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I thought it was time to start a fresh thread for sharing alchemical experiences/feedback. I wanted to create a space for people to share their experiences with the different alchemies and tools. To record whatever changes however big or subtle you may have noticed in your life, in your behavior or patterns, stories of inner revelations or insights, mystical or magickal yummy states of being? Are you free of something that used to weigh you down? Do you feel in touch with your self or nature or people in new positive ways? Do you see shifts in your consciousness? Did you create something that you feel the alchemy or tools have been a big part of that? 

Have you had dreams that gave you insight or were no ordinary dream? Have you experienced increased perceptual awareness? Did the alchemy take you on a journey to an emotional and profound place? 

I am currently RETOURING all the alchemies to dive into them and report my experiences with them. To be fair I use Alkhem all the time. I love it. But I made an intent to pay much deeper attention to the alchemy and how it affects me on a deeper level. These sacraments are my friends and I want to get to know them even better.  I also think it would wonderful to share because I know for a fact that even if people don't reply they are drinking in these stories and enjoying them. I want to get the conversations flowing around here as I feel when we are connected  and sharing it makes the wake up process easier and for many less lonely. Back in 2010 because people shared their journey here, I found not only common ground to better understand my experiences but also kindred spirits and some of my best friends. I have a theory that by sharing the experiences and people reading them they actually awaken in others more awareness and more fabulous experiences through the collective unconscious. 

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Terry, I agree that Vision is a very powerful alchemy. One of my favorites so far. It can be felt spiritually and physically, especially when taken with the WPG.

Thank you for sharing !!  yes it is tough for us cancerians to open up (Cancer sun, mercury, and pieces moon here) but always feels better when we do.  Keep up the healing journey with love and compassion in your horizon and surely all will work it out :)

Christina Jennifer Gross said:

Hello Folks, I have been using the Purazyme with some of the other alchemies (started on Lumin, and all the Helios line, sometimes Azuron, Depth, and Meteor).  I felt it was necessary to jolt the body and system a bit, particularly during this eclipse timeframe.  It was also my birthday between the eclipses of 11 and 27 July.  I have been in a rut for the last 2 years...... The last few days I have been going through what is likely a healing crisis.  Headaches and my body is very achy.  Also I have been getting more easily irritated.  Stuff coming up to the surface, mostly about being a martyr and not being appreciated, understood or listened to. Even to the point that I was willing to accept conflict with a group of people, and particularly one person.  Not nice, but I had no problem to bring up the problem, and not be concerned about what others think and try to be 'diplomatic' as I normally try to be.  So, using a more direct approach, rather than wasting time and stuffing my emotions.  Being a Cancer, I can take things really personally and rehash things over and over.  There has been less of this!  As an aside, no use of cuss words or name calling, in case you were wondering.  During the time of the 27 July eclipse, a few days before and a few days after, I felt the need to rest and sleep a lot, so I made sure that I was alone and did not socialize (usually my favourite thing to do!).  Live blood cell analysis in early July showed that I have parasites, relatively harmless ones associated with well water, but also some more nasty ones,  as well as some fungus/candida.  I am taking a programme involving different combinations of garlic and other herbs.  But I get the feeling that the Purazyme is really going to work in this situation.  I have been having some stomach issues come up - relatively mild, but it seems to be working its way down the digestive system.  The skin on my face is clearer, and some odd pimples on my forearms and  back.  I get the impression there is faster healing going on with little cuts and the like.  For a few days, it was tender all down my back, particularly upper to mid back.  I have also been quite tense in my muscles.  I guess that is some inflammation due to toxins being released in these areas.  All for the moment...  hope this was not too disjointed! 

Detailing my experiences in a broad sense with these alchemical creations thus far:

Alkhem: (also was taking gold and platinum in conjunction) Insane synchronicities, and alarming rate of manifestation, deeper states of connection ( as a cancer sun, cancer mecury, pieces moon, scorpio pluto with sun/moon/pluto all trines, empathy is too much sometimes) with self and higher realms. 

Azuron:  Incredibly potent!!  You want to get into "go time" mode for the next few hours ??  I cannot abide wasted time (for physical productivety) on this stuff.  Really fires up my capricorn rising/ capricorn mars tendancies and wakes me the heck up.  It's formidable, but not in an angry way just helps me to really put my foot down on habits and inconsistencies.  Great tool for the toolbox, not an everydayer for myself though.

Lumin: This really kicked the Alkhem off to the next level. Same kinds of qualities as described above, but increased my visionary tendancies. After taking this for a while I started to become very aware of another layer to this timespace that I never really noticed.  I would perceive flashes of colour and great gigantic beings roaming the land, truely massive, skyscapers are smaller.  Not sure what they are but magnificent to behold.  This is a mind's eye experience, not literally seeing these with my physical eye but, we're all well past such superficial filters/descriptions :)

Rhodium: Clarity, calm, though rarely took by itself so hard to say, but really helps my meditations.

Iridium:  Visions !!  Meditating with this stuff gives me tha wackinest visions, don't even know what it is I'm perceiving half the time, but pretty wild.  I enjoy it's intensity, though some may like it more with the rhodium.

Ruthenthium: By itself, it is a strange quality (for me).  It makes me feel....jagged, somewhat volitile, ready to something but I don't know what.  I find in conjunction with other monotomics it enhances them to an almost drug-like perceptual quality.  Would love to just ALWAYS have a supply haha.

Palladium:  With the Ruthenthium, would like to just take this continually and I would shut down forever what carlos casteneda (and other toltec shamans ) called "the flyer's mind".  Makes that discursive rumination we always go through just waaaaay quieter..... if you're a meditator it probably just disappear.  No more nagging nonsense mind bickering for it's control over your self, peace, quiet, tranquility.  Love it.  SO MUCH.  Combine ruthenthium with regular fasting (intermittent and extended), palladium and meditation and the state of consciousness  achieved is immovable by this silly world :).

Love this stuff and can't wait to try more!!

Late this morning I found myself closing my eyes spontaneously and without any efforts of my own. I kept seeing a woman's eye. The eye was green and was bordered by a square. The picture would recede in the background while a similar picture appeared simultaneously. This vision repeated itself over and over and over. It was a bright and very crisp image appearing against the backdrop of a undefined and limitless space. Eventually  the eye became only an iris than a dot. Finally only the white backdrop remained visible. 

 Couple hours  later I received a text from parcel delivery.  I thought the post office had finally located a book that I reported lost.  And to my surprise and delight it was the Vision alchemy which I was not expecting at all.

I wondered if Mary's eyes are green.  But I definitely knew that the Vision alchemy and I are going to become great friends. Thanks Jason & Mary

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