Questions you have always wanted to ask about anything but were too shy to speak up

It has occurred to me that many people have great questions or curiosities either about the alchemy or or about the process of waking up or us, or clarity on something they heard somewhere, maybe about philosophical concepts we discuss or what about ascension? or our tools or really anything whatever, something that could be a light on a subject that is unclear for them that they may be too shy to ask or maybe they feel anxious about posting. Or maybe it is a personal question like I got the SEX symbol in my PRISM. OMG! What does that even mean? Or is it normal that my libido gone through the roof since I started the alchemy? Is it normal that I have lost interest in Sex since starting the alchemy? Things like that and everything else.

What I am proposing here is that people post the questions HERE if you are comfortable doing so owning your question OR IF NOT send me your questions  by internal email here or to I will review them and then post the question and answer BUT I WILL NOT REVEAL WHO SENT IT or any info that could give the identity away if its sensitive or whatever. After 5 years I have heard sooo many  of the very same questions and think it would be helpful to many who are also too shy to ask.  So if you post it I promise SOMEONE ELSE has also asked it or thought it.  WE are not easily offended or shocked or freaked or going to judge you or what have you. I will do my very best based on our research and what we know to be true in our own experience and the time tested ancient wisdom that can help you grok or discover your own understanding of truth and answers.

I am not presenting myself or Jason as an authority on anything but simply a resource of information that has helped us either deepen our understanding, let go, grow and take us to the next level of being. IF you have information that may be helpful then present it. We never stop learning. EVER. 

Everything here and everything we do think about and talk about is ABOUT being in service TO YOU. To bring out your best. I think it would be really neat if it turns out that is true for you. That you want to bring out our best. :) The ONLY way that can happen is if we gather together. If we dialogue, if we play, if we ask, if we share and commune. 

If you are still mortified and don't even want me to know who are you could set up a fake account and with no profile pic and do it that way. I would love to get people over their anxiety about not hiding who they are, or what anybody thinks and what they think and feel and just get really comfortable expressing themselves and using this forum for the purpose of encouraging unity and sharing. 

This is our temple. This is our sacred space. Have you noticed for example that there no trolls here? If there were they would not last long. We don't tolerate disrespect of each other and have rarely and I mean maybe ONCE briefly ever had to say anything in the years that I have been here. 

Okay. Send them on! This is gonna be FUN insightful and beautiful. 

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So, I guess my question is about using Alchemy when I know I have heavy metals present.

I would like to live in a world were I could tell you to ask the source and the fractals will show you everything, since this is not the case. You can start by reading above.

Alannah Brown said:

So, I guess my question is about using Alchemy when I know I have heavy metals present.

So since about the time Jason made the cosmos line with the Deva's, Saha's  and those ones. my energy senses, psychic impressions, ability to see aura's have started happening rather frequently and its so exciting to experience it, I am watching myself become a super being, at night I have these vivid multidimensional  dreams where I watch me completing a mission for humanity, at least that is the impression I get and whatever is going on in my rem sleep directly affects my everyday reality. In the past couple of weeks I have been taking a drop of shimmer here and there and a drop of this stuff is incredible a million times more exciting and potent  Has anyone else lately  really feel that cosmic energy coming in?   and the octaves keep going higher pulling you along with it?

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