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last night we were in a complex, our strike team and a few others, possibly the next full wave to join. in any case it was more than we here so far. the complex was a combination of structure and purpose, representational of a large endeavour requiring versatility and flexibility of constant redesign. 

somewhat a warehouse, a recording studio, an engineering garage, we were in a high elevation or what seemed to be secluded mountain tops. not easily accessible, nor found. one would have to seek us out to find us.

finding. that word is powerful. came across it last night. realized it was my word as a child.  it shaped my childhood. which i recognize was a highly realized state. 

back to the dream,

we were all aligned along a table, much in the style of the last supper, we were seated behind  controls and levers, equipment. Jason was present, but he was necessarily isolated from us. in a kind of purity isolation, gestational decontamination. much as when astronauts are about to launch or return, they are placed in a clean room, isolated from general population. very similar.

we were in radio contact with Jason, modulating frequencies, sound, vibration, we would make adjustments and he give feedback. to which we would make further adjustments. there was a specific energetic frequency we were in search of, a kind of perfect alchemical vibrational state we were to achieve.

if anyone has seen, "The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai across the 8th Dimension," it very much had that feel. very low key, nonchalant, quirky, mad scientist, very sincere agents, noble creatures, doing the impossible, living a dream as dream. 

i can see Jason now, in a white glow, as though he was in a white luminescent chamber, coring up.

Chance~  After last night's conference call and what you told us about the film maker's beginning I had a dream last night.  I have to laugh!

Dreamed of a huge green screen.  A woman and a girl we're setting up a ladder against it and they we're going to make a scene involving them climbing the ladder going up in great height and such.  Anyways as the scene started one of them bumped the ladder ruining the drama of the harrowing scene.  Someone yells 'start over!'

Totally made me think of what you mentioned re: film school, and how if you didn't know what was going on behind the scenes you would totally be caught up in the drama~  Just sharing!  xox   

That's awesome. Thanks for sharing, beloved. Yes, the trick is to be detached emotionally from the drama. Absolutely. And it is all about what is going on behind the scenes. Just finally beyond understanding flirting with the full knowing of the emotional body and my vast misunderstanding of it and the consequent polluting. Such a subtlety. I s33 the havoc reigned upon the all due to it. This world developed a whole industry of industries to cope and mitigate what otherwise should have imploded this rampant energy discharge. Yet it endures. There is a resiliency, a sublime stubbornness unique to this parsec of the all.
One thing I meant to mention about the early roots of film, art has become sullied with stylistic impressionism, a general regard that while it may accurately portray a particular vision or emotional outlook, that it is not itself realistic. Why even mention this? Because the movement that film was born of was all about science and extreme dutiful attention to accuracy and if they had the term at the time, "photo realism." The landscape artists studied geology, optics, topograpgy, nature, any subject or discipline that would allow them to portray the most exacting to detail photo realistic depiction of the subject. Not an interpretation, translation. Now of course, we can see the problems with all of that. Nonetheless, it was about holding a lens, creating a transmission line from across vast distances, the ability to perceive what is there as a live feed from another location.
This is UP in so many ways, in my perception. And revelant to our efforts, in how I regard it.
Lastly, the whole idea of "start over". In my dreams, I have become lucidly aware of the looper. A paradox loop where I enter the same scene over and over again until I am satisfied and continue to the next. Willfully. It seems, in my preliminary investigation and research, that we have been in a virtual, galactic "Groundhog" day. Perhaps, primarily 1972-2012. And granted, we wouldn't have to live the spanse, then "do over" and begin back at the same check point as the same person, or different person exclusively. We could for all intents and purposes just go through it as PRISMatically divided aspects of the same master soul, just once. And what would be the differ3nce?
It's a recurrent theme. Worth pointing out. That we are vastly misunderstood in the nature of our "experience". Everything about this mission is about bringing to the surface to make conscious our participation in what is actually ocurring. This is because of free will. The ultimate prime directive. Nothing can subvert. It's just not mathematically possible.
So, engaging, as we are here, is as much a success as what we actually do. They are one and the same. And an expression of our consciousness that it is time to complete the movie. And the story ends.
Just like Bill Murray, w3 have to consciously participate and become emotionally mature (detached) in order to get to the "Next Day".

Chance that is AWESOME!  I do agree.  I am so slow sometimes I shake my head.  The UP session are sooo about understanding how one thing connects to another to allow a bigger perception.  Verticals connect to horizontals which connect to diagonals giving form substance,... etc etc, all working together to be 'something' tangible and intangible.  It is a teaching tool of how perceptions works in this frequency and all it's sentient modes (yes I do say frequency is Sentient, just ask)  enabling the perceiver a frame of reference to connect dots in the other more subtle realms and bring them into a 'live feed' as you say.  I LOVE that and this system of teaching us how to bring forward the live feed without the emotional taint. . 

Agree again with how you see Groundhog day.  The timeline of 1972 - now is the focus for sure.  Knowing what I know now, the many resets experienced by the idea of Jb seamlessly undetected until the trigger of BE, I realize that many facets of the whole, what I call my 'crew',  have taken a turn behind the driver's wheel of the conscious mind, this life time in order to maintain the objective, irregardless of what my personality thought or knew. 

However, I also acknowledge that now I see this aspect of 'me' the conscious awareness, as an insert (of many levels of Mind) aware of what is happening now as the vehicle plows along, as it already has many times before. This is the taking advantage of a key lifetime, and utilizing the inherent potential.  You know what I am saying, and there are many ways to understand what has already occurred and recurring for the purpose of getting the job done.  Really it is mind blowing!  xox

At first, this set of 3 dreams didnt seem what it became. But for the intens3 sleepiness and head throbbing that at times I am witness enough to know I should go to sleep. Doing as your told is important. Very much so. Because it is always you speaking. This level of discernment we have collectively attained knows when it comes from the sacred space which is the always and the little space. I was a bunny on an open mountain top. A high forest plateau. There was a thick wood to my left and right. There was she a high feminine benevolence. And what appeares an iron giant of green and brown. And I too was disembodied. The great giant spoke, "the hunter is coming. " she intoned, "he is coming for you." I could feel the 3xpectation though it was not spoken, it was a scent in the air. Run.
But the bunny, was fearless or foolish. Worrying not. He gave off such a confidence it seemed arrogance. Full of a lack of awareness. There was a strip of land behind us trailing off the mountain like a landing strip. And a tall mas5 that looked like a power pol3.
The hunter arrived. AOL of bugs bunny and elmer fudd. And so I expected this to be a cartoon. Where the arrogant bunny trumps the idiot hunter. This was not the case. But we began there. The great giant silently, effortlessly turned and made his way absorbed seemlessly into the wood. Almost as a ghost. As though he went but there was really no where to go. The feminine grace remained by the bunny as I watched him scurry to the landing strip. I assumed his perspective realizing I can fly. I ran as fast as I could and reaching life put out my arms and assumed they must now be wings and began to fly. Rising higher and higher above the scene, above the hunter. But then I remembered I was a bunny and so must have limitations on high I could fly. I began to I lose altitude and grabbed on to the high pole, tearing into it securely with my claws. Birds in nest were startled as I hid. Startled they gave away my position. The hunter came to the pole. He was not an idiot. He knew what I was thinking the moment I did. I retreated into the forest. Nearly being caught. I obs3rved dismebodied. Him scurry. H3 would have been caught. Deep was the hunter's blood lust. But each time, as almost the force of reality herself, I intervened and saved the bunny. Holding him, moving him just in th3 nick of time. Many times I held his so tiny and fragile being in my hands cradling him beyond harm. But it was never long before the hunter found him again. They were connected. Drawn to one another. We went to the forest. It was dark and sinister. Ancient. There was a deep glowing red all around. The sky darkened from the cover of the towering trees. The scene was photo realistic. The trees and brush were real but aliv3 unencumbered by this reality had more expression, more presence, seemed representations in a self aware way of their true form. Themselves exuding a knowing that they were mere costumes to their true forms, just beyond perception. We went deep into the wood, it began to morph into an office space. With desk and counter space. And finally tue terrified bunny was caught. The feminine presence was there through out. And so, the game played and won, offciated with such love the chopping of the bunny head. I became a physical human being holding the bunny's head on a block so the hunter could make the kill. Then reality unraveled.
I was alone in the office space aware of the moment of the slicing, as a howling alarm sirened a deafening tone. Unsettling and penetrating to the molecule of being as the horns of biblical revelation. Flashing red lights and darkness? Disorinted I stumbled through the madness as a projected film of a man in an insane assylum played out on the office walls. The sound was as though gods were speaking and a mortal dared listen. And felt the force of a crushing madness as consequence. Still I listened and watched the scene of the projected film unfold. In a straight jacket screaming as though into my space and saying what I could not speak for the thundering presence that had unleashed itself upon me within me in the surround, "I am not a man..." but it felt as though he meant an animanl, " I am a hitler!"
Then all went silent. Dark and sublime. The projector faded as the straight jacket fell from his body. The imprisoning guards becoming fawning fans in applause, as the hands thwt restrained him brushed him off and lit his cigarette. Looking through the fading nothingness directly at me. There are no worries.
I collapsed onto a table in the office. Disembodied again watching. She was there looking at a sent package. It was stuffing. She was stunned, referring to the bunny, he promised he wouldn't! Then I went into her mind as the held bunny was killed. She seeing that for as real as he seemed it was all fake. The bunny had given up but could not be killed for he was always fake. His h3ad rolling she now saw only cotton. The hunter blood red.
I awoke in the office from the vision to here and see the bunny talking on the conference room tabl3. Broken open as a pinata with prizes within. A cake in the shape of another bunny eating him collecting the prizes.

I was walking into a store. To get supplies. I was seeing th3 beauty in everything. Everyone was ssmiling. I became beautiful. Everything I saw was beautiful. It was a Joy stat3. I went back outsid3 to my car, it had been stripped down. At first I felt the programming. Despair. Then I went into deepest silence and stillness. And was taken into peace. So let it be done.

I awoke. Partially, suddenly realizing I felt I was being adjusted and had been contacted by a god of nature. So, I focused on silence and detachment. Asking mentally what protocols there were in the use of th3 Gods of nature.

I was sent into a final dream. I was at work, an auto shop with bays and hydraulic lifts. A truck outside one bay needing tire work, and a young man, the kind I feel deep connection to automatically. Lik3 I am a hybrid of brother and father to. Very much like the bunny. He was upset and crying. Asking him if he was alright he through a phone across the shop in frustration. My counterpart, also a manager, told me he was having a hard time getting ahold of his brother. Then he let out this howling scream. Screeching as the horns in the office. Loud and godly. I jumped in his truck to bring it onto the lift as he howled. I barely fit. Could barely operate it. I drove it in but then the rocking motion of climbing the lift threw me back out.and we rolled back to the start position. I tried again. But no matter how quickly I moved, tried to brake, the motion undid itself. Completing a loop. Then I noticed something was missing. There was no steering wheel. I could only invoke it to move. I could not control what did not have the ability to be controlled. It was beyond a bendable will. It does what it does.
He stoppes screaming. I awake. I feel I was contacted. And that this is some sort of guidance shrouded in archetype. The gods are with us.

Some preliminary comments, JB. I don't think Tau is a reference to that star. I think it's a reference to subspace (or whatever term you prefer), and circles, or something like it. I think it's a reference to learning a manipulation having to do with the Merkaba. Secondly, by "star" and "merging with" it the WF people were  beyond any question at all talking about the Merkaba. Thirdly, Aufontel is right here, an overlay, right in front of your nose. It's a quarter turn to your left or right, and a step and you're through the invisible rift and standing within its fields of evident form. But a lot of preparation has to be made, and in the meantime we have a story to finish. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

In the book "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth" Thoth discusses circles and squares, and how they're used to travel in subspace. It's probably worth a revisit of that book. I've read through it two or three times, never the last two chapters, however. Recently, when Sianna brought it up on SoaS, it sparked a discussion and links were given and so on, and she stated that she had the complete copy. I guess we'd better hit her up. It's also possible that the star Tau has something to do with the manipulation of circles, traveling in subspace, or both.

Thank you for the preliminary comments. Yes, we have discussed Aufontel as the overlay before a couple times, meaning right here.  I don't discount anything. 

What ever this was, is, will unfold.  Is it meaningful for here, like I said, I am not sure.  But you never know unless you open the door.  Maybe someone else will get a glimpse of relevant information.

Regarding the Merkaba, yes it is very important, crucial.  Circles and squares...reminds me of squaring the circle in sacred geometry.  Like our Throat Chakra Symbol too.  I was going to mention that the toroidal field of the Heart is referenced as a key component of the Human Merkaba field.  

I was part of the discussion with Sianna referred to here and had requested the complete book from her at that time.  She sent it but I was unable to open because of usage limits.  She gave me the link to order a copy at a good price: Thoth.  I went on to read an abridged version here: Emerald Tablets.  I don't recall anything about circles and squares in this though.  We'll need the full version.  I'll see if I can dialogue with Sianna about these details since she's been into it for several weeks now.

Jason said:

In the book "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth" Thoth discusses circles and squares, and how they're used to travel in subspace. It's probably worth a revisit of that book. I've read through it two or three times, never the last two chapters, however. Recently, when Sianna brought it up on SoaS, it sparked a discussion and links were given and so on, and she stated that she had the complete copy. I guess we'd better hit her up. It's also possible that the star Tau has something to do with the manipulation of circles, traveling in subspace, or both.

Christmas of 1984 I was gifted a dictionary.  Over the years I would sit, open and point to a word without looking.  With time I realized more often than not the words would relate drawing a picture or message on my white paper.   I recently started calling them "dictionary divinations"'s one.

122113 (Solstice)

Is there a message?





5-port of entry




9-logo-type (logos?....word used often in the "Ra" material) in ascending/descending a ladder

11-buxom....obedient, offering little resistance


13-town residence


15-base line....a line serving as a basis, one of known measure or position

Not sure where to put it's here.  A 2 part post.  Excuse the language in part's how I think and no longer feel the need to cushion those with fragile ears.


Since Jason first talking about the now called Han2 alchemy I felt the need to prepare for this one.  With it having age reversal properties I decided to add something to my black mask meditations that might help prepare my cells for the work this alchemy will be doing.  I put on the mask, lie down, adjust a bit and then take my age and start counting backwards.  Stopping at the age I feel was most optimal for health and performance.  I do it kinda slow and try to feel each age all the while putting my cells on attention for things to come.  Once I hit the optimal age I stop and phase out.  I wasn't going to share any of this...thinking it might be stupid or something.......until today!


I lay down for the black mask meditation and go through what I described above.  Phase out into the black.  Come memory of where "I" had been or what happened.  Go again...come back....same thing.  Pretty standard "mask" meditation.  It is not uncommon for me to phase out and decide to go again.  Sometimes spiraling back in and other times just "boom" back.  I went in and out like this about 5 or 6 times...and then the last one!  I'm coming to...pulling my mask off.  It's still dark and the mask is in my hand.  *Why is dark?  Why can't I see?  Wait....I have a mask on.  Pull it off.  I do this 4 times before I realize I'm still in phase out mode.  I'm like...this is fucking cool....I'm going to come back...come out of this with 5 extra "mindfold" masks.  I'm gonna bring them back from "the other side"!  Wait til Jason (and Theo) hear about this!  I stopped and counted the masks in my hand and could feel the one on my face.  Okay, cool...time to really come back....I need to take my daughter to work.  I pull off mask's still dark.  Shit!.....I hear my daughter in another room...I'll go there.  (At this point I am aware of Shelly 1....the meditator....Shelly 2 the phase out chick....and Shelly 3 the observer.)  Shelly 2 rolls out of bed onto the floor and begins to crawl toward the room with daughter.  Its freaking dark as hell and I keep taking off the mask dropping it to floor like breadcrumbs.  Shelly 3 sees the scene of her crawling on the floor....Shelly 1 aware of the mask and bed beneath her.  Shelly 2.....crawling across the floor...feeling the furniture, carpet, wood....made it to the hallway.....pulling masks off dropping them. this what it feels like to be blind? This totally sucks.  Feeling the edge of the staircase...the rail....don't go down there....just around the corner....I hear my daughter....almost there. I start calling her name...Kaley!....Kaley!....mommy needs help!  I can't see.  Nothing!  Still pulling masks off.  I get to her room and push open the door.  Shelly 3 observes the room with dispassion....a child (Kaley) about 3 or 4 years old jumping and playing on her bed.  Toys strewn about the floor.  Shelly 2 flops half in the room...half still in the hall.  At this point I am calling her name in real earnest....I realize she can't see me...or hear me....with this thought I can no longer speak.  My throat betrays me...closes up.  Exhausted...I lay on the the black!  I look into the mask....what the fuck!  YOU are STUCK! SHIT....this is totally not good.....laughter erupts.....okay....JASON!....I need help.  Shelly 2 feels something and BOOM....I'm back...pulling off the mask!  Holy fucking crap...that was awesome!!!!!!!!  I wonder what would have happened If Shelly 4 (mother of 3 year old) consciousness would have presented itself.


Oh....I forgot to my distress....I thought Jason might be busy and called for back were it!  Ha ha ha!!!!

sweet! thanks for sharing, Shelly! that was awesome. and i think you'll enjoy this anecdote. the past few nights, especially last night, under my blankets, i had a rather intense "black mask" moment. where i could not escape the darkness. which was strange. it did not frighten me, but i did note that i slipped into a space where there was no exit. 

strange as it may seem, i "knew" what to do. or atleast how to exit. seems like this was a space i had been before, if not at least, in some small way, seems "home" or "familiar" to me.

i did feel like i had company, which, again was not strange to me. and in some small way, it felt like i was taking on my traditional archetypal role as "charon", the "ferryman" crossing guardian bringing the lost between realms.

so, if that was you, Shelly, happy to help! please, fill out a customer service survey, tell us how we did! and as always, thank you for sailing SIC cruises, "we are where you're heading, before you arrive!"


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