DR STRANGE - Ths post is about the recent movie release and how it can illuminate our understanding of what the TSB is or can be.

Yesterday I was on my way to go see Inferno...well, I have catholic sentiments!  But through some mishaps, delays, caused by the friends upstairs I am sure, I was effortlessly directed to watch Dr. Strange.  I am proposing that we see it as I feel so many major themes of what we want to do (I think) and we want to discuss were reflected in that movie.  For me the lesson was a visual imbibing of what surrendering is and what can happen when you let go.

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Mary and I also saw it yesterday in IMAX 3D, and it contains basically everything anybody could ever want to know. It essentially picks up where someone seeking to be a true mystic would want to start. What I'm going to wind up putting together is something like this: 

The Simple Truth: One Year to Freedom

What this simple, clear program I'm going to begin authoring today is essentially going to propose is this: "once free, you can then, if you want, become a true mystic, wielding true power by commanding invisible intelligence. But you have to remember, if you start down that path, you are submitting to yet another system that could encroach upon your freedom," which by the way the movie also clearly illustrated.

Once someone is free, THEN the higher mysteries can be shared in advanced workshop settings, but I'm here to tell you all, the higher mysteries don't really apply to us unless The Mind deems it necessary. I've always found it fascinating that Jesus attended one such school, for more than a decade, in order to learn to bend space and time according to a will within which he operated on this plane. But what did he teach instead? Simplicity. What love really is. Freedom from judgement. How to see through the hallucination. In short, his highest abilities, gained from a high level mystery school, were useless, and they were in fact what helped to precipitate the rise of Christianity.

I also have been trained in the higher mysteries, but they're useless on this plane, because neither self nor anybody else requires them. What is most useful on this plane is whatever it takes for 3Ders to achieve clarity through self-reflection and habitual recognition of the power of thought. The most elementary stuff is also the most powerful, and that's where we're going to take this. Although many of you are already intimately familiar with much of what that program will be saying, what it will accomplish is bringing many many more people into our family.

With power comes a lot of responsibilities. Best to have the wisdom and clarity. What I enjoyed most about the movie was the depiction of the nature of reality which I feel is a key element in one's journey to liberation.

I also saw the movie on Saturday, and prior to that I was reading MG Hawking's books. Well , it seemed like a visual depiction of the books , too many similarities.

Well, it's the same myth, and it's been circulating for over a hundred years. The truth is that you can create circles and geometric forms, right where you stand, through simple visualization, but nobody who doesn't have higher sight can see them. You can create subtle energy, which then becomes an entity, and you can send that energy/entity on errands to accomplish things, but it won't be visible on our plane. I do this nearly every single day. The effect that "sorcery" has on 3D takes time to bleed through, but the 4D-5D effects being talked about by the MG Hawking types, and the movie, are instantaneous on those perceptual planes, and might not actually ever have an effect of any kind in 3D, at least that can be qualified or quantified.

The MG Hawking types, which also includes the Baird Spaulding types and the I Am Discourses types (the St Germainers), are not doing what they do on our plane, at all. It's incredibly important to understand that. It doesn't mean that you can't aspire to their abilities to cause supernormal things to happen on our plane, by in effect accelerating the "bleed through" through bridging realities, but what we've been telling you is that you come from a plane of being that is millions of years beyond the social memory complex of MG Hawking types. This is all a dangling carrot to get seekers to seek, for often precisely what they need so long as they keep in perspective the fact that those abilities are probably not possible for us in this go round, and secondly that they are all but pointless on this plane with respect to what we came here to do.

However, and powerfully, is that the practices themselves are superb for helping to create life and living with balance, love, wisdom and joy.

I'll give an example that might be poignant. Let's say you were to join AMORC, which is the modern Rosicrucians, which are just modern descendants of the mystics lineage from Egypt on down, including the Knights Templar, who were highly mystical. In AMORC's written classes, which really are well done mystery schools with deliverables, tests, and so on, you could eventually learn to move a pendulum, for example, with your mind, which takes a lot of psychic energy to do. Everything they teach resembles closely what you'll find in the MG Hawking techniques. 

Now, if one of your own other-densical selves, say one who exists on a plane where ALL of the energy being created, as in the movie, for example, can be seen by all, were to come sit down and have a tea with you, and you asked, "Should I join AMORC to learn those mental skills?"

That self would probably say, "Why would you want to take the time to learn to move a pendulum with your mind when you could instead be out and walking in nature, in the sunshine, near the creek, the breeze on your face, simply BEING every moment what is necessary on this plane? The moving the pendulum trick threshold you/we crossed as a social memory complex was over 14 million Earth years ago in a system near Arcturus. You can do it if you want, but why ride that pony again?"

A higher Eastern mystic might ask, "Why would you want that power? What are you afraid of?"

I might say, "Wanting a power such as that suggests you'd like to use it to get something you don't already have if you'd only move to the position where it can be received."

See what I mean?

Lastly, I'll say it again. The MG Hawking types aren't on a high enough level to go to Xupra, which we do regularly. What we're doing with that is VERY advanced superhuman, supernormal stuff, but more importantly, their social memory complex hasn't reached a level where they would have the authorization to do so. This is the sort of thing we can't stress enough.

Abhishek said:

I also saw the movie on Saturday, and prior to that I was reading MG Hawking's books. Well , it seemed like a visual depiction of the books , too many similarities.

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