"... Earthers seem to marvel at the huge incarnational periods aliens seem to go through. They'll tell their contactees of living for hundreds of years, or, as with reptilian royalty it can be tens of thousands of years or more! You should be able to see how slowly these Higher Selves, not participating in the Earther fast track, will progress. They live on homogenous planets in pretty uniform societies. There are few challenges, it seems, unless they clash with other aliens, like the Orion Empire. So, if things are pretty ho-hum, is it any surprise that they proceed at a snail's pace when compared to Earther incarnations? Earthers who long for life spans as long as the aliens are body controlled, for it's the body that fears death, since the Higher Self is immortal. With the shorter lifetimes on Earth, we are able to gain FAR more varieties of experiences. On Earth, you are experiencing ALL races on the planet, both genders, all sexual orientations, both polarities and a HUGE range of emotions not found elsewhere ...."

"Remember, judging/good & evil are all 3rd density control devices. They don't exist in higher densities. They are all just different experiences. Few of you who read this can handle what goes on in conversations among those who have long overcome the false limitations of 'the sacred body'. When you don't support the physical's supreme stance, you can be labeled 'morbid', 'insensitive', 'unfeeling' or whatever. These are all used to enforce the body's control over the spirit. Once the spirit has matured enough, usually in Very Advanced and higher incarnations, you begin to see the body for the dead end, temporary vehicle it is. The body/life isn't 'sacred'. NOTHING is sacred. If anything, EXPERIENCE is what the Higher Self treasures. Every experience /sensation that the Higher Self has had through shim's incarnations can be duplicated on higher densities exactly as it was on 3rd density ..."

"... The clinging to life as 'sacred' is a feature of 3rd density that you will have to come to terms with. It isn't physical life that is sacred. The experiences GAINED through physical life are sacred. And by 'sacred', I DON'T mean bow/scrape/worship as that is power giveaway. These experiences are stored ETERNALLY within YOUR Higher Self...."

"...Physical bodies reign over Higher Self incarnates because the incarnates are not spiritually able to override the body. Looking a bit closer, one might ask if that means that the Higher Self is also immature. The answer is 'no'. The Higher Self allows extensions of shimself to incarnate, as per the Game and the Games rules. Remember, the bottom line of 3rd density incarnations is EXPERIENCE."

"If the incarnating spirit entered with FULL awareness, that would nullify most of the experiences. Even with sequential incarnations, the first incarnation is a blank page. The remembering of past lives only goes back to their first incarnation. The sequential Higher Selves must also play by the rules of the Game as it applies to them."

"ALL species will eventually become extinct. It's a 3rd density hallmark. Earther (Higher Self incarnated) humans will eventually become extinct as well. This is VERY good as that shows that those Higher Selves have all completed the Game successfully. Clinging to life at the denial of experiences is what the Game wants you to do. Deny your spirit since, they say, your physical life is everything. It is not. That is a lie which is the core word in the word beLIEve. You will have to come to your own realizations of this. Remember what I've said here and in Matrix 5."

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  • Funny that you touch on the subject of short incarnational spans:

    I notice that our youths are usually spent 'capturing' the essence of our past lives and many of our behaviours from 'then' are drawn into the present experience. If you want to get to know your past lives, you only need to look into your chilldhood toys, writtings, behaviours and needs. For example: much of my childhood was spent playing in the woods alone with sticks that resembled katanas, songs from my childhood seem to penetrate into my bones and give me shivers still. 

    Interestingly enough, I've reviewed the stages that an infant goes through to develop speech and those rapid changes occuring within those 1-2 years encapsulate a priory physical body evolution happening over 10000 years or so. (Had we not been genetically modified). As a matter of fact, I think that consciousness is about 'backwards' evolution, so we can consciously attain the same peace of mind that we had prior to self-awareness. In fact, the emergence of simian/hominid characteristics like photographic memory most likely denote the unwinding of some tightened strands of DNA.  

    So the longer lifespans of physically incarnate aliens just save them up a few years at the beginning of their lives. But for real now, aliens have immense technological prowess and a higher metaphysical ceiling than us. So the comparisons made here are not truly fair. In fact, I have no idea what some alien races want to do with this planet, they have pretty much everything they could desire and there's not much we could offer them at the moment (apart from friendship?).  I think it's a justifiable assumption to say that their problems are different than ours since they already know all about astral projection/remote viewing/telepathy, so there's not many lies that you could hide from them. This also opens them up to be more accepting and so on... makes you think about the evolutionary path of the soul away from this planet doesn't it? All in due time, I guess  :^) 

    By the way, never forgetti, spaghetti: Time does not truly exist, it is a highly localized phenomenon dependent on the intricacies of the focal point experiencing reality. In more bland terms, time describes the motions of matter... nothing more, nothing less... The speed to which you see these motions transpire are completely up to 'you', if i could throw my hand into the unknown and pull the text out of a fortune cookie, i would say it's all about the size of your consciousness at different scales. 

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