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Xupra 91615 DS My first visit

Coordinates: Xupra 91615
Name: Doe Scala
Date: 91615
Begin Time: 1030am
End Time: 2pm
Session Form: Xupra
ATMOSPHERE: serene, ME1, excited, active,adventurous,
TOPOGRAPHY: open, flats, inclines,wide,
SOUNDS: silence, ME1 breezy, ,rhythmic,flowing,
TASTE-SMELL: bland,pleasant,fresh,ME1 aromatic,
TEXTURES-SURFACES: vast,spread out, open, far reaching, natural,, impressive,simple, ME2, spacious, airy, natural,built,lighted,
P1 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I am outside at night, looking at what seems to be a village/community of some sort about 1/2 a mile away. Feels like I am on my way there. The sky is dark. At first I could not see any stars. After a few minutes I see a few. Seeing the stars feels good to me right now. Comforting. Even though it is dark, there seems to be enough light coming from the village a head or maybe just in the air, so I can see my way there. Some how it makes me feel like if I were not" here " at this moment the light would be different. Maybe there would be no need for it in this way. Looks like the land is mostly flat with a few small plants/bushes. The village seems to be my destination. I am alone it seems and it is quiet but feels like lots of activity at the village. This area seems very open and vast. Kind of like a desert visual,only it does not "feel" like desert.
PP2 VISUAL: white, yellows, reds,pastels, blended, medium,bright,shimmery, ME2,grays,tans,white,pastels.
P2 TEXTURES-SURFACES: smooth, soft, cloth, grainy, dry, semi hard,soft,semi soft.natural,flexible,built, liquids, permeable,
P2 MASS-DIMENSIONS: thick,thin,loose,light,packed, large, wide,flat,normal, average,smallish, convex, verticals, ME2 lightness
P2 MATERIALS: skin, cloth,liquids, plant,stone, minerals,
P2 SHAPES-STRUCTURES: complex, simple, dome,rounded,sphere/s, wide,
P2 MOTION: direction,ponderous,churning,
P2 CONCEPTS: love, focused, gratitude, ness,P2 PURPOSE: family gathering
P2 MOVEMENT 1: ME1 move to the main structure and see clearly
P2 MOVEMENT 3: ME2 move to inside main structure and see clearly
P2 MOVEMENT 5: ME3, move to the main person or feature at this scene
P2 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: ME1, the Atmosphere was excited,active and adventurous. ME1, Smells were aromatic. ME1, Sounds were breezy, rhythmic and flowing. ME2, Inside spaces,were spacious,airy, natural, built and lighted. ME2, Colors were grays,white,tans and pastels. ME2 Mass felt like everything was light in weight, even the structure itself. ME3, felt like everyone and everything was of equal importance. Everything/one was able to communicate with each other. There seemed to be no straight corners on the walls. Everything is curved and rounded. Feels like this helps with all the energies here to flow smoothly. I cant yet "see" everyone,but I "know" that they are here waiting for me. There is a big room in the center of the building that seems to be for gatherings and sometimes meals together. There are hallways off of this room leading to living spaces.
P4 THINGS: people,plants,tables,chairs,beds,food,
P4 NON-THINGS: lighted air
P4 TELEPATHIC: "hello,welcome,"                                                                                                                                                                                                             P4 FREEFORM DESCRIPTIONS: I feel like I have been gone for a very very very long time and I am coming home to visit for the first time. I feel like I know this place and these people, only it is more of a knowing that needs to be remembered and felt now. Like getting reacquainted with it all. It feels very comfortable and peaceful here. There are not many things or gadgets here. Very simple and humble it seems. The light seems to just be in the air at whatever level one needs at the moment. I feel an energy of anticipation coming from everything/one. Lot of love,gratitude,family and knowledge waiting to be shared. There was telepathic communication that said,"hello,welcome" it came from one person but felt like he was speaking for everyone.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS IMPRESSIONS: I asked the same person that said " hello,welcome." from telepathic communication if I could focus my attention on "him", Answer was yes. He was walking around showing me and explaining about the different rooms in the building.Like giving a tour of your house to someone new.
P5 SECOND AWARENESS QA: Q1, When will I meet everyone? A1," Soon, at mealtime". Q2," Have I lived in this structure before?". A2, "No". Q3," Have I been to this "place" before? A3 " Yes".
I FEEL: I feel very peaceful,calm and also excited. Very much loved.Like everyone has been waiting for me to return.
PSS: When I arrived in the Cave Portal, I saw my new body floating out of what seemed to be a fire pit. I was in a human body with long legs and arms. I felt like I was all green, no visuals of eyes,nose or mouth. Kind of like looking at a silhouette. No need for cloths, It seemed like there was no visuals of male or female,yet I felt I was female. Then I started to float through the cave tunnels. Next I was outside at night. At first it was all black,no stars. Then a few stars appeared and I could see a village or community of some sort about a 1/2 mile away. It feels like I am going there. Somehow seeing the stars at that moment felt good to me,very comforting. I was alone and the environment felt warm. Looking around I saw that the land was mostly flat and wide open. There were some slight inclines and some kind of small plants/bushes scattered about. It reminded me of a desert scene even though it did not feel like desert The atmosphere felt serene. After ME1 the feelings of excitement and adventure were felt.                                                        At first there was only silence, then with ME1 my impressions came from the main structure as breezy,rhythmic and flowing. Even though it is dark there seems to be enough light coming from the village ahead or maybe just in the air so I can see my way there. It seems like if I were not " here" at this moment that the light would be different somehow. Maybe there would be no need for it in this way. The village seemed to be my destination. The main textures and surfaces were natural, soft,semi soft, liquids, cloth ,smooth and flexible. Others were semi hard,dry and grainy. Even though the mass/ dimensions were thick,packed and large they also felt very thin, light, and loose. ME2 was the feeling of lightness. That even the biggest thing there would also be very light in weight. There were things made of skin,cloth,liquid,stone, plant and minerals. The shapes of the structures were mostly rounded. Simple while also complex.

      The structure itself was dome-like.It was short and wide.There seemed to be no sharp corners. Every part of it seemed to be smooth and rounded. Feels like this helps with all the energies here to flow smoothly. The concepts were of love,focus,gratitude,excitement and one-ness. The purpose was a family gathering. ME2 inside spaces were spacious,airy,natural, built and lighted. ME2 colors were mostly pastels,grays,white and tans. ME3 felt like everyone and everything were of equal importance. Everything /one was able to communicate with each other. I cant 'see" everyone yet but I "know" that they are here waiting for me. There is a big room in the center of the building that is for gatherings and sometime meals together. There are hall ways off of this room leading to living spaces. P4 telepathic communication I heard someone say " hello,welcome". Even though it was one person talking, I could feel everyone's energies with his words. P4 free form descriptions. I feel like I have been gone for a very,very long time and I am coming
home to visit for the first time. I feel like I know this place and these people, only it is more of a knowing that needs to be remembered and felt now. Like getting reacquainted with it all. It feels very comfortable and peaceful here. There are not many things or gadgets here. Very simple and humble it seems. The light seems to just be in the air at whatever level one needs at that moment. I feel an energy of anticipation coming from everything/one. Lots of love,gratitude family and knowledge waiting to be shared. P5 second awareness impression. I asked if I could focus my attention on same person that said 'hello,welcome", answer was yes. He was walking around and explaining about the different rooms, kind of like taking a person on a tour of your home. P5 Q1, 'When will I meet everyone?' A1, " Soon,at meal time". Q2 "Have I lived in this structure before?" A2 "No." Q3, "Have I been to this" place" before?" A3 "Yes." My impression of this is that I have been here before and possible lived in another building,                                                     .      My feelings are very peaceful,calm and also excited. Very much loved. Like everyone has been waiting for me to return. It kind of feels like everyone will just appear to me at the right moment. Like they are all waiting in some other 'space time", right here in the now, and they can see me, only I cant "see" them. Even though I feel them. I am feeling a bit tired and notice that I am losing my connection. Feels like I was to come here this time to get the feeling of this place so next time I will go deeper.

Coordinates: Xupra 12/8/15 PSS: As I enter the cave I see my body coming up from the fire pit very slowly. I can feel this body coming closer as we blend together. Very comforting. Now we are floating through the tunnel. We stop at the cave opening. Can not see out of cave.Just blackness. Then instantly, I am outside. There is someone standing next to me. No words spoken, yet I know he is my guide. It seems to be early twilight. It feels cool and the atmosphere is seren, adventurous and also active even though I do not see any movement. We are standing about 1/4 mile away from a beautiful forest. It seems like the forest is our destination. At first I had feeling of "Do I really want to go into that very dark looking forest'. That only lasted a few moments. Next I felt like a kid getting ready to go on a new adventure. The land is mostly flat with only a few plants here and there. From this spot looking outward towards the forest I am aware that it looks like it is in the shape of a square. Dont know if that is important or not just that I am aware of it. The only sound is a slight breeze. There were pleasant smells of vegetation and the oldness of the place. There were colors of greens,browns,black,tans,yellows,blues and white. Textures and surfaces were rough,coarse,dry,hard,rigid,solid,also smooth,wet,natural,semi soft,and flexible. ME2 fur like and sticky. Mass/dimensions, there were things that felt heavy,solid,immovable and substantial. Others light,thin and loose. There were things made of skin,cloth,water,plant,stone,wood,minerals and sand. The purpose of this visit is adventure and release. ME1 personal experience. With concepts of love,yielding,one ness and focus. I dont remember walking to the forest.We just were there all of a sudden. As we walked into the forest it felt like everything outside was gone. Everything here is so Alive. Even the ground feels like a independent entity. It feels like Everything here is "Awareness". Everything is apart of me and I of them. I think I was just told to continue my journey. ( from my guide.) P4, telepathic communication. I ask," Is anyone here"? and instantly an overwhelming" Welcome" from everything and everyone. Lots of tears and joy. As we walk through the forest it feels more and more like my family. It feels like I could sit next to a tree,a stone,a flower even water and we all could start talking to each other. Just like old friends. P5 permission to focus my attention on you? "Yes". There is a beautiful ancient tree in the middle of the forest. I can feel her, as if she is the first Tree Being. She Is the Energy of All Trees. She Is The One. She Is Pure Love. Her smile can be Felt by everyone here. Total Unconditional Love. P5 QA, I ask my guide,"Is this tree the reason we are here?" He says,"Yes, and also the journey along the way. I can feel my guides inner excitement for the journey we are on. We sit next to a creek and I ask Water how she is feeling today. Next thing I feel is the blending of Water and I. I can feel the smoothness of her as we flow with absolutely no resistance. Even when we crash against the rocks in the creek, it is with a constant flow, ever changing. We find our way around and through all of what seems to be obstacles in our way. Always with focus,balance and grace. We end up in the middle of the forest about 30 feet away from Tree. My guide was not with Water and I until we came to Tree. Standing there I realized I was totally dry. I asked Tree what her name is and she said," This time you can call me Grandmother." Most of her trunk is her face. She is so tall that from here ,looking up I can not see her top. I am aware that all the plants around me are happy that I am here and aware of them. There is a small yellow flower that is trying to get my attention. I lay down next to it and a piece of petal lands in my mouth. I start to feel sleepy. Next, the whole forest,my guide and myself fall into a deep sleep. My lessen with this journey with Water and Grandmother is, that no matter what obstacles seem to happens in my life I Always have a choice to resist and struggle or to flow with focus,balance and grace.

Coordinates: Xupra 121315 PSS: As soon as I entered the cave, my body there seemed to know I was coming. It felt like it was happy to see me. It jumped up and we were one. When I got to the cave entrance and stepped out I was standing at the waters edge. There in front of me was a beautiful lake. It was daytime and the environment felt both cool and warm. ME3 was wet and pleasant. I was standing alone but I knew there were others here already enjoying themselves. The atmosphere was excited,fun,active and also very seren. It felt very magical and fantasy like. It smelt and tasted very sunny,fresh and pleasant there. I could feel a slight breeze that was flowing and rhythmic. After ME3 my impressions were of silence and also very soft talking as if in the background. I walked around a bit looking at the trees and noticed that there were some small hut type dwellings scattered about between the forest and the lake. I could hear the fish and other beings in the lake talking. I could not understand what they were saying only hear them. The colors of greens,browns,yellows reds, they were all so clear. Not too bright, but brilliant and beautiful in and of themselves. Everything there seemed to stand out on its own, yet always as One. There were textures/ surfaces of all sorts including some that were coarse,grainy,dry,rough semi hard and sandy. Also wet,smooth,slippery,natural and flexible. ME3 felt very wet and slippery. My first impressions of the shapes and structures were of columns,rounded and pointy. Next was flats narrow and wide that felt like they were coming from in front of me which I realized was the lake. ME2 was intricate. There was a slow ,ponderous, spiraling motion with a feeling of direction with in it. ME3 brought power,focus and direction. Concepts were of knowledge,love,excitement,gathering,oneness and fun. ME3 was overwhelming feelings of gratitude. The purpose was for reuniting,gathering,knowledge and love. P2 ME2 showed me from a different perspective how large and far reaching the lake was and showed the true size of the forest. From above the scene all I could see in one direction was the lake. In the other direction all was forest. They both seemed to be never ending. From this view I could also see the shadows within the forest and how intricate yet so simple it all was. P4 showed a few new "things",towels,blankets,food and drinks. P4 telepathic communication I asked "Is anyone here?". I can hear all the beings in the lake. It sounds like they are all happy,peaceful and wanting me to join them. Symbols probing showed me more clearly that there were others here playing and having fun. Thats also when I noticed that no one was in the water. P5 permission. "Yes". I am at the waters edge again and can hear the beings in the lake. The energy in this spot feels excited yet peaceful. I can feel the beings deep in the water.looking up at me,smiling. It seems like they are all waiting for something to happen. P5 QA, I ask, "Is the lake my destination?." "Yes". I ask ,"What is your name?." "My name is WATER, and I would like to share some of myself with you if you are ready." "Yes I am ready." WATER says "Welcome." The target scene makes me feel curious,happy welcomed and loved. I slowly walk into the water and instantly feel the energies of Everyone here. It feels like we are all in a never ending circle hugging each other. I can feel everyone from the "Inside Out." Its like we are all in different costumes. We all look different on the outside, yet inside we are all the same. Even though I know this already, at that moment it was like I was hearing /feeling it with my Whole Being. At that moment I was totally aware that I was with the spirits/souls that were wearing the costumes not the other way around. Next there was a loud sound outside my house here and I instantly came back. Next time I go back maybe WATERS offer to share will still be there and I will be ready.


PSS: As soon as I entered the cave and blended with my body there, it seemed like almost instantly I was flying very quickly to the opening of the cave. Next I was outside looking at a huge building about 300 feet away. It seemed to be early twilight,warm and a little humid. I was alone. The atmosphere felt intense and active. ME1 brought me closer to the building and felt seren. ME3 from inside was lighted and charged. Topography showed flats,wide and some low hills which I could not really see, I just felt that it was so. There was a humming/rhythmic sound that I could not tell if it was coming from the forest or the building. There was also a strong sense of silence. Even though the building seemed to be my destination, most of the smells and taste of old,vegetation,pleasant,pungent,minerally and tangy seemed to come from the forest. P1 Free form. I am outside looking at a huge building that is about 300 feet in front of me. I am alone. The building looks like a huge box. No windows visible from this spot. It feels empty. It is early twilight. There were colors of grays,browns,black,white,tans and a feeling that there is some blue somewhere here, maybe in the forest. P2 textures and surfaces of rough,coarse,grainy,smooth,hard,solid and built,seemed to come mostly from the building. I could only see the forest on my left side but knew it was surrounding the clearing where the building was. P2 shapes/structures of simple,squares,rectangles,cubes and flats came from the building and ME2 was tall,pointy,narrow and towering and seemed to come from the forest. P2 concepts of focused, yielding and submissive. P2 purpose was knowledge and one ness.P2 Free form. During ME1 close to the main structure smelt salty. It looked like it was made out of some kind of stone/cement. The building seemed to be aware of its surroundings. Even though it looks simple, no windows,no markings,not even a door, I think I can hear it breathing. P4" things" were the obvious, trees, land,human,building. Non things,a strong feeling of shadows. Telepathic communication, I heard someone say,"Are you ready to come inside?" "Yes." P4 Free form, The building is my destination. I am alone. It seems like this building is some kind of knowledge base for personal experience. A place to gather knowledge of what has already been experienced and what is in the near future. The themes were of school,teaching,library,discovery,realignment,cleansing and spiritual. P5 second awareness permission. "Yes". I am inside the building now. Even though it seems to be huge and empty inside, I start to "see" pictures of my whole life flashing very fast all around the room. I have no control with this. It is happening so fast I start to get dizzy. I tell the energy of this place that I am going outside for a moment and instantly, I am outside again. As soon as I calm down a bit,I am inside again. P5 second awareness Q. I ask the energy of this place, "What is the purpose of this visit for me?" Answer, "To ask for and receive knowledge from your past". I ask, "How far back can I go?". Answer, "Only this body for now". It makes me feel excited and also a little unsure of how I might see and or feel about my past. As soon as I am back inside, instantly the pictures start coming again but this time I can slow them down a bit. They are coming from every direction it seems. Sometimes in order, sometimes not. I was worried about how I might judge myself and or the people in my past from my perspective in "this moment". I think the building felt some of my hesitation because all of a sudden I felt a hug and I relaxed into the moment. A few moments later I realized I had watched most of my life in pictures flow by and all without any judgement. I felt peaceful and was reminded not to dwell on the past but look forward to the future and know that everyone is doing the best they can and we all have our own stories in the back ground, some we share and some we don't.Those 'stories" are part of who we are. So trust our decisions and Believe in ourselves.

Xupra1316 PSS: As I enter the cave the fire pit there is very warm and bright. It seems to light up the whole cave and the tunnel all the way to the entrance. This time, my body there, seems to be a fire ball until I get to the cave opening. Next I am inside a big building. The environment seems cool. ME1 brought me closer and felt warm. There were lots of different types of beings in a huge room that had a very long table that was in the shape of a crescent moon. I could hear people talking, whispering and some unknown language. The atmosphere was charged,excited,heavy and active. ME1 felt seren. Some of the smells were pleasant,old,fresh minerally.and others that smelt pleasant but unfamiliar.There was food and drink at the table. People were walking round looking for familiar faces and being directed were to sit. Some of the textures/surfaces were wooden,smooth,cloth,dry,hard,
semi soft and liquids. Others were flexible,solid,built and natural. The shapes/structures mostly felt flats,squares,simple and wide. P2 motion was spiraling with direction,power,ponderous. The concepts were focused,submissive,yielding,one ness and love.The purpose was for sharing knowledge and community. P2 free form. We are all gathered here getting "up to date" on all aspects of this "Change" we are All going through. This is a time to share our experiences with each other and some of the ways we changed,excepted and or flowed with our "realities" at this time. There are so many different beings here, it is beautiful. P4 Telepathic communication, someone said,"You may sit here." P4 free form. The being on my left said,"You may sit here, as he walked me around the table a bit to about 4-5 spaces from the center. The room was filling up fast. Even though there was a strong feeling of power/focus, everyone seemed happy,peaceful and joyful to be reunited once again. The themes are of gathering place,integration,megalithic and spiritual. P5 second awareness permission. "Yes," Impressions, There is a being seated at the center of the table. He has a human shaped body except you can see through him. No visual features on face or body, yet I know he is "male". He is like a rainbow inside. All different colors swirling around together. P5Q. What is your name? A, "I am you, but you may call me Heed at this gathering." Q,"Where have you come from?" A,"Always from within". Q,"From within this place?" A,"From within the All,the One ,the Beginning. I feel excited,loved,unsure and united. Everyone is seated now and Heed seems to be the main focus. He radiates pure love and strength. Everyone seems to Know that he is Everything and Everyone. It seems like we are going to share a meal together and come back after sleeping to, "Come together and blend our minds and share knowledge". Heed stands and says "Breath deep and seek peace my Brothers and Sisters." Next, I am back in the cave ready to come home. I will ask to come back to this gathering place and start again where we left off. It will be good to spend time with Heed again.

PSS: As I entered the cave I saw what seemed to be my body off to the side looking somewhat dark in color. At first it felt like maybe I was not being cleansed/prepared for my journey. I had a feeling of, " Oh no, I am too dirty to be here this time." That only lasted for a second. Even though I was feeling this, I could also sense that someone (me), was flying through the cave towards the entrance like all my other visit. Next, I realized that what I thought was my body was actually a imprint of my body on the cave wall. Not sure what that means yet but it surely was a strange way to start my visit. Next I am inside a large building, empty it seems except for some tables. I am alone. I am waiting for others to join the gathering. I do not know the purpose of this gathering yet. The environment seems cool. The atmosphere is light,seren and excited. ME1 active. Topography was open,flats,wide and expansive.It was silent at first, ME1 was a humming sound that I thought might be from some beings waiting to enter the room. But more like, I was hearing their energy/ thoughts? It smelt sunny,pleasant,fresh and dry. ME2 from the forest was vegetation and floral. Inside spaces were simple,spacious,built and lighted. Visuals at first were mainly of the inside of the building, white,grays,tans,black browns blues and yellows, contrast of depth and flat,luminosity was very bright. ME2 brought greens and shadows from the forest. P2 textures/surfaces were smooth,soft,wooden and slick all from inside. ME2 was rough,dry and grainy from the forest. Mass/dimensions were kind of confusing at first. They came as thick,thin,light,large,wide,tall,horizontal,vertical. ME2 was substantial,packed,smallish tall and average. Mostly feelings from outside. There were feeling of cloth,skin,wood,stone and liquids. ME2 brought water,plant,animal and minerals. The shapes/structures were at first mostly of straight lines.simple,flat,wide,squares,rectangles,huge, tall.ME2,from the forest was rounded,pointy,columns,narrow and squat. The motion was slow and ponderous at first, ME2 was slow,quick,ponderous and power. Concepts of oneness and love.ME2 was yielding,submissive and excitement from the forest. There was a purpose of gathering and sharing knowledge. During ME2 from above the scene was mostly of the forest behind the building. I could see that the building was very close to the edge of the forest,maybe 20 feet is all. The building is very large with no markings. As I am writing this,I have the impression that the building is made of some kind of metal. The forest is ancient and full of life.I can not see the beings within the forest but I can feel their presence. P4 Telepathic communication was a voice that said "Welcome. You have a choice here. What do you prefer.?" P4 Free form, When I first entered the scene,I was inside the building and only slightly aware of outside, ME2 showed me the forest and the lay out of the scene. Now I am a bit confused about what my main target is for this visit, inside or out.? When I heard the voice in P4 telepathic say,"You have a choice here. What do you prefer.?" I saw an object on the table inside when I first arrived. That was the only other thing I saw there. That is what I would like to know more about. Types, land people,animals,plant,water,artificial structures,natural scene. The themes were of adventure,spirituality,contact,event,adjustments,gathering place,fun and discovery. P5 SAP "Yes". P5 SA impressions. I am floating above the tables, close to the ceiling now, watching as lots of beings start to come into the room and very quickly and politely, greet each other. I also notice that the "greetings" are different for each group of beings. I remember thinking, "This is very interesting to watch from up here". P5 SA Q/A. These Q are for the object on the table. Q1,"Are you alive.?" A1, "Yes." Q2, What is your purpose.?" A2, "To help with communications." Q3, To help me communicate with everyone here today.?" A3, "To help as One." Q4, Are you here to help everyone understand each other better.?" A4, "Not better. Everyone will understand each other totally, completely as One. Truth is Truth." I feel: at first I felt somewhat confused about the main target, now I feel excited and joyful. It feels like my main reason for coming here today was not so much about the gatherings purpose or the amazing forest and all within it but I was to come today to meet the object on the table. I think I was just told/asked to come back in 3 days.? I can see myself sitting with the being on the table, just the two of us.

XUPRA11716. PSS: As I entered the cave,I noticed it was very calm and quit. Not sure why this was the first thing I felt because it usually is that way at first. I did not see my body at first,but could feel that it was there and waiting for me. Next I saw it to my right,and it felt happy and maybe in somewhat of a hurry to go outside. As soon as we got to the cave entrance on the outside,"Instantly," everything behind us turned white. I don't know what that was or the meaning with it yet,just that it happened immediately as we walked through the cave doorway. I was outside with my guide. It felt comfortable warm and the atmosphere was seren and light. The only thing I could see was a pyramid about one mile away. Topography was open,flats,wide and pointed. It was silent, with a pleasant taste and smells of salty and dry. Visuals were colors of only grays,browns,tans and black with contrast of medium and low. It was hard to tell if it was daytime or maybe early twilight. The textures/surfaces of,rough,grainy,coarse,smooth,dry,hard,semi hard,natural,solid and built, were mostly from the pyramid. Mass/dimensions,thick,substantial,heavy,packed,dense,bulky,solid, large,dominating,wide,horizontals and verticals, all from the pyramid.There were materials of skin,cloth,stone and sand. Shapes/structures were a mixture of,complex,simple,intricate,rectangles,pointy,triangles,geometric,tall,towering and flat. There was a motion with direction and power that was slow and spiraling.There were concepts of,dominating,yielding,focus,oneness and love with a purpose of gathering knowledge and oneness. P2 FF,I asked for a clearer communication with my guide and felt/saw him excitedly jump in front of me with a big smile. It felt like he was waiting for me to ask this and that it made him happy. ME1 from above I could see that the outside of the pyramid was covered with symbols and writings of some sort.and that from above you could see this much better than from below. ME2,next to the main structure, brought us instantly to the door of the pyramid and I felt a strong rush of energy that almost knocked me over. Later during P5 SA impressions,I felt that this was from being put in the middle of all the people there,all at once. P4 "things",beings,pyramid,sand,symbols,writings. P4 "telepathic communications," was a voice that said,"Release your doubts." P4 FF.After I heard someone say,"release your doubts," I realized I was having a hard time trusting myself and the info. I was getting. Self doubt. This made sense to me because about an hour before my session I had to deal with some issues on the property were I live. It was all about someone I had just met the day before and trusting my gut feelings and or listening to others. I mention this because it did have an effect on my session. I mostly felt very connected there, but there were a few moments when I felt I was slipping away. Themes were of fun,gathering place,knowledge,discovery and adventure. Types were natural structure,natural scene,land and people. P5 SA,permission,Yes. P5 SA impressions, All of a sudden, "Literally", like in a blink of an eye, I can see lots of people walking around outside of the pyramid. I can see them clearly. As I realize that some of them ,as they walk toward me,just walk right through me. Made me wonder who is here,them or my guide and I?. It seems like they live close by even though I can not see their homes. I think this is a kind of market place. P5 SA,QA,(for my guide) Q1, "Are these people here now?" A1,"Only the memories of them" Q2, "Am I seeing them in the past?" A2, "Yes." Q3, "Do I know anyone from this past?" A3, "Yes, several." I can feel myself loosing the connection here, so I thank my guide and leave. My impressions of this visit,is that I should always trust my gut feelings even if I might not understand why at that particular moment.

XUPRA12416PSS: Entering the cave was different this time. No fire in the pit. Cool and dark. It felt like I was connected with my body there almost instantly. Usually, there seems to be a moment of recognition, seeing the fire pit,my body,then feeling the pull towards the tunnel. This time it felt like everything was ready and waiting from the second I got there. Next, I was outside in the total darkness. My guide was with me on my right side. It felt cool and calm. The atmosphere was heavy and also seren. Even though I could not see anything because of the darkness, my impressions of the topography were of open,flats,rises,wide,close and far. The sounds were silence and steady. There were tastes of old,moist,pleasant,minerally and fresh. ME1 tasted very minerally. Outside spaces were vast,natural,immense,far reaching,close in,and empty. P1FF, I am standing outside and it is completely dark. I can not even see my hand in front of my face. Just blackness. I have the feeling that there is a huge forest close by. As I am writing this, I am getting visuals of a building also.This might be from another visit here a few weeks ago. There were colors of grays,browns,black,tans,white. The shapes/structures were squares,rectangles,cubes,huge,wide,tall,flats and pointy, mostly from the building. ME1 next to main structure, was of the energy that was moving around the building. ME2,main person or feature was the building and myself. ME3 from inside, was library and knowledge. Textures were rough,coarse,smooth,grainy,dry,hard,natural,built,solid,soft and slick,all seem to be from the building. P2 motion,direction,slow and spiraling. The concepts were of gratitude,one ness,love and excitement. The purpose was gathering knowledge,past,present and future. ME1 sounds, came as voices. P2FF, at main structure I could hear voices very softly coming from within the building,or maybe from the building itself. Not sure yet. I can feel some kind of energy that seems to be coming from the building. It looks like a rainbow of energy that is moving around the building or maybe vibrating from the building. ME1,inside spaces,felt spacious,crowded,complex,simple,hollow and impressive. P4 Non things were emptiness and infinity. P4 telepathic communication, was a voice that said,"Your back!" P4FF, I think this is the same place I visited a few weeks ago. Earlier this morning I was thinking about if I wanted to revisit any place here that I had been to before, and decided to flow with whatever happens. Now it seems like I have my destination. The themes are of gathering place,spiritual,contact,adjustments,discovery and realignment. Types are natural structure,natural scene,water,people,land. P5SAP, "Yes". Impression, The rainbow colored energy around the building is all of my memories. Every thought,feeling,visual,physical and emotional. A mixture of smells,touch,happiness,sadness,fear. All in this beautiful rainbow of energy. P5 SA,Q/A, To the energy of this place. Q1."Why am I being shown this?" A1 "Did you not ask to come back?" (me),"I thought about it." (energy of place),"Thoughts are things." Q2,Is there something specific within this building that I came here today to learn about?" A2, "Yes, this is so." Q3, "Can you tell me what that is?" A3, "Only you know the answer to that question." Makes me feel, excited about learning more. Also curious about the rainbow energy.I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Being so close to the rainbow of energies. It feels kind of like I am being pulled in every direction at once. Not in a hard way,just very emotional I feel someone telling me," It is okay to come back again. Not to be in a rush. All is meant to be as it is. Now that you remember about the rainbow energy, I will be here with you next time. I thank my guide and the energy of place and say goodby.

XUPRA13016 PSS: As I enter the cave, I see the fire pit glowing brightly. Feelings of warmth,joy and love were strong. My body there was standing by the fire pit and seemed to be excited about our journey we were about to go on. I could also feel the presence of someone else there, waiting for me. This was my guide,maybe. Even though I have never seen anyone else in the cave before like this, I knew it was as it should be. Next my guide and I were standing outside during a cool day, looking at what seemed to be a jungle ahead of us. There were sounds of chirping,blowing and breezy. ME1 was clicking..ME2 were sounds of voices and some kind of drumming. The taste/smells were of vegetation, pleasant,sweet,sunny and fresh. ME1,from the edge of jungle added old and musty,(in a nice way). The atmosphere was excited,light,adventurous and fun. ME1 added,charged and active. Topography was open,flats,wide,inclines,
narrow and pointy. ME1, at main object,felt very expansive. ME2, center of main target, were impressions of two Suns, directly above the center of jungle. P1 free form, My guide and I are standing outside, looking at what seems to be a jungle about 1/2 mile in front of us. It is a sunny day, cool and comfortable. I can hear some chirping,not sure if it is from birds or not. P2 visuals,monkey,greens,browns,black,whites,blues,and shadowed. Textures/surfaces were rough,grainy,smooth,cloth,natural,wooden,flexible and dry. ME1 added slippery and loose. Mass/dimensions were thick,thin,heavy,packed,loose,dense,solid,narrow,wide,large and towering. There were materials of, skin,cloth,wood,liquids,sand,plants,minerals,stone. P2 motions were of power,slow and churning. P2 concepts were of one ness,focus,love and excitement. ME1,next to main object, was fun. ME2, added,yielding. P2 purpose was sharing and one ness. P2 free form, The first thing I saw during P2 visuals was a monkey. At least it looked like a monkey. Just a very quick flash of him at the edge of the jungle mixed with plants and animals. All of these were knew to me. Only lasted a few seconds. P4 things were plants,animals,water,people,minerals and stone. P4 Telepathic communication was a visual of the monkey. Not sure what this means yet. Need to explore more. P4 free form, during symbols probing, Energy/Emotion, were strong feelings of fun,sharing,blending,love,and gratitude. All within a spiral going upward. Very beautiful. Themes were of adventure,fun,contact,discovery,teaching,learning and gathering place. Types were Natural scene,natural structure,land,water,animal and people. P5 SA,"Yes". P5SA impressions. I ask to focus my attention on main person in scene. My guide and I are standing next to Monkey. He looks at us with a big happy smile. No words,just feelings of love and adventure. The three of us are walking into the jungle,side by side. My visuals of this is from behind,about 20 feet or so. From this view it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy,Scarecrow, Lion and the Tin Man, were walking through the forest saying,"Lions tigers and bears,oh my." I closed my eyes to clear this picture away. P5SAQA, This question is for my guide. Q1 "What is the purpose of this jungle for me at this time?" A1, 'To follow your heart." Q2,"Follow it where?" A2 "Are you ready?" A ,"Yes". It makes me feel,excited,loved and thankful. Next, the three of us are still walking through the jungle,on what seems to be the main path. No words spoken but I can "hear"someone singing or humming. I think it is coming from monkey, and or my guide. Kind of like when we talk to our-self quietly in our mind. As we were walking down the path,I could see that we were coming to the other side of the jungle. It opened up into a large flat grassy valley. As soon as I noticed this, there was a flash of light that kept getting brighter and brighter, until that is all I could see. My guide and monkey did not seem at all concerned about this. I waited for maybe a minute. Nothing changed. It was so bright, it seemed like we were apart of the light. I sat back in my chair to enjoy being one with this light. Or whatever this was. About 5 minutes or so later, all of a sudden, I realized this light was coming from a Sun. No, not coming from, but was the Sun. This Sun was sharing itself with Monkey,my guide and myself. I felt myself blending and flowing with Sun. At one point it was hard to tell where I started and Sun began. As soon as I thought that, it all started to fade. I don't remember feeling any fear or doubt about what was happening at that moment,just that I was wondering what was happening and why. Now that I am writing this I feel that I probable got in my own way with my own thoughts instead of just "being one with it all." One lesson with this session for me, was a reminder to let go,let my whole being just flow with whatever is happening on Xupra. Because it is all Love and for the Highest Good.

Coordinates: Xupra.21416. PSS: The cave was warm and bright. My body there, was like my first visit, I felt like I was all green. A nice feeling. Right before I left the cave,I asked to be with one of the animal beings of Xupra, so we could get to know each other. I had no expectations as to who this would be. Next I was outside,alone and at first it seemed to be late twilight. It was slightly cool but comfortable. The atmosphere was light and adventurous. Topography was flats,inclines,wide and close. There was a slight breeze and a sound that was swishing. There was a leathery taste and smells that were bland and dry. P1 Freeform. I am outside,alone and it seems to be late twilight. I can not see anything because it is dark now. Data comes as impression/thoughts. (no visuals yet) I can feel myself slipping away so I ask for guidance to stay focused. All of a sudden I see a big paw with long claws. My first thought is of a bear. This only lasted for a second. Visuals were of browns,black,tans,luminosity was dark and shadowed. The shapes/structures were rounded,pointy,flat,narrow and towering, all were only impressions with very faint visuals. The motion was slow and ponderous with concepts of love and oneness. The purpose was for sharing knowledge. P2 Freeform .ME1 showed a jungle in the shape of a square with what looked like a huge, part bear, part monkey. I could see this being from about the waist level up, like it was standing in the middle of the jungle and was taller than everything else there. P4 Things, were trees,grass,animals,plants and water. P4 Telepathic communication, was a voice that said,"Hello Sister." P4 Freeform, Through out the session I have felt unsure of my data and connection, but also a need to continue. This being is very tall with a thin body like a monkey except the arms and legs are that of a bears with big paws and long sharp claws. Themes are of adventure,spiritual,contact,discovery,teaching and knowledge. Types are natural scene,water,land,plant,animal and people. P5 SA permission, "Yes." I ask to focus my attention on MonkeyBear and instantly I am in the middle of the jungle with Monkey. He is rolling around on the ground playing and laughing. Next I am with Monkey and we are holding on to each other so when he rolls into a ball and starts to roll around so do I. We are rolling,laughing and hugging each other tightly as if we are one. We start playing around in the trees,swinging from branch to branch as monkeys do. The whole time I am hugging him tightly, we are tummy to tummy, as baby monkeys do with their mamas. Next, I say to myself, "Where is Bear?" As soon as the words were out of my mouth, Bear was standing in front of us. All of a sudden, I am on Bears back and we are flying up in the sky ,past the stars, planets and whatever happens to be in this space we are in. We are both laughing and smiling as we come close to these things one at a time and Mama Bear turns us away at the last second and up we go again. Even though I feel a strong connection with Mama Bear, all Love and kindness, my tears start to flow and I cant stop crying. I feel confused and Mama Bear seems to know this and tells me (no words spoken) that each of my tears is a release of energy that I have been holding on to and now is the time of Release them. P5 SA Q?A. This Q is for Bear, "Are you and Monkey one being?" A, "We are each part of the other". Q2, 'Why am I here?" A2, "You asked for understanding and release,did you not?" "Yes, I did think about it through out my day." "Then all is well." Make me feel, happy about meeting Monkey and Bear. Also a bit confused about my connection. Bear and I come back to the middle of the jungle where Monkey is. I thank them both for a wonderful visit and end my session.

Coordinates: Xupra22116
PSS: As I enter the cave the fire pit is empty,no wood no fire,it looks like it has been cleaned out. I see my body standing on the far side of the room. Very still, like she/I am contemplating something,deep in thought maybe. Next we are walking down the tunnel and I can see energy coming out from the walls. It is going through me and I can feel the life of this energy doing something to my whole being. This continues until we get about half way to the cave opening. After this stops,I ask to be taken to an appropriate place and or experience that will help me to clearly see and understand my way of "seeing and knowing", so I can over come my doubts with this. Next I am standing inside a big building. It feels like the building is square and seems to be empty except for myself. Now I see a door on the right side of the room. The whole room is very bright, even though I can not see any light fixtures,the light just "is". The atmosphere is seren,heavy and also light. The environment is cool, with tastes that are pleasant and smells of bland,dry and fresh. It is silent at first,after ME1 I could hear a voice and or someone thinking. Could hear but not understand. ME1 was a taste of sweet. Inside spaces were large,empty,built,airy,simple and lighted. ME2, from above, topography showed open,flats and wide. Mass/dimensions were thin,light,dense,solid,large and wide. There were things of wood,stone,cloth and skin. The only shapes at first were square,flat,simple,tall and a feeling of rounded. The motion was of direction, that was slow and spiraling. The purpose was for knowledge,oneness,understanding and sharing. With concepts of gratitude,excitement,oneness,love and focus. After P1FF, I asked, "Is there anyone here?" I see a being at the side door. I dont remember walking over, but there I was standing next to him. This is when the visuals/colors" came through of reds,blues,white,black,browns and yellows. The being and I were talking to each other from within. I could see all kinds of colors and shapes on what looked kind of like big flash cards. I realized that I could "see" these thing very clearly and was excited about that. I could feel that this being was also happy about this. Symbols probing telepathic communication was a voice that said,"We,I are here for you." Also probing showed more clearly, that the inside walls were partly made of marble. The themes were of teaching,learning,contact discovery and fun. The types were natural scene,natural structure, land and people. P5SAP,"Yes". Impressions. The being at the door is showing me these colors/shapes to help me strengthen my "knowing, my way of 'seeing". That is why we both felt excited and happy earlier about the colors being so clear. Reds squares, blue circles ect. Now the cards seem to be floating around us and randomly, one will come a little closer and each time I can see more clearly. P5SAQ/A. This Q is for the being at the door. Q1, "Why am I being shown these colors/shapes?" A1, "This is part of the help you asked for." Q2, 'Can you help me to see you more clearly?" A2,,,, I can see now that he is white and has a white robe/cloak, that goes down to a couple inches below his knees.He does not have any hair and his face seems to be somewhat transparent with eyes that are slightly bigger than ours. He feels like a teacher, a sharer of knowledge. Q3,"Are there more things for me to see on the other side of the door?" A3, "Yes". Q4, " Can you show me please?" A4, "Lets go." Next we are walking down the hallway. It is very wide,maybe 20 feet or so. I can see the walls of marble. I can see the colors of the marble very clearly. Every line.each color is so alive,so clear. The colors/shapes are now floating all around the hallway. They are not on cards anymore. They seem to be alive and aware that they are helping me. I can sense that they are happy and smiling. I can see two beings at the end of the hallway, about 200 feet away, standing in the doorway. It looks like it goes to the outside. It is very bright behind them and they look like silhouettes,all black, but somehow I know this is not their true color just a result of the brightness from behind them. Not sure why but this seemed somewhat important at the time. As we walk down the hall, different things are floating around for me to look at with clarity. Every time I look at my friend, I can see him more clearly. Even though we are walking toward the end of the hallway, we dont seem to be getting any closer. Walking down the hallway with these beings, I can hear or somehow. I am being told that this is lesson #1 of my teachings about my way of "seeing/knowing". The impression I get from the two beings by doorway,is that they have something to do with my next lesson here. I thank everyone and say goodby. The scene makes me feel, both excited and calm,and also much loved. This visit was very exciting for me because it was the second time I asked for something specific to happen, and it did.

Coordinates,Xupra22816. Sand Beings.  PSS: As I entered the cave,I noticed it was very bright. Not so much from the fire ,more like the energy of light was there. My body was ready and very happy. As we walked down the hallway,my guide was there walking with us. It felt like three best friends walking and talking together. Next my guide and I were outside on a sunny hot day. The sky was very blue. The atmosphere was seren and light with tastes/smells of salty,dry,sunny,pleasant and fresh. Topography was open,flat,wide and expansive. Sounds were only silence at first,after ME1,at main object, was humming,flowing. P1FF. My guide and I are outside, standing in what seems to be sand of some kind. Not like sand on Earth. It looks like sand,but somehow the energy of it feels different. Everywhere I look, that is all I see, just sand,blue sky,my guide and I. Visuals at first were colors of yellow,white,tans,blues, with a shimmering and brightness that was hard to tell where it was coming from. The textures/surfaces were coarse,dry,sandy,grainy natural and loose. The mass/dimensions were thin,light,loose,small and tiny. The only materials I could sense were, skin,cloth,stone and sand. Shapes/structures at first were simple,circles,rounded flat and wide. ME3, inside main structure, showed pointy and intricate. Later I realized these last two were coming from the sand people. The motion started out feeling like direction with a slowness to it. ME2, main person or feature, felt very powerful,with a quick and spiraling feeling. Like everything was being shaken up and coming out the other side, balanced and calm. Concepts were love,focus and oneness. ME2 showed/felt gratitude,excitement and love. In the beginning of the session I could not feel what the purpose of this visit was. After ME1, main object ,Knowledge came through. P2FF. As soon as I looked at my list of ME, before I could even pick one,they already started to show me information. I asked for this information to come to me more slowly so I could understand clearly. ME1,sounds, went from silence to humming and flowing. ME3, from inside,added voices and singing. With ME1, purpose, went from unknown to knowledge. ME2, main person or feature, for colors, added reds,greens,browns and pinks. All of these seemed to be so alive and trying to communicate with me. I could feel a slight knowing that they were standing out like this for a reason. Where they trying to get my attention? Now with ME3, inside spaces feel, natural,simple,airy,light,impressive and happy. P4 symbols probing," things" were sand,people and faces. P4 telepathic communication were voices that said,"Welcome. We are happy that you are here with us". P4FF, I can see lots of faces that seem to be this sand we are standing on. Actually, now that I am writing this I am aware that every piece of sand is a being in and of itself, while also being connected to a long piece of (?). It looks like each one of these beings is connected to a cord of some sort that is showing me that it goes all the way down to the middle of Xupra and that this is their birth place. The themes here are of adventure,fun,spiritual,contact,knowledge and discovery. Types are natural scene,land and people. P5SA impressions, I ask the sand people if I can focus my attention on them and they all at once say,"Yes". They are showing me different possible outcomes of my near future. Different things that I have been thinking about for the last few months. All to do with changes in my being able to support myself financially and still staying true to my heart. P5SAQ/A, Q1 for my guide. "Why am I being shown this now?" A1, We feel your heart and know that this has been a strain of sorts. Q2,for the sand beings. "Hello. Can you tell me my next step to make that will show me if I am on the best path for my highest good?" A2, "We can not show you, but we can help you to "feel" the different possible outcomes." Q3, "Thank you. Can we do this now?" A3, "Yes". Next, I can see each of the sand beings, and notice that every one of them is a possible outcome. Each and every one of them is a different possibility. I realize that there is no way to see them all because they are endless. Even though I know this, it was a little overwhelming to "see" from above like this. Some of the "me`s" were familiar and some I did not recognize at all. Sometimes it felt like I was seeing myself in a different scenario, even though I did not look like I do now, I knew it was me, just somewhere else maybe. Q4, for Universal Mind, "Can you show me my next steps to take so I can be of service to my local community?" A4, brought me, in slow motion, ( like when you use a using a zoom lens on a camera) to above the Earth, just enough so I could still see everything clearly. This shows me that the most powerful thing I can do is to always be myself and to start being around more of my sisters and brothers so we all can experience this together. I am somewhat of a shy person, so seeing myself from above like this, outside on a beautiful day at a gathering in the park, enjoying just" being" with friends both new and old, selling/trading my baskets that I weave, gave me a strong feeling of self confidence and truly being in my heart. Something so simple and very powerful answered a lot for my. A confirmation in a way. This session also showed me that even when we are not connected to Xupra by computer, we are still connected to her through our hearts.

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