Hello All!

I thought it was time to start a fresh thread for sharing alchemical experiences/feedback. I wanted to create a space for people to share their experiences with the different alchemies and tools. To record whatever changes however big or subtle you may have noticed in your life, in your behavior or patterns, stories of inner revelations or insights, mystical or magickal yummy states of being? Are you free of something that used to weigh you down? Do you feel in touch with your self or nature or people in new positive ways? Do you see shifts in your consciousness? Did you create something that you feel the alchemy or tools have been a big part of that? 

Have you had dreams that gave you insight or were no ordinary dream? Have you experienced increased perceptual awareness? Did the alchemy take you on a journey to an emotional and profound place? 

I am currently RETOURING all the alchemies to dive into them and report my experiences with them. To be fair I use Alkhem all the time. I love it. But I made an intent to pay much deeper attention to the alchemy and how it affects me on a deeper level. These sacraments are my friends and I want to get to know them even better.  I also think it would wonderful to share because I know for a fact that even if people don't reply they are drinking in these stories and enjoying them. I want to get the conversations flowing around here as I feel when we are connected  and sharing it makes the wake up process easier and for many less lonely. Back in 2010 because people shared their journey here, I found not only common ground to better understand my experiences but also kindred spirits and some of my best friends. I have a theory that by sharing the experiences and people reading them they actually awaken in others more awareness and more fabulous experiences through the collective unconscious. 

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I was at the Lake on Sunday, reading and listening to Pandora. One of the songs stuck hard IN ME. It just feels really good, smooth, feels like the energy right now, and Nexii-


Hey Everyone,

So, after let's see since taking Purazyme in mid April? and the ion cleanse and all the latest alchemies and then finally getting through one of the most intense emotional rewirings of any three month stretch from June July and August regarding my thoughts about my health and my own persona in general I am noticing a real change inside. Everything is kind of quickening. There are still things I am training around and some detox on going but it's pretty great to kind of find myself feeling so much lighter and clearer on many levels of being.

I have been using Lumin this summer along with Nexii. I noticed that it was all about reconnecting to creativity and confidence. Nexii was about deepening the empathy and feeling centers.  Putting my awareness into realizations of vibrating in the sphere of what I want and when I find myself in a space of " I don't want to feel like this or this is not want I want... to recognize that clearly on some level I DID create it and so to dissolve the resistance requires two thing- to love where I am in full acceptance because I can see how it served or it's not so bad really in many ways and also it helps moving up and through that into the new thing 1,0000 x easier. Then I simply refocus on generating or discovering the desire and excitement and putting my attention on that with my feelings being very positive and excited and loving and feeling amazing ABOUT THAT SCENE and then its the reality particle collapse.

This is all very basic law of attraction stuff right? I def see how it really is about the practice of it 100% of the time. I can affirm all I want to change about something in me or a state I want to be in but unless I am commanding it and knowing it in my body as happening now NOT tomorrow or in the near future but invoking a future memory happening now ( even if it's not collapsed into being yet) and if I keep defaulting back to the old ways of pathways of the past then yeah I am undoing all the work I just did. This is a more casual version of the mother earth father sky manifestation prayer. Two key things about this that temper this play time creation/exploration.

1. having no attachment to the outcome (this ensures the outcome is usually better than I could even imagine) 

2. understanding this is not real

Having these two elements makes this easier and more fun because when it's not crystallized by belief and all that stuff that encompasses that it's more malleable. 

I did some Helios Meteor today and was ROCKED. I just sprayed it on my fields and did some Qi gong in the sunchine. WHOA BABY. I could feel my vibration and I could feel my fields interacting with this coming energy that Jason is talking about. I felt stronger more solid and just overall bolstered by it. 

Anyways just wanted to report that has been my experience so far. 

I-Zero is still working on me. Alkhem is still working on me. Helios Gold & Platinum are still working on me. I essentially binged all of them on top of a Puramyd.

Guys, gals, this is the closest you will EVER get to real. To peace, to purpose, to clarity. It has been said that purpose is the most important, but I think clarity/emptiness is incredibly important.

It's. Not. Real.

But instead of just saying that, let me put it in an Alan Watts way.

You are an aperture through which the Supreme Divine (you) experiences itself. And the game is pretending that it's real. IT'S NOT REAL. It's a mirage. Pain, fear, regret, anxiety, sadness, feelings of inadequacy, conflicts, impatience, comparisons; they make it seem real, but I promise you, I swear to you it's not.

Now, okay, say you believe me, it's not real. Where do we go from here? Do you try to convince others it's not real? People who's experience is SUPPOSED to be absolutely missing the mark?

It's hip to be square. It's groovy to not get it. It's triumphant to try. Keep trying. Let them keep trying. Don't interfere. Their swings, their ridiculousness is beautiful. Knowing that there's actually no their? Ultra high level magic. The transmutation of disgust and judgment and admonishment into acceptance through CLARITY.

When you transmute that, then what? Here we go... transmute fear into courage. As Mary just said, don't be attached to outcome. Better late than never. Better alright than not at all.

Know when something is good enough. That's powerful, y'all.

Just to make it all more personable, lately I've been learning how to use the bus. I've been visiting my great uncle and great aunt who raised me. They've been around much more. I'm living with my aunt and biological grandmother and I can feel them and what makes them how they are. I-Zero has helped by straight up making me not defensive, but still dignified. Eclipse tempered it, it has given me the power of honesty and responsibility. I'm looking for the right things. I've got huge amounts of patience and acceptance and LOVE. I'm going to a cat cafe with my uncle soon, it's going to be glorious. There are so many hidden gems of delight everywhere if you'd just breathe, let your eyes get watery, purify the lens of the aperture. Intention might be an outdated thing, but it's huge, it always has been, it's self evident. Intentions/purpose=purity in perception.

Solidarity can be an addiction. It will come, trust. It always will. It's inevitable.

Pay attention! J states diamond drill bits of truth in PLAIN ENGLISH. It's ACTUALLY PRICELESS and he's letting you have it for free and for DEALS.


edit: I'm not perfect and I'm still purging. Let that be very clearly known.
Bottom line though, J and alchemy and everyone here has helped me a lot.
Thank you all.

So, as we have a new thread for news on our experiences I think its a good time to add mine. 

I have an Merlin Power Stone, which goes with me everywhere. Sits in a pouch in my trousers pocket. I also have a puramyd which has been made into a necklace. Although last few days its lived with the MPS. 

These creations are amazing. It took me awhile to grasp the consequences of buying them. 

I am on an accelerated path, its difficult to explain. My interactions with my family has improved. Every single toxic person has removed themselves - a painful but looking back a needed experience.

My job has changed, ended abruptly but then something even better appeared. 

Everything just seems to be moving forward. 

I think my attachments are diminishing, I was never materialistic, but now I accept the illusion, my interactions in the illusion seem more rewarding. 

I am by no means fixed, I still suffer from old patterns, but I am learning to break them. Not judging is my new mantra.

Matrix Meridian I believe is what is helping. The little I have of Depth left I use when I need a little more insight. 

Since I have been taking Puryzyme I have been having this recurrent dream. I am an observer in my dream.i see a huge ballroom devoid of furniture.  The floor is made of marble designed like a chessboard.  Suddenly these efficient "little workers" come in to clean up a spot on the floor -- sometimes they will mop an area. They run away. The way they move and behave reminds me of a characters in a fairytale. 

If you have a Puramyd and you want to bring some balance/ solutions/ clarity/ increase to your finances then try placing the Puramyd directly on your business card or something that represents your connection to your income.

See what happens. Do you notice more money flow, raises or raise opportunity, other financial opportunities? Play with it. 

Just want to share something here. I purchased some alchemies from the Bodylight line a while back, must have been a year ago or longer...don’t quite remember probably because I’ve programmed my thought to believe time doesn’t exist...and yet it’s all that really does... Any who, I recently cleaned my room really good and found the Bodylight Gold at the bottom of my drawer. There was a little liquid left in the vial, maybe 1ml or slightly less. Last night before bed I thought what the heck I’ll finish it off, and I let it sublingual under the tongue for a minute before swallowing. So, I had a super vivid, fully lucid dream. I was at the top of this tower, super high, decided to jump off for some reason and hit the next level of another tower, didn’t hurt, but jolted me into lucidity. From there I manifested a metallic-like strand or string which I held onto with my hands as I jumped off the tower, I fell fast as the tension on the strand was just perfect to land me softly at ground level. From there, still fully lucid, I began creating a world filled with people and buildings, think it was a school. Wonderful stuff.

I’ve had a few lucid dreams before, but it’s definitely not common and seems to correlate with me taking alchemical substances (at least twice, that I know of). The other time wasn’t from a Superbeings product, it was from a site I bought from frequently in the past, in one order spent nearly a thousand dollars (when I had more money to play with a long while ago lol) and had that one lucid dream the very first time I used their product; without feeling much of anything thereafter. Something keeps pulling me back to the alchemy here. It’s certainly powerful stuff.

That's very cool. I'm excited to see how things shape up with Origin, et al. This new alchemical line is opening me to knowledge like nothing ever has, and it's frankly almost shocking what I'm realizing.

Munus Deus said:

Just want to share something here. I purchased some alchemies from the Bodylight line a while back, must have been a year ago or longer...don’t quite remember probably because I’ve programmed my thought to believe time doesn’t exist...and yet it’s all that really

I received Origin today in the mail and was excited for my favorite part which is to open the box and feel that fresh new lively energy. I sat and read its literature, held it and waited to see if it wanted to hangout or put the petal to the floor. Well Origin was ready and so was I, this one gave me the sense of growth. Best word I could describe it because after the first 30 sec. holding under my tongue, I got this feeling of energy floating over my face, then a really neat thing happened with my eyes still closed the feeling was as if a tree branch growing out of my top right hemisphere of my brain but not of wood but of electricity. As if a lightning bolt was growing out of my head, it was a pretty cool feeling. 

During the last group call (3/14) Jason relayed a healing technique.  It was suggested to isolate the area of concern projecting that image outside one's body (in the minds eye).  No healing intent is needed.  I started practicing this on a regular basis working on several areas of disruption.  Within a day or two the images would pop up during discomfort like a computer generated x-ray.  It was not unusual for me to have several of these windows open simultaneously.  My biggest concern has been my left and sometimes right temple(s).  Sharp pains had been plaguing me for months.  It started getting better but then yesterday my left side burned and hurt all day.  I took one advil and that helped some.  I woke up this morning with no actual pain but it still felt weird....like it could start back up at any moment.  I decided to go work out.  Before starting I expressed my desire out loud to be free of this condition once and for all.  About 20minutes into my workout the top of my head opened like a zipper!  Hundreds of tendrils unfolded (like those tree branches David describes in the post above this one!)  It felt sooooo good!  I danced around laughing crazily.  I kept saying over and over.....I am zipper head!  That was about 6 hours ago.  My whole head/brain is super tingly.  It feels like all these different areas of my brain are lighting up.  My left temple feels (almost) normal for the first time in a long time.  Hurray!  Thanks Jason....you rock!!!

Shelly, I have to admit that I use the mind's eye technique only for focus and concentration practice. Whatever I want done I just say it, and it's done...almost everything, anyway. So, you're saying you wanted to be free of the condition is certainly what did it. Only people who are very pure and clear (from whatever, but as you know the alchemy is unbelievably effective) are able to have it work this effortlessly. 

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