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Yeah...penetrate the partitions and there is going to be a lot of overlap. It's important to stay grounded because the overlaps can produce some exotic mutative hormones, just in response. As well, parts of you, of us all, want to spread the proverbial wings, bigtime, and those parts are less concerned with our very pointed jobs on this level. So, use a tree. Set your spine against it, ask it to ground you, and watch the roots happen. I'm feeling a group visit to Xupra soon. Let's set it up.

Thank you Nancy. I appreciate your take on this. I've been on the verge of tears all day, can't really put my finger on it. But this perspective helps a lot. 

JD, thank you for your input. This has been a very jarring day. I did eat some sugar free chocolate, and I sit on a grounding mat in my office chair. But this one will take some bigger "juju." I do have a favorite tree that I can see from my office window. Now that the rain is dismantling the foot and a half of snow on the ground, I should be able to get to the tree tomorrow. Thank you!

Love the idea of a group visit to Xupra. I've been planning to do a visit shortly.

Nancy said "it sounds to me like your consciousness may be giving you a snippet of a simultaneous experience, e.g., a concurrent life experience either in a different slice of this Earth holographic "reality"or even in another dimensional level."

I am so glad this actually a known occurrence.  I clearly have some catch up reading to do.

In our home I hear conversations and my wife hears music. For the latter, we have researched the songs and found the exact versions on Utube.   I think the music was singers from 40s to 60s.

It was either going to be this thread or the results thread so I'll post this here. Just this morning between sleeping sessions I found myself in an odd state. I "woke up", yet didn't open my eyes and I found myself looking at all sorts of colorful geometries/shapes and shifting patterns revolving around a distant "nothing". I will admit my brain has been feeling "fuzzy" this past week and do recall a recent "release" type feeling near or around my cerebellum. My intuition was telling me that it was more or less a psychic surgery for a problem I think I was born with but was wound too tight up til now to have it dealt with safely. Thanks for listening.

Some CranioSacral Therapy would be so awesome for you Terry. You should read about it, and maybe at least learn something-

I LOVE cranial sacral work. It's so gentle but incredibly powerful.

Sooz said:

Some CranioSacral Therapy would be so awesome for you Terry. You should read about it, and maybe at least learn something-

Ive had this thing with experiencing planets being huge and taking up portions of the sky in dream states. It occurred again with something being beside the sun and every time this occurs I feel uneasy and almost dread. That something is coming and it may not even be a planet persay, but looks like one. ...

On another note, had a dream just this morning where there was this hunk of metal that resembled a puramyd but had damage to it. It was in the place of my laptop. In my being I felt I had found my lost puramyd but alas I didn't.

Have you ever seen "Symbols of an Alien Sky", Terry?   Or "Remembering the end of the World".  Both on you tube and both remind me of your dream.  

The Vision alchemy keeps surprising me. Upon taking it now I feel as though my head is very clear and feels as big as my room, as if to say, the sensation of what I consider to be my brain/mind is becoming less limited to the 8 inches between my skull. Twice now I have had dreams where it feels as though I'm being taken up or off this world at alarming speeds. A fantastic sense of elevation! Not entirely sure of the context but it was something more than just a typical flying experience.

I'm having some serious intensity during the dream state just recently. I experienced yet another dream where I realize I'm in said dream state and the first thing I want to do is pick myself up of the ground and levitate into the air, with great ease as it were. Though this time I wake up with my heart racing and it continued racing for hours after I woke up. I'm guessing these sensations are more intense what with the MPS I commissioned approaching its completion. This stone I'm sensing is the "eye" of this storm.

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