haven't made it to the chapters where he talks about shattering the boxes.

OMG... we should have our own book club on Ingo Swan's books. He's just so wow.

Any thoughts, opinions, experiences with gambling?

It's a blast, and I love it. It's also a fascinating study in probabilities. And if you use an 80% probabilistically foolproof system, they'll throw you out of the casino. 

Calvin said:

Any thoughts, opinions, experiences with gambling?

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