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Serpents are very powerful symbols. I think about the serpent as that symbol for potent life force energy that runs up and down the spine.

See Caduceus:

  In my own dreams, they heralded transformation on a spiritual level that was taking place in my waking life. I have had dreams where I could FEEL the sensation as I woke up. That was a pretty special dream.

I asked friends and family too what they think. Some say just a dream while others say it could be a bad omen. Personally I refuse the idea that this experience was a bad sign, it doesn't feel like that at all. Just because its a serpent and has the colour of black doesn't means its a bad thing. The serpent itself is a beautiful creature and the black colour is the perfect mix or merge of all colours.

What Theo said is completely resonating with me. I guess she's right and this was the sign of my awakening. I looked back in my life and examined my path, and what I thought was my awakening point in my life, truly was only to find the right direction.

Only one day passed since the serpent's visit but I already can see some changes in my life. I started to see the world different way. I often find myself in an observing mode and realise things that I slipped over it. Also there is another thought in my mind. The serpent visited me the night when I ordered my first bottle of Alchem. Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not. I don't believe in coincidences, everything is happening with reason.
Hi Zoltan
I used the word auspicious. I wanted to correct myself. In saying that something in me assumes something is also inauspicious. Nothing is inauspicious nor auspicious. Everything is just is.

Life flows like a river and flows as it should. Thinking life is happening with reason is a matter of our judging. For example when man made and natural calamities happen we will be prompt to look for a reason as to why these happen.

And that is why I have dropped the thinking that everything happens for a reason. True there are no coincidences as everything is unfolding as it should.
Serpent/snake is making me think of chain, like chain of motion like how a snake moves. Slithering, undulating, worming, waving.

And transformation with the shedding for skin. Just like the skin symbol.

 Recent dream ---  Went to a joint , flat white platform , ambient gold AND white light . Dude wearing a dark purple or black robe .A few gold dragons or some such critters stitched on the robe. White beard , bout a foot long or so . Long white hair . Next to him is a white marble looking pedestal . Round base , small collar , greco-Roman column , Thick collar and a wide solid bowl on top. And on this pedestal a most bee-ute-ti-full BOOK ! Ab-so-lute-leee grrrr-jess . Brown leather covers. Gold corner protectors . Dark yellow silk spine and gold gilt on the outside of the pages . 9,10, maybe 11 inches thick . My FAVORITE kind. I'm thinking , it might take me 4 maybe even 5 days to read THIS baby !. I look up from the BOOK and there are 11 more pedestals in a line going away from the first one and each has a book on it . All but the last one as thick as the first and just as fine , with the last one being bout 3 to 5 inches . Dude points to his right , my left , and on a lower platform sits another 11 incher on a pedestal.Dude says " Before you read these books ( points to the 12 ) you must forget everything you believe from reading that one . " ( points to the one ) or you will get a bad headache. A: I think , no problem , cause I really don't believe in ANYTHING anymore . B: I Care even less about any and everything than I believe in at this point . C: I'm thinking  " Hey , maybe my eyes will actually work in this joint . I've been using the  open the book , put on my readers , put my crappy magnifying glass tween the book and the readers and cover one eye technique . Read real fast till I lose focus , rinse and repeat . ( Don't laugh .  That's how I read the Simple Truth . Took me 4 months , but I did it . My comprehension levels aren't as high as you might think this way . I lose my place a lot and reckon I prolly read The Truth bout 4 times but am not exactly sure in what order ) I'll be honest here , I had a full-blown BOOK boner . I give the dude a shit-eatin grin , nod my head and open the first book and I'll be go-ta hell but WHAM ! it feels like the old fart hit me in the back of my head with a BFH .Now for those of you who have never worked for the HE-MAN Consruction Coporation , BFH is HE-MAN code for a  Big Fucking Hammer .   I pop out of the dream. I open my eyes and that asshole that lives in my head has his iron thumb all heated up glowing and molten and in pressing it to the back of my right eye . It feels like an axe blade is sunk bout 2 inches into my fore-head , ice-pick sunk in behind the right ear and the left side of my neck in on fire . My first thought was  ' How the f*#k did he do THAT !" This is a fairly routine headache for me at this point so I do the Usual, Eat more narcotics , paper my neck and shoulders with SolanPas patches , and jam my thumbs in my neck and twist my head around till the cracking isn't that loud . 45 minutes and the thumb had cooled down the axe was out the ice-pick was just throbbing a little and I couldn't even feel my neck . GOOD-TO-GO ! Two hours after I woke up , I was asleep. Before I conked out , I was thinking SHEE-IT ! If this is all i have to put up with , I can easy take 2 maybe 3 whacks at those books a night!        Do you think I've been able to get back to that joint???  Not even close . Don't know where it is . Don

t have a clue as to how I got there in the first place.

 ANY suggestions on how to find this joint , no matter how hare-brained , off-the-wall , or astute will be entertained and are WELCOME . Man , I'd like to take a whack at those books.

 This prolly wasn't as cool as the snake festival , but HEY, It's what I got .

Bryan this is what I think about your dream.

It seems you have got to that point and granted access to an higher knowledge which those books contains for you. It is a nice scenery of the library of the hidden knowledge by the way. The robed man is the librarian and gave you instructions/warning how to tap into that knowledge. You've got the headache which you have been warned of.

Maybe you already forgot and let go lot of stuff which is holding you back, but perhaps there is still some deep inside what you are not aware of.

Maybe you can try to meditate on this and connect with the entity who came to you in the form of this librarian, and ask for help and guidance.

I'm curious what others think and the way of my thinking is a good approach. :)

Thanks for your thoughts , Zoltan . That meditatin thing just doesn't seem to work for me . Sometimes I "go somewhere " while I'm struggling to go to sleep , sometimes when I'm just daydreaming . No rhyme or reason to it. Bout the only that has ever done much for me is going to The Daisy Pond with The American Monk , good ol Burt Goldman . Great place to go to , but too short a time to go on an adventure .

 I used to go to a place when I wore a younger man's clothes . Started when I was 9 or 10 maybe . All of a sudden I'd be on a sandbar . There is a creek running in front of me In a shallow U and I stand in the middle of the U . 2 maybe 3 feet wide at most . Pebbles and river rocks where I'm standing. Bout a 3 foot high bank on the other side . All rock and gravel . 3 inch layer of soil on top of the gravel. Sparse , poor looking grass growing in the soil stretches out in front of me for quite a ways. A hardwood tree to my left and 4 small ones to the right side on the other side of the creek . Blue sky , with a few white clouds . Sunny. It was always the same. Seems like I would go there mostly when I was tired . Still have NO idea how I got there or where there is .

 When I was THERE , I was always fully aware of my surroundings , HERE . When I had to respond to somebody and spoke , I would get kicked out . There were NO critters there , No birds , no bugs , nothing . The only sound was the water babbling in the creek .

 That said , EVERYTHING there was alive . The grass , the rocks , the trees , the water , the air. I could FEEL that. I would just hang out and soak it all in . When I came back HERE , I was calm , -- happy ain't the right word , but kinda . I was still tired , but was sorta like refreshed at some level . I always thought it was pretty cool .

 No clue as to how it happened. The last time was back in 83 0r 84 . Been over 30 years since I've been there. It'd be kinda of a hoot to back there once. It's not really a dream , but sort of is . Maybe???


bryan witt said:

 I used to go to a place when I wore a younger man's clothes . 

Great detail.  Nice spot

bryan witt said:

 I used to go to a place when I wore a younger man's clothes . Started when I was 9 or 10 maybe . All o

Shortly after Jason posted the "Heavy Metal Poisoning" document I had this very lucid dream.

I woke up in the dream and was feeling my body.  I was doing this scan and could feel the metallic casing surrounding a core essence.  It was a very distinct feeling and a separation of the physical and "mind" or consciousness.  Something about this "line" between the two made me excited and happy.  There was this thought I know and can break free!

The end.

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