• Target 33, 63491 0331



    Coordinates: 63491 0331
    Name: Devorah Wittig
    Date: 05/27/2017
    Begin Time: 1:25 pm
    End Time: 3:22 pm
    Session Form: Xupra
    OUTSIDE: Yes
    INSIDE: Yes
    ACCOMPANIED: With Someone
    ENVIRONMENT: clean, dry, uncluttered, organized
    ATMOSPHERE: light, gay, primed, anticipatory, welcoming, soft, gentle
    TOPOGRAPHY: wide, expansive, beautiful long views
    SOUNDS: rattles, shakers, reeds blowing,
    OUTSIDE SPACE: tall, elegant, purposeful, intimidating, light, peaceful
    INSIDE SPACE: wide, open,
    TASTE-SMELL: flat, pleasant, neutral, honey, liquid, light
    P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: The cave part felt dark. In the temple part there was a lot of discussion, mostly about checking and adjusting. I feel that someone is with me, a guide of some sort. They are friendly and really do not speak, but communicate in other ways. I am being directed towards something.
    P2 VISUAL: Colors:  blues, yellows, grays, oranges, pewters, blacks
    ME1:  browns, pinks
    Contrasts:  smooth, blended
    Luminosity:  low, dimmed
    P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: rough, even, sandy, dense, loose, filled
    ME1:  marble, glass, smooth
    ME2:  cloth, skin
    P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: normal, dimensional
    ME1:  large, stately, imposing, positioned
    ME2:  tall, well-proportioned
    P2 MATERIALS: cloth, skin,
    ME1:  marble

    P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: humanesque
    ME1:  columns, geometric, tall
    P2 MOTION: gliding, smooth, non-disruptive,
    ME1:  flying, whooshing
    ME2:  breathing
    P2 CONCEPTS: eagerness, home, welcoming, resuming, fitting
    ME1:  temple, worship, glory

    P2 PURPOSE: guidance, play, remembering, consciousness expansion
    ME1:  gathering, instructing, meeting,
    P2 PHONETICS: trickling sounds
    ME1:  greeting
    ME2:  murmuring
    P2 MOVEMENT 1: ME1:  Move to above the target area and describe.
    P2 MOVEMENT 2: ME2:  Move close to the primary object in the target scene and describe.
    P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: There appear to be two objects that are being described:  one is a temple-like structure and the other is a human-like being.
    P4 THINGS: SY1:  spaces, beings,
    SY1P1:  radios, spoons, whiskers, feathers, animals, plants, pictures, places, greenery,
    SY1P2:  goats, cheese, random items, draperies, tapestries,
    SY1P3:  documents, letters
    SY1P4:  ingots
    P4 NON-THINGS: SY1:  concepts, ideas, energies, coping, straying
    SY1P1:  information, downloads, chatting
    SY1P2:  feeding, capturing, pulling
    SY1P3:  grace, ease, fulfillment
    SY1P4:  trading, procedure, protocol, objectives, advice
    P4 TELEPATHIC: SY1:  'now is the time'.
    SY1P1:  'be with us'.
    SY1P2:  'all is well'.
    P4 WILD CARD: SY1P1:  topiaries
    SY1P2:  reading, examining
    SY1P4:  evening
    P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I don't know what to make of the above information at the moment. The category that stands out the most for me is the non-things, that there is a specific purpose involving information, downloads, procedure, protocols and objectives. What these are, or are for, not clear at the moment.
    THEMES: cleansing, adjustment, realignment, integration, encoding, spiritual, monasterial
    TYPES: artificial structure, natural scene, land, people animals, plants
    P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: Nothing. No scene. I gave it about 20 minutes. All that can be 'seen' are the colors behind closed eyes. That something is there, I can sense, but it is very veiled. Sometimes the veils thin a bit, but not to the point where something can be seen.I have to admit that I have never been able to visualize in this way so this should be good for me to begin now.  Sensations? Yes, I can do. Hearing? Yes. Data receiving? Yes.

    The energy was a spiraling one. At one point I felt as though I was flying. There were two times when there was an intense rush of 'wind' and a brightening of the visual field. This inability to visualize has been a 'plague' for me for a long time. I've addressed it to myself in other meditations and methods I've done over the years. There are times when images will materialize briefly and then are gone. It seems that just beyond peripheral vision, something wants to come. It arrives in snippets and then goes away. And even if something does materialize, it does not stay long. Sorry....
    I FEEL: I enjoyed how the atmosphere feels welcoming, soft and gentle. No hardness or edginess there, and I can feel that here. I feel loved, guided, and there is a sense of returning, belonging, re-meeting old comrades. I must say, Jason, I'm pretty sure I sensed your presence there.

    Actually, I'm feeling a bit frustrated because this hasn't been as fruitful a session as I might have liked. The feelings are not strong, and again, there is a great deal of detachment. I felt there was an instructional purpose for me being there and that there were some adjustments being done to accomplish something.
    PSS: There were both an inside space and an outside space. There was someone accompanying me and seemed to be 'talking' a lot but I was not 'hearing'.

    The environment was clean, dry, uncluttered and organized. Every element was in balance, in its proper place and functional to the extreme. Sounds included a rattle-type sound and a shaker/rattle type sound and the sound of wind blowing over reeds. P2 sounds/phonetics included trickling sounds, ME1 a greeting, and ME2, murmuring. Tastes were flat, that is not overpowering or overly distinct, pleasant, neutral, like honey, liquid and light (as if light can be tasted here.) Colors include blues, yellows, grays, oranges, pewters, and blacks, ME1, browns and pinks. Contrasts were blended as it seemed to be dusk, and were smoothly integrated into one another. Luminosity was low, dimmed due to the time of day. Textures involved were tough, even, sandy, dense, loose and filled, ME1, marble, glass, smooth, ME2, cloth and skin.

    The atmosphere was light, not heavy or weighted, gay, in a sense, and primed and seemingly anticipatory for something to happen or to be accomplished. It was also welcoming, soft and gentle.

    Outside, the topography is wide, expansive with beautiful, long views. There seems to be a temple-like structure and viewing it from the outside it is tall, elegant, purposeful, slightly intimidating, light and peaceful. The inside space of this structure is wide and

    I the P2 Mass-Dimensions, the first set seemed to be describing the guide who was with me as normal and dimensional, while ME1 was addressing the structure we were near as large, stately, imposing and deliberately positioned, ME2, large and well-proportioned. Same thing occurred with the Shapes-Structures:  humanesque, describing my guide and columns, geometric and tall describing the structure.

    Motions were all gliding and smooth as if all movements were designed to be as non-disruptive as possible. This added to the serenity that was evident there. ME1, flying and whooshing, ME2, breathing, which could also be heard and was intentional.

    Concepts involving this place included eagerness, as in the sense of beginning something, a feeling of home, welcoming, resuming something that had been left off, and fitting, as in fitting in. ME1, temple, worship and glory. The purposes included guidance, play, remembering, consciousness expansion, ME1 a place for gathering, instruction and general meetings.

    P4 things:  spaces in the sense of there being specific spaces for specific purposes, beings, SY1P1, radios (?!), spoons, whiskers, feathers, animals, plants, pictures, like paintings, places (outdoors) and greenery. SY1P2, goats, cheese, random items, draperies, tapestries, SY1P3, documents, letters, and SY1P4 ingots.

    P4 non-things:  a lot doing with concepts, ideas, energies, coping, straying, SY1P1, receiving information, downloads and chatting, SY1P2, feeding capturing and pulling (perhaps of animals), SY1P3, grace, ease and fulfillment, and SY1P4, trading (exchange), procedures, protocols, objectives and advice.

    Telepathic:  'now is the time', SY1P1, 'be with us', and SY1P2, 'all is well'.

    Wild cards:  SY1P1, topiaries, SY1P2, reading, examining (as in examinations), and SY1P4, evening.

    Themes:  cleansing, adjustment, realignment, integration, encoding, regarding the processes that can go on there, and spiritual and monasterial in the sense of having a higher purpose and continual remembrance of All That Is.

    Types:  artificial structure, natural scene, land, people, animals and plants.

    Actually, I am going to contradict my 'frustrating' 'here and now' comment and say, now that I have gotten into this PSS, there was a lot more here than I first thought and it is all making more sense to me now.

  •    Hi, Devorah.  I was somewhat frustrated also  when I first started  because my visuals where not as clear as I wanted them to be.  Now sometimes when I am with Xupra, I ask to be taken on a journey that will help me to experience " my way of seeing".  Not everyone  gathers data in the same way. My visuals are not crystal clear, but my clarity of "knowing" along with a sense of confidence that what I do see, is accurate and true, helps me to let go of my want for those clear visuals. Maybe someday it will be so, but for now, all is as it should be.  Maybe we can journey together sometime. 

  • Hi Doe, thanks for sharing that with me. I also have a 'knowing' that the data is good and your advice to let it go and be what it is, is sound. Also asking for 'my way of seeing' is very full of wisdom.

    It's nice to know someone else 'sees' this way.

    A journey together would be nice after I feel as though I have a little more confidence with this new way of being. I'd like some more experience under my belt before I do that.

    After a session, do you still feel connected with Xupra? Even just doing one session, I feel a connection. It is thin, like a thread, but down that thread drips love, a better knowing of Xupra and a connection. Does this happen with you?

  • Yes, that special energy with Xupra that happens after a visit always feels good.  Sometimes I will stay there for awhile until it starts to fade away. Enjoy.

  • BIG Congratulations Devorah on your recent graduation!  

  • Thanks so much, Shelly. You guys are awesome!

  • I have a feeling that a unique sense of sight will develop more and more for you. Visuals are not visual sometimes I think they born more organically from our senses into a type of visual shape or form that is not quite the same as our usual definition of sight.

     It's like having another pair of eyes that don't "see" yet they are able to bloom imagery inspite of it. I imagine it's much like maybe how blind person might experience a world completely rich and full of experience.

    I also sense there is a very integrous feature within you that has not quite "snipped" as though a tether has not quite released but is very close to doing so. When you are dealing with in a sense a type of astral? ( This is not astral) but any type of shamanic journying I think there is a real sense of "can this be real? Am I making this up?  in the beginning there is a internal brake a little bit of cautiousness and unconscious kind of veil as it were to make sure the data is safe. Very careful training in that big jump from solid 3d targets to more nebulous spaces. I am not saying you are doing this but maybe.

    And at some point maybe the next time you can cut loose and allow more and more data in and because it's so dang plausible trusting your training  as it slips in and is not the same thing at all as active daydream journey but much like a hypnosis receiving download  and using these somewhat new muscles and a new language of sensation one can be in touch with that vocabulary of senses and we can do our very best to describe what is ultimately sublime and beyond words. Many times the way I knew it was legit was the recognition that I had no absolute no conscious prepartion or pre knowledge of the tech and creativity I would witness. It would blow my mind what I saw and I would think, well I am not smart enough to make this up. :) Oh and congratulations for your graduation!:)

  • Hi Mary -

    You are correct in that I was experiencing a type of 'block' or something with the first session, and I agree completely with the 'seeing'. Doe says the same thing.

    I just completed a sesh about a half hour ago that was totally different from the first. Very fun! So whatever was holding me back I think has been 'snipped', as you say.

    Thanks for the congrats! (Smile)

  • News Flash! Just in! With the issuance of Jason's Simple Truth, can we not also be called The SimpleBeings? Gotta laugh at that! Okay. Go ahead. Throw the rotten tomatos!

  • Coordinates: 63491 0340
    Name: Devorah Wittig
    Date: 06/03/2017
    Begin Time: 9:31 am
    End Time: 12:01 pm
    Session Form: Xupra
    OUTSIDE: Yes
    INSIDE: Yes
    ENVIRONMENT: filtered, green, still, quiet
    ATMOSPHERE: serene, thoughtful, contemplative, peaceful
    TOPOGRAPHY: level, with surrounding mountains in the distance
    SOUNDS: slight breeze,
    OUTSIDE SPACE: tall, light, airy
    INSIDE SPACE: vast, pure, level, extended, unbounded
    TASTE-SMELL: fresh, alive,
    P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: Just before entering the cave, the mouth of the cave could be seen and then looking up as I entered, there was a skyscape of a 'different' sun from this planet just setting. Its rays also diffused differently from our sun and the light and colors were impressive.

    It is as though I entered this area from a cave or portal that is behind me. The view stretches on forever. It is late twilight. I am in what appears to be a field. The colors are blended into a kind of mist, low to the ground and extending in all directions. In the distance are mountains that seem to enclose this very large level 'valley'.
    P2 VISUAL: Colors: soft reds, blues, greens, yellow, oranges, purpoles, browns, blacks
    Contrasts: muted, blended, shadowed, dim
    Luminosity: the colors are 'alive' and are luminescent against the dark background with a purity and saturation not seen here. They move and weave their way across the landscape and field of vision. They have an intelligence.
    P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: Textures: whispy, not solid, translucent, airy
    Surfaces: glowing, not solid
    ME1: soft, melty, they can pass right through me

    P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: Masses: light, etherial
    Sizes: narrow, ribbon-like
    ME1: Soft, energetic
    P2 MATERIALS: liquid-like, 'skin'-like
    ME1: light particles
    P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: Long, narrow
    ME1: snake-like
    P2 MOTION: slithering, sliding, flying, undulating, appearing, dissolving, changing
    ME1: passing (by me), 'brushing' against me, tickling
    P2 CONCEPTS: love, grace, ease, enjoyment, freedom, joy, wonder
    ME1: companionship, support, friendship
    P2 PURPOSE: just being an intelligent life-form, delight, playfulness,
    ME1: energy transfer, they exist so that there can be a different experience as to what a 'being' can be
    P2 PHONETICS: humming, from the creatures, a vibration that gets louder as they move closer and dimmer as they move away
    P2 MOVEMENT 1: ME1: if it is permissible, move me to a point where in the middle of all these creatures.
    P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: At first, there appear to be 'light ribbons' flowing close to the ground, about waist high. There is a fog-like mist close to the ground and they appear and disappear in it. From the wonderful luminosity of their colors and the way that they move, you can tell that they are 'alive', and intelligent beings.

    ME1: moving in to directly experience my 'friends', I find that they are energetic beings made of light. It seems that their purpose is to enhance and fire off light codes into the other beings they come in contact with. They also do this for the entire planet and are part of the planetary ecosystem. They are gentle, playful, and not threatening in any way. I enjoy them very much.
    P4 THINGS: SY: lattices, matrices, fog, humidity, mountains, caves, portals,
    SY1P1: superstars, radios, planes, ropes, pelvis,
    SY1P2: batteries, chrome, levels, measuring devices, leaves, moss, fruit
    SY1P3: mechanical 'drawings' (but not of an earthly type),
    SY1P4: air beams, light travel, photonic emergence, emblems
    P4 NON-THINGS: SY: depth, formality, knowing,
    chemical alteration, DNA alteration?, restructuring, reforming
    SY1P1: terraforming, building, designing, racing, creating, feathering, feeding, monitoring, planning
    SY1P2: landscaping, pitfalls, holiness, travels, places, other, non-earth, beyond, other worlds, invention, remembering, recollection
    SY1P3: control, definitions, missions, statements
    SY1P4: gratitude,
    P4 TELEPATHIC: SY: "Know that we are the ones that are changing you."
    SY1P1: "Energy not related to density."
    SY1P2: "Feel your way in."
    SY1P3: "We can go anywhere."
    SY1P4: "join us."
    P4 WILD CARD: SY: silver, enter, alchemy
    SY1P2: water
    SY1P3: cinnamon
    SY1P4: nether worlds
    P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: The data seems to begin with the local situation and then moves on to a description of what would best be described as the mission and work of the Superbeings as Jason describes the the Superbeings story, that we are galactic architects, designers, builders and so forth. The data clearly shows these activities. It seems I am being invited to join 'them' on a more conscious level.
    THEMES: contact (with another life form), spiritual, cleansing, adjusting, discovery
    TYPES: natural scene, land, 'animal'
    P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: I am asking permission to focus my attention on the 'ribbon' creatures.

    As I stand there, near to the mouth of the cave, two flying creatures come. From my perspective they are about two feet in length and were almost fairy-like.

    A white orb is in the 'field', moving around and partly obscured by the mists. It seems shy to me, like it doesn't want to make contact, was just showing me it was there.

    Then, there was the dragon. Again, from my perspective, this seemed like an adolescent dragon, not a huge one. The dragon flew over me and then landed in front of me. He put his head down so I could pet him. Then, his eyes turned a luminescent bright yellow. He had a brow upon his head about at the level where our third eye would be. From beneath and within this brow he emitted three streams of blue light looking forward. After making some steam, he resumed his normal appearance.

    I love this dragon! He continued to want to be loved on, to allow pets and hugs. I feel a great bond with this dragon. So much so, it brings tears to my eyes. I ask him his name, and it was such a name that had no equivalent in our language, so I guess I will have to make one up for him or wait until he gives it to me or it becomes apparant.

    I asked if I will see him again and while there was no direct answer, the feeling I received was yes, and that he was to be my companion, like my own personal dragon on Xupra. He may even have been waiting for me to arrive.

    I love this dragon!
    P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: Q for my dragon: Would you, please, reveal your name to me?
    A: In time.
    I FEEL: I feel great, wonderful. The best part was meeting my dragon. Dragon love is very pure. Even now, I feel the love, wisdom, teaching and possible adventures I will have with my dragon. What fun, and, emotionally stimulating, definitely.
    PSS: When entering the initial cave, I looked up and witnessed a skyscape that was not earthly. There was a sun that was not like the sun here, which emitted light in a different way, as well. The sky, the sun's rays, and the colors were quite beautiful.

    After asking for an appropriate place to be for the target concerned, I found myself standing outside of a cave entrance facing a broad, level 'valley', surrounded by mountains. It was late twilight with the sky being almost dark, but still some faint light to be seen. At this point, I am alone.

    The environment was 'filtered' in the sense that everything about it was appropriate for the light, the valley, and so forth as if it had been structured for this occasion. The atmosphere was very serene, thoughtful, in the sense that everything had been thought out, contemplative and peaceful. There is the sound of a slight breeze stirring. The outside space included tall mountains in the distance, and was light and airy in the sense that there was no interference with the view.

    The inside space (that is, the space enclosed by the mountains) was vast, very pure, level, extending for miles and unbounded. The colors here were soft and muted and included reds, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, purples, browns and blacks. The contrasts were muted and blended because of the time of day, and some areas were shadowed and dim. There are 'colors' embedded in the scene that move. They resemble 'ribbons' of light. Their colors are varied and glow with a saturation and purity of luminescence not seen on earth. They are moving and I can tell by the way they are moving that these are intelligent life forms.

    The life forms were wispy, not solid, translucent, airy, and glowing. ME1: they are soft, melty and they can pass right through me. They moved like liquid and must have had a type of 'skin' to retain their form. ME1: I get the sense that these creatures are organized light particles. They have very little mass, are light and etherial, narrow and ribbonlike. ME1: they are soft, not hard, and they have a certain energy about them. Their motions seemed rather snake-like, slithering (only above the ground), sliding, flying, undulating, and they had the capacity to be appearing and then dissolving and always changing. ME1: I could feel as some of them passed by me, 'brushing' up against me, it was a soft tickling sensation, and they could even move through me.

    P2 concepts - love, grace, ease, enjoyment, freedom, joy and wonder, with ME1 adding energy transfer and the awareness that they exist so that there can be a different experience as to what a 'being' can be. Their purpose is to just be an intelligent life form with delight and playfulness. ME1, further purpose, energy transfer. They make a faint sound like a humming or a vibration that gets louder as they get near, and softer as they move away.

    P2 Freeform: I find with ME1, that my 'friends' are energetic beings made of light with a purpose to enhance and fire off light codes for other beings, and the entire planet. They are part of the ecosystem there.

    P4 things include lattices, matrices, fog, humidity, mountains, caves and portals. SY1P1 adds superstars, radios, planes, ropes and pelvis. SY1P2, batteries, chrome, levels, measuring devices, leaves, moss and fruit. SY1P3, mechanical 'drawings' (but not of an earthly type), and SY1P4, air beams, light travel, photonic emergence and emblems.

    P4 Non-things: depth, in that this is not a superficial place, formality, knowing, chemical alteration, and perhaps DNA alteration, restructuring and reforming, all of the being within. SY1P1, terraforming, building, designing, racing, creating, feathering, feeding, monitoring and planning. SY1P2, landscaping, pitfalls (avoiding), holiness (a type of holiness in activity), travels, places which are non-earth places, are beyond and involve other worlds, invention, remembering and recollection of who and what I am. SY1P3: control, definition, missions and statements, with SY1P4 adding gratitude.

    Telepathic: "Know that we are the ones that are changing you." SY1P1: "Energy is not related to density." Sy1P2: "Feel your way in." SY1P3: "We can go anywhere." and SY1P4, "Join us."

    P4 Wild Card: silver, enter, and alchemy, SY1P2, water, SY1P3, cinnamon and SY1P4, nether worlds.

    P4 freeeform: the data seems to begin with the local scene, but then shifts to one that seems to be describing the Superbeings mission as described by Jason in the Superbeings story, that we are galactic architects, designers and builders, etc..

    Themes: contact (with another life form), spirituality, cleansing, adjusting and discovery.

    Types: natural scene, land and 'animal', as in another life form.

    P4 second awareness: I ask permission to focus my attention on the original 'ribbon' creatures. I am still standing at the mouth to the cave. Shortly, two creatures flew above me that were fairy-like. Off to my right and in the mid-range distance was a white orb flying around that seemed to be observing me. Then above me came a dragon. He circled and then landed in front of me and lowered his head so I could touch him. I felt an immediate bond with this dragon. He was very affectionate and I could feel that a dragon's love is very pure. We spent some time together and I had a feeling that he was somehow my 'teacher' and that we might be having further interactions.

    To summarize, there were quite a few things going on in this session such as interaction with energy creatures, indications of activities of Superbeings, and the making of a dragon friend. I did not feel as though I went to a 'place', but, energetically I felt as though the 'place' was organizing itself around me.


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