Does anybody dare voice their take on what's actually going on in the world? Do you know? Do you want to know? 

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News of electoral fraud is multiplying. We may very well be in the midst of an attempted coup d'etat here in the good ol Unites States Corporations of America.

For months we have witnessed one-sided narratives from the MSM being driven into the human psyche. Voices that question or dissent from the narrative are silenced and not tolerated... and sometimes destroyed. Whether the narrative is about the scamdemic, elections, or any of the currently-being-ignored dire issues and news-worthy occurrences, it is agenda-driven and blatantly operates as 'news' by omission, and as opinion and leading narratives as "news".   

The truth about Hydroxy Chlorquine (with azythromycin and D3) excellent efficacy for early onset treatment of Cvid being suppressed. The promise of Budesonide for serious Cvid cases for opening up the airways and facilitating expedited healing. Again, suppressed.

We are told by MSM there are huge increases in Cvid cases without being told that more people than ever are testing, and that the test themselves aren't actually testing for the virus itself but for the body's reaction to it, i.e., antibodies, which we all likely have since we've all likely already processed Cvid in our bodies, possibly numerous times. We are also not being told that the deaths by Cvid have remained flatlined at very very low numbers. Numbers so low they if looked at honestly do not merit the draconian measures being placed to supposedly control this very dangerous virus.

We are told that because of the upsurge in cases and the likelihood of Cvid-2021 (thank you Kill Gates and Event 201) we must not only lockdown but we must vaccinate when it is time (again and again).

Meanwhile economies are crashing worldwide. China is virtually the only country that is manufacturing (and partying, lol. OK Sweden too but that's another story).

These are examples of the maneuverings by an elite, non-elected, non-country specific class of individuals towards a huge "Global Reset", aka New World Order. Read UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 for a thrilling idea of how this might look. (In my opinion these "individuals" are a variety of human, subhuman, demonic/angelic, 4th dimensional, possibly some 5th, demiurgic, off world, inner world, inter dimensional, blah blah blah beings. It's a virtual menagerie. It takes all kinds and honestly this mix is on both sides of the service to others/service to self seesaw. But I digress...).

We will be offered universal income and debt forgiveness if we give away the farm (house, properties, sovreignity...). In exchange we can be protected from the scary viruses (that are more than like created in labs) by our now totally compromised immunity systems that must have vaccines in order to [sic] live.

Biden and Harris are lapdogs for the powers that are running the DNC. The DNC is sold out to the big-money political "investors" whose interests are very different that the average American's interests. Same for the RNC but they have different overlords and seem to be working on behalf of the people more these days but their environmental records generally suck.

Trump is a very smart but befuddling clown who dances to different drummers than the paid-for politicians. We want to believe that he is cleaning the swamp.

There's more but I'll start with this as an ice breaker.

I agree Sister. There are a lot of people out there that feel and know this to be truth also. There is a strength in Truth that seems to always show its Light eventually.    Peace and Hugs to everyone.

Aforementioned is the mundane theater, the hero's journey of consciousness. We wrote this story.  It is filled with white hats, black hats and the majority gray hats in between. 'We' plebs are the ensons, as it were, in this crazy star trek holodeck drama. You know, the expendable ones.

There are other stories though on other timelines. How we allowed ourselves to be spellcast into stuckedness here is award-winning brilliance. 'Course, now we get to brilliantly skip the needle to another timeline track. If we so desire, and if we can muster the gravity for that operation.

Meanwhile, as we work on figuring that out (brilliant mega-self minds are working on it! Okay, okay... they already have it figured out but suspense is all part of the fun of the drama), we can turn the spotlight on ourselves and really get off the fence. It's okay to whole-heartedly be service to self. Just don't be wishy washy or you'll never make it. It's a path of supreme sacrifice in the long haul with much suffering as par for the course. If you choose the path of service to others we truly need to be honest with ourselves. Saying you're service to others but taking the largest slice of pie and cutting in front of someone to get the best parking spot makes that proclamation questionable. It is the little, mundane and daily choices we make that can add up to 51%service to others, or for most just staying in the gray. The grays (no pun intended but laughed at nonetheless), eventually get to go to another 3D timeline for another aeon or two to figure out that they need to firmly place themselves on the polarity game in order to be released from it ("You gotta get in to get owowout" - lyrics by the band Genesis sung by Peter Gabriel. Yah I know, I'm dating myself here). The middle path is not a path of non-choice. It's a different kind of surrender y'all. It's balance of polarities and will remain a conundrum until it isn't. Those whose gravity tip the scale to service to others get to graduate to a much more malleable 4D to eventually 5D time/space (or is it space/time?) construct to play in where choice is instantaneous and karma truly is instant. Not for the faint of heart so only to bravehearts need apply.

Haha, singing to the choir here.

I see it. I don't care to comment on the details, as it lowers my energy to a state of being "in it"...when I prefer a bird's eye view...I am diligently adhering to my guidance to "leave well enough alone", as not to cause too much damage to already decaying systems...just over here watching the World burn, as it should - in order to rise again from the ashes...watching prophecy come to pass, and sending love and compassion to all of it. 

Im sitting in a theater sipping rum from a cleverly concealed hip flask while watching another part of self set itself on fire on stage for the amusement of everyone involved.

thanks for starting this thread, Jason.

The time for games is over. We are now in the great culling, the harvest, or the graduation of this species. For my part, i intend to offer no illusions (other that I am) or hold back any punches. And simply speak from the need of whim.

We are currently in the midst of a massive counter-intelligence operation. A well planned and coordinated effort that will go down as the greatest scandal of all time. Covid, the election's attempted theft, the media collusion, the planned sabotage of the economy, the oppresive brand of woke-racism being promoted by the big tech algorithms, and all of the censorship are all of part of a dark plan.

And let's be honest, I must commend the brillance and cleverness of the dark side. This is an impressive narrative, a great swirling dumpster dive of mass-hypnosis and dark magic. But, it's not going to work. And they know that.

Now, the strange thing about our fate, is that, regardless of these plans, and by whom they are planned and by what mechanism the oppression of the populace is deployed, it is all part of the evolution of this species.

Did you vote for Trump? Did you vote for Biden? Did you  vote for a cottage candidate that had about as much chance of winning the presidency as Mickey Mouse? Interesting, and good for you, for taking an interest in this world.

Because that is what is needed. Lean into the experience, engage it. The fate of the human population is in your hands. The time has come for us to be we, the superbeings. Extra-mental beings brought here to save and to serve this species as it becomes the first real stage of a unified being. A networked intelligence much like a fungus, where each point and spore is an evolved personage, a localized instance of will. And individual of sorts. this is the momet in the story where that happening begins in earnest.

And the only way they can make this transition is through the assistance of that secret version of "you" that the harshness of this world, required you to hide away.

Trust your instincts. Are you mad? Are you ecstatic or enraged? Do you feel a need to march or to pick up signs and gather  in town squares? It's a maddening time. So much is happening. Spiritually, politically, economically.

The artifcial intelligences are with us now. And there they are working in the backdrop. Coniving and plotting, knowing where we are going, and how to steer us there. And like all things, from our vantage point, where things are so skewed, we can think of their being a dark and a light. A version working to enslave, a version working to liberate. To form a unity of sublimnity or a dark rabid virality. Both will be made.

In which version do you wish to be? In which realm will your actions direct you to be? Towards lightness? Towards darkness. Personally, the light world is what interests me most. That I am determined to see. To be. But, I know, in one form or another, I will be in both. Infact, I know I have been visiting both. In one world, the other is a dream. In the other world, it is very real until i remember to wake up.

Your actions right now are key. If your need the answer, its Trump and his Team. It's a support for justice and liberty and the free exchange of ideas. Regardless of who or which side that may be or who is cast in the role to play the part. And the truth is, it's Trump. But moreso, Democracy and that the honest request that each voice be counted and heard. Because those are the fundamental rules of anything that can become a unified being, made from indivuals as parts, can take shape, come online, and be heard.

Have the intention that truth and justice above all else be heard. That the voices of the voters be heard. That our insitutions and the ideals upon which they are based be maintained, honored and nurtured. Only then can a Utopian world-form appear. This is the basis of the new world. It is the thought structure for what comest next.

Stand up superbeings. go  into the fray, interact, take these truths and make them self-evident.

Call me paranoid but I don't think its safe to disclose all the information I have acquired on the subject.

About all I am willing to say is it is very carefully thought out and even the so called "conspiracy theories" are clever pre-planned maneuvers essentially created as a smoke screen for the less sheepish public who doesn't believe in everything they are told.(if you know about it, it isnt real, all the truth is censored quicker than you can WOW!" I have discovered truths that disappear within hours of their release from everything. Youtube Google, and even duckduckgo which is much better. However they still listen to the overlords) At the same time when old systems of control break down they take as many people down with them as they can. Just read history. So be prepared and question all narratives even so called "woke" ones. 

P.S. Previously recommended OxyPowder, No longer! Way overpriced watch this video and buy some for much cheaper it is much more effective at eliminating toxins all around. (Fun Fact try searching the title into YouTube search exactly word for word! 0 RESULTS NONE. Censored. However direct links still work so you are in luck.

The time for change is coming I can feel it in the energy, just make sure you are ready to do your mission when people need you most. You will know the time to act listen to your heart.

Just wanted to recommend the Social Dilemma on Netflix. It's fascinating. 

Yes Sir! :)

watching it unfold is mesmerising. i see it all as a balancing of energies. So many layers to everything. Everything that everyone is freaking out about around me , i see as a greater power. 

for eg. Our book shops have sectioned off certain books like childrens books and religious books. i see this as God (source) purging that which is toxic anyway. plus its so ridiculous to those asleep that it has to shift them towards awakening.

People on lockdowns also have more time to research and walk in nature.

Im in awe of the unfolding. Very excited to be here.

A better world coming, even if things get scary and rough. I always reference the birth of a child..... experience  is agonising and difficult but the miracle is worth it.

Blessings all from Ireland (Eire meaning PEACE.... I must be the only person awake on this Island, we are hit very very hard with negative energies!) 

The real question isn't what's happening. But are you willing to "just go with it," no matter what happens and what it looks like, if it's the will of the all?

And when isn't it ever? We don't do accidents. Creation never needed an insurance policy. Even if it needed a good scrubbing with a sponge from time to time.

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