You guys know us. You know the last thing in the world we want to do is add to the fear. The second-to-last thing we want to do is be exploitative OF those fears. So, please know that's not what we're doing with this. What we're doing is saying that IF you have any concern to any to any degree, be it workplace, location, susceptibility, whatever, our Silver product will help tremendously to boost the immune system. A stronger immune system is the best remedy.

Because we have to here's a link to our medical disclaimer.

If you're drawn to it, get it here.

Before I get to the information, I've posted an informal poll on Facebook I'd sure like you to respond to, if you have a moment. It's a simple Yes/No question. 

Now for what we've dredged up in relation to it.

In penetrating the "secrets" behind this virus, we've come up with a little write-up of what's going on with it. It was engineered, of course, for any number of purposes, including as a bioweapon. It was decided by those who are in a position to "challenge" humanity in their own self-serving ways to release it into the world just to watch what humans would do in response.  

This one is nowhere near as nasty as people are being led to believe, and pretty much everybody who is involved in commenting on it, reporting on it in the media, the people raking in tons of cash because of it, are doing nothing but playing off each other. Of course, the news exists to spoon-feed the masses to fire up their fears.

The upside is that people will in general look for ways to get healthier, and that of course is a very good thing. Covid-19 will become just another flu-strain.


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Yeah, I've been watching the series, though I'm not done with it yet. When I finish, I'll share some of my thoughts.

The image of that little boy (JFK, Jr.) saluting his fathers casket is burned into the mind (eye) of our global consciousness.  It's perfect!

If you are up to watching the entire series including #5, NOT on GooTube:

Bit Chute:

Re: The Fall of the Cabal. I'm glad that people are waking up to this.I started down the Rabbit Hole in 2013 and felt pretty alone about this stuff for a long time. The question is, once one wakes up to this game, what do you do with the information? Many people go through the phases of grief which is very understandable and can be part of an individual's or group's waking-up process.

Fortunately for us here, we can recognize all of this as a game and that we are here to be aware of the play, hero's journey, divine comedy/tragedy, but ultimately keep our feeling tones and frequencies operating at a much more accelerated rate - a quantum jump as it were - than the average earth human. Our focus on the quantum WHAT IFs, the wonderful possibilities that we can imagine, give the force of gravity to making them the probable "future" (i.e. NOW). ABS, Xupra, iMagi, are magnificent tools to set in place a "new" world into the collective experience.

OMG just binged watched it....I knew bits and pieces of all this from here and there over the years... so well constructed!  I can feel the truth of this in my bones.. its happening and what a time to be here and part of this global awakening!!  

Yeah, it;s a nice synopsis and the presentation is exceptional, the maker of the series really is talented, has a real gift for what she's doing.

It builds a nice narrrative and it does make sense, to a degree, for the species, we do love our royalty, Democracy, might be a periodic oddity for us.

We might just be inclined genetically towards a sense of following those annoited with the concept of a divinely touched leader. In the end, it doesn't really matter what the political - governmental organization type we have, it's all leading to same place anyhow.

Personally, i scough at the idea of Royalty and prefer something more democractic. I think it builds self-reliance and is a better forge for identity and molding understanding of choice. But, as everrything is just a stepping stone towards a growing sense of unity, the JFK thing works for me.

I guess we'll see soon enough.

JFK piece is certainly a bit of a cliff hanger in this story !.... finest kind of entertainment indeed

Thia, Chance, did you guys watch the Austin Steinbart series. I think they're even more important, because they're calling on "the meek" (Biblical Reference) for help in their ops. That's powerful.

Thank you for this incredible source of information

No wonder so many wonderers came here to witness this unfold in all its majesty (pun intended)

It got me wondering a bit - this lady refers to Satan, Baphomet, Lucifer, Moloch and a couple other names as a single entity. I've read the luciferian soul thread Jason posted couple months back so I realize the role of Lucifer..but..this cult and its rituals, whats the purpose of it? And these names, they are not the same entity, are they? Why would they make a sacrifice TO some entity?
Who is this? Some 5/6/7D soul complex that plays its part to be the bad guy? Or a 4D negative polarity entity? Who is it these guys are worshipping and why

I actually went back and forth about posting this question, it just feels so off to ask this as I find it somewhat repulsive, even though I understand the importance of the darkness. So please forgive me if you think it doesn't belong here, I just figured if somebody knows, its you guys.

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