Crypto Investments to keep an eye on * Not Financial Advice * ;)

I'm starting this thread to share information on Crypto Currency and promising projects that I believe will be majors players in the crypto space, and have great potential to grow your wealth in your portfolio over the coming 6 months at the very least. This bull run may last longer than the 2017 bull run, as companies release working viable products onto the market that provide greater value then they did in the previous bull run.

I've been fortunate enough to connect with some pretty amazing people in this space that have great insights into profitable investments in the short term and long term. I will occasionally share tips and tricks on what I've learned since starting this journey that will give you an edge in this market.

I must note that, I am by no means a professional trader, but i'm confident with what i've learned and with the people I am surrounding myself within the crypto space, that I will continue to be a profitable investor/trader over the coming months and years.

There is soo much opportunity to make life changing gains within this space. Want to come along for the ride?

Please feel free to ask me questions, and I will do my best to provide you with answers, or point you in the right direction to find the answers to your questions.

Once again this should not be taken as financial advice, I am not a financial advisor. 

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This is one project that I am currently bullish on. It's called Mirror protocol. It's a synthetic asset protocol that provides on-chain access to price exposure of real world assets (Tesla, Apple, S&P 500, Etc.). "MIR" or Mirror Protocol was just listed on Coinbase Custody recently which is very bullish and will give greater exposure and liquidity for Mirror Protocol. The chart below is a great setup currently for those who wish to take advantage of it, as you can see by the chart there was a healthy correction today, which is a very good buying opportunity. I believe the correction was caused by the news that Binance (the top tier 1 exchange) listed tradable digital stocks on their platform today. Basically the same thing Mirror protocol is doing except Mirror Protocol is more decentralized. Binance is very centralized. I would say that if you have the basic knowledge already to take advantage of this correction you see on this chart. $MIR is the token handle to look up when searching for this. I can see this easily rising to $75- $100 this year.

I have mentioned this project on a seperate thread on the website before, It's called "Terra". It's handle is LUNA when looking it up. It's based out of South Korea and is being used by over %6 of their population currently througha decentralized  payment app called CHAI. South Korea is farther along with the adoption of digital currencies than North America is currently. There is an entire financial eco-system being built around Terra. If you are staking your LUNA  now you will receive a percentage of tokens weekly that are being built on the Terra blockchain. Terra has their own algorithmic stable coin called $UST that is pegged to the US dollar and rivals current stable coins because of it's use cases. When there is more demand for UST, LUNA is actually burned at a 1:1 ratio, which makes a very bullish case for LUNA, as LUNA will continuously become more scarce as the demand for UST rises. The eco-system that Terra is building right now is going to create a massive demand for UST. I will direct you to this interview with the creator Do Kwon, as I am no where near as technical and he will go into greater detail about Terra than I can. Below is a couple of great interviews that will bring you up to speed on the project better than I can.

This is a trading cheatsheet that is a good reference to work from. Bullish and Bearish patterns

Another great trading cheat sheet to familiarize yourself with.

"W" patterns that form on charts are bullish and "M" patterns tend to be bearish patterns. If you look at the Mirror protocol chart I posted above you will notice the "M" pattern that formed and then a massive dip was the result.

Twitter is a great resource for information in the crypto space, as well as Telegram. If you are looking for constant updates on your investments these can be a great way to stay in touch with update to date information in the space. If you are searching for a specific project like Terra for instance, you would type the name in the search bar with a dollar sign in front of it - $TERRA. The search will bring up all the most recent posts and info that has been posted regarding your investment. The Larger accounts tend to put out lengthy threads that can be very informative

Beware of scammers on Telegram (and Twitter), they are everywhere, beware of anyone trying to Direct Message you. If you are in a telegram group such as "Terra network" for instance, they tend to capitalize on people who are asking questions in the group who are less skilled than others. They will direct message you and try and social engineer you with whatever your question is regarding. Just be aware of this. 

Some great accounts to follow on twitter that post chart setups and informational threads on different crypto's are:








@d0h0k1 - Creator of Terra $LUNA




These are some great traders, there are plenty more. Will add more soon.

Another great company to check out that is about to explode soon called Stobox - STBU

BIG news for Stobox today!

Another goldmine of a project - EnreachDao, based out of Switzerland. $NRCH

Shark Tank host Kevin Harrington is a major investor in this project

This project could easily 100X !

This next one I am going to go heavy on soon. It's a CDN (Content Delivery Network) similar to THETA except better in many ways. Strong team out of Malaysia, been developing the product for over 3 Years. 

$THETA $12B mcap / 30K nodes (in 2 years) 1 patent - applied

$AIOZ $90m mcap/ 18K nodes (in 3 weeks) 3 patents - forfeited in the spirit of decentralization

Patents: AI Proof of Transcoding, Infinite Sharding, AIOZ Blockchain

The chart has pretty much bottomed out and is a great buying opportunity. This could literally do over 100x and it still would be cheaper than THETA's current price, and they have a better product than THETA.

Hi Nathan! I've been interested in crypto currency since the beginning of Bitcoin! Unfortunately, I was too young and impatient and sold all my coins!! But all goes as it shoud go.. Since a few months have I been engaging in the crypto scene again. And boy wat a wonderful ride it is for sure! Thank you so much for sharing your tips on this tread. Very much appreciated :D

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