Questions you have always wanted to ask about anything but were too shy to speak up

It has occurred to me that many people have great questions or curiosities either about the alchemy or or about the process of waking up or us, or clarity on something they heard somewhere, maybe about philosophical concepts we discuss or what about ascension? or our tools or really anything whatever, something that could be a light on a subject that is unclear for them that they may be too shy to ask or maybe they feel anxious about posting. Or maybe it is a personal question like I got the SEX symbol in my PRISM. OMG! What does that even mean? Or is it normal that my libido gone through the roof since I started the alchemy? Is it normal that I have lost interest in Sex since starting the alchemy? Things like that and everything else.

What I am proposing here is that people post the questions HERE if you are comfortable doing so owning your question OR IF NOT send me your questions  by internal email here or to I will review them and then post the question and answer BUT I WILL NOT REVEAL WHO SENT IT or any info that could give the identity away if its sensitive or whatever. After 5 years I have heard sooo many  of the very same questions and think it would be helpful to many who are also too shy to ask.  So if you post it I promise SOMEONE ELSE has also asked it or thought it.  WE are not easily offended or shocked or freaked or going to judge you or what have you. I will do my very best based on our research and what we know to be true in our own experience and the time tested ancient wisdom that can help you grok or discover your own understanding of truth and answers.

I am not presenting myself or Jason as an authority on anything but simply a resource of information that has helped us either deepen our understanding, let go, grow and take us to the next level of being. IF you have information that may be helpful then present it. We never stop learning. EVER. 

Everything here and everything we do think about and talk about is ABOUT being in service TO YOU. To bring out your best. I think it would be really neat if it turns out that is true for you. That you want to bring out our best. :) The ONLY way that can happen is if we gather together. If we dialogue, if we play, if we ask, if we share and commune. 

If you are still mortified and don't even want me to know who are you could set up a fake account and with no profile pic and do it that way. I would love to get people over their anxiety about not hiding who they are, or what anybody thinks and what they think and feel and just get really comfortable expressing themselves and using this forum for the purpose of encouraging unity and sharing. 

This is our temple. This is our sacred space. Have you noticed for example that there no trolls here? If there were they would not last long. We don't tolerate disrespect of each other and have rarely and I mean maybe ONCE briefly ever had to say anything in the years that I have been here. 

Okay. Send them on! This is gonna be FUN insightful and beautiful. 

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You are so polite and kind. Thank you for this warm welcoming and understanding. I think communication is one of the worlds biggest down falls. The misunderstanding of one another because we have different ways of understanding.
I feel freakieshh about experiencing this incident. Yet I am making it a point to overcome this embarrassment of who I am by posting publicly. I have an acquaintance who I learned was in the hospital due to liver failure. I deeply desired to go visit him. But somehow the logistics of it all would never work out. Frankly Fear of my fingers flying into mudras at 80 miles per hour for the purpose of giving healing paralysed me.
Nonetheless I truly desired to see him although I had only seen him twice. But one early morning as I was walking into my kitchen I saw myself in his hospital room. From my kitchen I saw another me standing at his feet doing healing.

Later on that morning I learned a liver became available and was going to have a liver transplant. Sonia this an example of bi location. I'd not been doing SS. Perhaps I was taking an alchemy but none before that experience.

I gotta throw this out there.. Yesterday I had some energy work done and was told I was loaded with other peoples energy, had several "entities"and had tears in my aura. She did "cord removal" and clearings, etc.. and gave me suggestions for staying grounded and protected.  It left me feeling a bit rattled and looking for others experiences with this or feedback of any kind.  Will alchemies help with "protection" ? Kind of creeped out.  Thanks!

How did you feel beforeand? Do you trust that person. I feel sometimes healers just inventstories or project a stories. Should you start doing the 2nd awareness program you will know how that can happen. That was my instinct the moment I read your post.

love it....thank you


Oh god thank you for posting. It's a great topic. I mean awesome. I think you were prompted to go to the healer so many could benefit from this topic discussion.

Interestingly this is an all too common scenario and why we would like to wake up the new agers who are sincere from this kind of cycle inducing problem. We go to a healer and find out just how "messed up" we are and it creates MORE of an issue because the healer has now brought into being things that probably were not even there, or made a mountain out of molehole, put you in a position of being less empowered and reliant on them to see and tell you what is going on and has now compounded the problem by being part of the problem. It's not that I don't love healers and healing. I think it is a great service for humanity but the way they go about it seems kind of backwards. I will explain. 

So I mean yeah we probably have other people's stuff, on earth that is just par for course but we can easily be free of it with our methods and be being aware and conscious of our thoughts.  Clearly you were prompted to get all that work done and it probably helped and it helped HER the healer as a service FOR HER  that she got to work on YOU which probably raised HER to a new level as anytime a healer works on anyone espeically a being such as you it is THEM that should be honored as it is part of their karmic service to others.  But, the alchemy is really good at clearing all that and all the exercises we have-ABS training, chakra cuning, sunspace, Aliix, Prism, alchemy is very good at repairing fields and keeping you clear when we are submerged in a cesspool of emotional toxicity on earth as well as attuning you to what is going on with you without needing to be dependent on others for that info. 

Maybe you had some stuff in you and then she looks at you and adds about 5 more things possibly projecting her own stuff on you and NOW she needs to clear it. See what I mean? I don't think healers know they are doing this.  The thing is many of us have stuff and some of it has served a purpose and you can bet if you feel better from the work done that it was time for it to go. But now you are a little bugged and maybe afraid BUT if death is not true and ONE is true meaning everything is YOU and it is then what are you afraid of indeed?  You made it. You have come far. You are getting clear and transcending all this emotional toxic stuff and staying clear. 

 When Jason does healing, I think it may vary from person to person but here is an example- he does not go looking for things, he knows that most people could use some energy work but does not see the point in "diagnosing" or identifying any problems. It's not the thing that needs removal. It's not really even there in truth. It's all a hologram no matter how convincing the special effects.  It's usually the attachment to thing that needs removal. The "thing" is ultimately fictional.  He only is assisting with what is appropriate for that person and going to the root to dissolve their notion that they are sick in the first place.

He simply sees perfection of you and does not go in and strengthen the issue the idea by feeding it attention and seeing you as sick and focusing on the imperfection expending all this energy as oh that's something evil and we've got to get rid of it. When I first saw him he did some work on me for a physical issue and his understanding since then has been light years beyond that.  I could feel the work being done. What is that sensation I said? Oh that's just intelligent light energy and it's reminding the condition you are experiencing that it is ALSO intelligent light energy and it's time for it to be something else. He did not look at me and go good lord look at all these cords and attachments.  He makes the alchemy so that those things can very very efficiently be dissolved and transformed into something else whether you are aware of it or not. It is often so slow as to not imbalance out life until it becomes true that it was never there to begin with.  It's not about denying things but accepting them and transforming them into a new thing when it is time for it to be a new thing. 

The thing is is that the if anything, any entity were of a "negative" orientation and wanted to get near you the truth is that it probably would not be able to do that if it WANTED to stay negative. If it knew what was good for it's negative polarity it would give you a wide berth. What would happen is hanging around you it would wake up or face it's own vibration rising. So maybe a entity wants to evolve and wants to be around you and now it is opportunity to serve another being.  You, because you have had the alchemy now vibrate higher than most gurus or shamans out there and if they are truly awake they would see that, the irony I guess being that you would not care one iota if you were SEEN, as mastery does not need recognition. 

So, it's the kind of thing where yes you are "protected" in a sense but that word is silly because what is there to fear when you walk in truth and integrity? If you die you go back to where you came from which is probably an amzing 5 th or 6th density world. 

Jason wrote the tales of mastery and if you have not read it or even if you have READ these again. These stories are fine teaching tools and are meant to speak to your SELF. They are written to all of you as you will see THEY ARE ABOUT ALL OF YOU.  They are not just fictional stories for fun. They have CODES. Depth. Wisdom.

Thank you so much.

How illuminating that was

Yay!!  Thank you for reminding me what I am.. that feels MUCH better. 

Another question.. if we had already started the mastery SST training .... do we start over with the new ABS training?

Thia read the mastery central page and you shall have your answer. 

Thanks Mary... I knew the answer before I even finished asking... 

I gotta ask this....far out as it may be!

Would it be effective or possible to pull a Prism for a town, area or this world ?  And then rent one of those big billboards in a key area to post it on?  The general population would not know how to activate it...but I (we) would...or would this cross a line of proper protocol or something?  Even if it would/could work.....???

I've been daydreaming about this for along time!  Throwing caution and possible embarrassment to the wind...the question is on the table!

Wow Shelly that is an amazing idea! I am pretty sure given the fiscal resources that would be very likely and cool!!!


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